POTENTIAL. HOW TO PREDICT YOUR MAXIMUM MUSCULAR. BODYWEIGHT AND MEASUREMENTS. CASEY BUTT, PH.D. Most recently I read Casey Butt's book Your Muscular Potential How To . Casey Butt's book can be found in pdf format here: Your Muscular. YOUR MUSCULAR POTENTIAL: HOW TO PREDICT YOUR MAXIMUM Written in a clear and factual manner, this page e-book (pdf format) will give you.

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From the ancient Greek artists to modern day bodybuilders, from aesthetic ideals of human proportions to haters and from controlled, statistical predictions to. Greek God Muscle Building Program | Greg O'Gallagher Page | 2 Contents You will always be lifting near your true potential and strength and muscle gains . PDF | Cellular swelling, often referred to as "the pump," has been long-term adaptive responses. T his. paper will explore the potential hyper-.

Eric writes about some famous research from , that looked at the fat-free mass index FFMI of steroid using and non-steroid using bodybuilders. The average weight of the steroid users was 92kg The maximum FFMI of the non-user group was 25; for the steroid-using group it was From this research, it was suggested that the genetic ceiling for a natural trainee was a FFMI of around Research vs History Eric then goes on to talk about the FFMI data of the Mr America winners from , spanning a period where steroids were almost certainly not used, to a time when they were, that was also discussed in that study.

Using Table 2 from Kouri et al, high scepticism is indicated by the winners in the green box, while moderate scepticism is indicated by the winners in the orange box.

If we accept the winners as natural, the average FFMI is Applying moderate skepticism and accepting the winners as natural, the average FFMI is These means are not much different from the group mean.

America winners over a year span from to You can see from the table, one guy had a FFMI of Yes, those guys had physiques that were on par with the top drug-tested bodybuilders today and some lifters of that era, including Will it make a night-and-day difference?

But it has been shown to pretty reliably help people gain a little more muscle mass.

This puts him with a FFMI of He is 46, so he has a very long training history, and many years to potentially put on muscle.

So, no hallmarks of human growth hormone use. So, none of those obvious signs of AAS use.

So is he natural? A FFMI of 25 is the number usually thrown around as the upper limit, even for someone with great genetics.

We know that a FFMI of at least Can many people? Absolutely not. Can most people reach the more conservative limit of 25?

YOUR Drug-Free Muscle and Strength Potential: Part 1

So, Reg Park is natural and is as big as Arnold? Casey Butt gained a lot of popularity on the Internet thanks to his formula estimating the maximum muscular potential that a natural bodybuilder can acquire.

Unfortunately, the formula has one large flaw — the data is based on bodybuilders who have used anabolic steroids. I am almost sorry to inform you that steroids were widely used in the late 30s when many people start experimenting with early forms of testosterone.

If a formula designed to measure the maximum muscular potential that can be achieved naturally is based on false data, it loses its accuracy regardless of the science behind it.

Men with large frames carry more muscle mass than individuals with thin bones. However, even the naturals who have big bones cannot surpass the limitations of natural bodybuilding and shock the world.

Nevertheless, nattyornot. By skills, I mean stuff like bodyweight planches, a two-times bodyweight squat, 20 pull-ups in a row or any other strength or endurance feat that you would like to have under your belt. When you focus on developing skills instead of constantly obsessing over your physique, training becomes much more stable and enjoyable.

The Truth About Casey Butt’s Natural Potential Formula

Give it a try. I mean, he based it on champion bodybuilders usually of well above average frame size and great muscle building genetics and then merely scaled it down to match the smaller folk.A formulas like this are really underestimating the potential muscular weight of females.

Like the last steroid article, not perfect data sets, but probably sufficient to get a reasonable idea but I think there would be essentially the same gap in the long run based on the same premise as these last two articles — how big you frame is largely dictates how much muscle you can carry.

However, I would say that in all likelihood, improving your skill as a lifter will probably net you the biggest improvement at this point. Bone Structure: For over half a century, bodybuilding books have used bone structure to help predict your muscular potential.


Thank you very much for your work and for sharing your knowlodege. Maybe this was asked in the comments already. This site is my sincere effort to build the best nutrition and training guides on the internet. Estimated Maximum Deadlift.

Second to fourth digit ratio and the sporting success of sumo wrestlers. So, how about that spreadsheet?

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