File Type: PDF Issue Date: 09/14/ Revision Date: 9/ Total Pages: 3. If you are unable to find your form here, you want to visit: Request for DD . Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), for each provider. VA FORM. JUL a. OMB Approved No. . A VA Form A is a form known as a Statement in Support of Claim for Service Connection for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Secondary to Personal Assault. This form is known as a Statement in Support of Claim for Service Connection for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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A VA Form is a document that a veteran who has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) would fill out to apply for benefits or serv. Fill va form 21 vba instantly, download blank or editable online. Claim for Service Connection for PTSD (Fillable) File Type: PDF Issue Date. Fill va form 21 a vba instantly, download blank or editable online . Sign, fax and How do I fill out VA Form a PDF? You should.

Principi, 16 Vet. In order to establish service connection for PTSD, the evidence of record must include a medical diagnosis of the condition in accordance with 38 C. There are special considerations for PTSD claims predicated on a personal assault.

The pertinent regulation, 38 C. Examples of such evidence include, but are not limited to: records from law enforcement authorities, rape crisis centers, mental health counseling centers, hospitals, or physicians; pregnancy tests or tests for sexually transmitted diseases; and statements from family members, roommates, fellow service members, or clergy.

VBA's Adjudication Procedure Manual also identifies alternative sources for developing evidence of personal assault, including private medical records, civilian police reports, reports from crisis intervention centers, testimonial statements from confidants such as family members, roommates, fellow service members, or clergy, and personal diaries or journals. Evidence of behavior changes following the claimed assault is one type of relevant evidence that may be found in these sources. Examples of behavior changes that may constitute credible evidence of the stressor include, but are not limited to: a request for a transfer to another military duty assignment; deterioration in work performance, substance abuse, episodes of depression, panic attacks, or anxiety without an identifiable cause; or unexplained economic or social behavior changes.

If a PTSD claim is based on an in-service personal assault, medical opinion evidence may be submitted for use in determining whether the occurrence of a stressor is corroborated.

Menegassi v. Shinseki, F. Specifically, 38 C.

However, that the Board may still weigh any such medical opinion evidence in context with other record evidence, and that the mere submission of a medical opinion does not preclude the Board from making a factual determination regarding the weight to be given to that opinion. The Board finds that a remand is required. In a statement, received in January , the Veteran reported that he had additional VA treatment records that were relevant to his claim. On remand, these should be obtained.

Derwinski, 2 Vet. Furthermore, it does not appear that an attempt has been made to verify any of the claimed stressors, nor does it appear that a formal finding has been made stating that an attempt at documentation is not warranted due to a lack of sufficient information.

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On remand, an attempt should be made to determine whether sufficient details have been provided to warrant an attempt to verify any of the claimed stressors. If one or more of the claimed stressors are verified, or if otherwise warranted for claims based on a personal assault, the Veteran should be afforded an examination, and an etiological opinion should be obtained. The Veteran is advised that it is his responsibility to report for any examination and to cooperate in the development of his claim.

The consequences for failure to report for a VA examination without good cause may include denial of the claim. Ask the Veteran to identify all VA and private health care providers who have treated him for any relevant psychiatric symptoms after , the records of which are not currently associated with the claims file.

Should any such treatment be identified, after securing any necessary releases, an attempt should be made to obtain these records. Determine whether sufficient details have been provided to warrant an attempt to verify one or more of the claimed stressors. If it is determined that sufficient details have been provided so as to warrant an attempt to verify one or more the claimed stressors, attempt to verify the in-service stressor s.

Specifically, prepare a letter asking the U. If it is determined that sufficient details have not been provided to warrant an attempt to verify one or more of the claimed stressors, the RO should make a formal finding to the effect that an attempt at documentation is not warranted due to a lack of sufficient information.

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The RO should provide the examiner with a summary of the verified stressors as well as any evidence pertaining to changes in behavior at the time any claimed personal assault, if appropriate. The claims files should be provided to the examiner in connection with the examination.

All necessary studies or tests, including appropriate psychological testing and evaluation, is to be accomplished. The requested opinion requires a finding regarding the Veteran's overall credibility.

The examiner must state the stressor s relied upon to support the diagnosis, and the examiner must discuss any documented behavior changes following the verified in-service incidents.


The critical question in this case is whether the Veteran has an acquired psychiatric disorder that is related to service. Indications, if any, that the Veteran is an inaccurate historian of his illness should be noted for the record.

The report of examination should include the complete rationale for all opinions expressed.

This is a complex case. To help avoid future remand, ensure that all requested action has been accomplished to the extent possible in compliance with this REMAND. If any action is not undertaken, or is taken in a deficient manner, appropriate corrective action should be undertaken.

See Stegall v. West, 11 Vet. If you did not print the signature page from the electronic submission, printable us state map Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print forms.

Virginia - U. Bankruptcy Virginia - U. Voter Registration. Application Form. You are not officially registered to vote until this application is approved. You printable religious cards index.

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Sudoku puzzles to print. To ensure the best possible service, please thoroughly review the accompanying instructions before filling out this form.

Please print clearly or type. Benefits Checklist.

VA Form 21-0781a

Forms on this page are all in. VA Form Application for first time using veterans education benefits. Sign and print the name of the person signing the form.

Date the form and present it to the licensing authority.Your doctor should measure your blood pressure twice or more daily on three different days to accurately diagnose your condition. Veterans have the option of visiting a private health care provider instead of a VA facility to complete their disability evaluation form. Hiatal Hernia, Insomnia, bilateral hearing loss and bilateral tinnitus.

How to File a Well-Prepared MST Claim

So a lot of times, VA requires specific forms to file a Notice of Disagreement, to file a VA Form 9 for procedural requirements for an appeal. If possible, type your statement on a computer; otherwise, make certain your handwriting is legible. A hernia that extends from the abdomen into the scrotum is called an inguinal hernia, while a hiatal hernia is one where the Another cause of the disorder is a hiatal hernia, in which the stomach protrudes up through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus.

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