3. Thomson Reuters Eikon: Think Beyond the Terminal. With an open and connected set of services, Eikon enables you to act with confidence in every moment. THOMSON REUTERS. EIKON. USER GUIDE. For Support, please call Thomson Reuters Helpdesk or 02 (Toll Free in Thai language). Ordering Thomson Reuters Eikon. .. Addendum 1 – Thomson Reuters Eikon Gateway. Addendum 2 – Thomson Reuters Eikon APIs.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon is a great tool to retrieve market data, news, and Eikon will provide you with detailed bond information including a description. Thomson Reuters Eikon is a financial data platform which includes data on financial markets, companies' (especially listed companies') financial data, financial. How do I get my Thomson Reuters Eikon account? 1. Your company's Market Data team or Thomson Reuters Account. Manager requests a Thomson Reuters .

If either RView or CView contain invalid values, an error exception is thrown. This value reflects the status of the AdxRtList object itself. None Return value Returns the status of the list.

In particular, it determines how the list object delivers data update events to the client application. The parameters are: AdfinX 6. The minimum frequency is one event per second. The maximum waiting time for the list data. The TIME field display option.

FRQ:iH sets a frequency of one event every i hours. FRQ:iM sets a frequency of one event every i minutes. FRQ:iS sets a frequency of one event every i seconds. One event every 10 seconds. Zero, indicating that no timeout is in effect.

Databases (Management)

Specifying more than one mode To specify more than one mode at once, use a space to delimit the parameters. For example: list. This syntax is more efficient than when only the new instruction is used. Otherwise, before execution, Visual Basic will test each statement containing list for the value Nothing. This syntax is more efficient only when the New command is used. Otherwise, before execution, Visual Basic tests each statement containing list for the value Nothing.

The value is held in the association as a Variant. The tag associated with an item is also provided as a parameter to the AdxRtList OnUpdate event callback function.

Note that user tag values related to fields must be integer values of type Long.

FieldName The name of the field to which the user tag applies. Return value When used to retrieve the user tag, a Variant value is returned. The program waits for a callback to determine the validity of either ItemName or FieldName. If either is invalid, an exception is thrown. Exception thrown Error Invalid argument Invalid argument Invalid argument ithis approach is inherently slow.

TO" in list s item list. When the AdxRtList OnUpdate event associated with this item is handled, this string value is passed as the UserTag parameter to the callback function.

If the data is not available or one of the parameters is invalid, an empty Variant is returned. Field ItemName The name or numeric identifier of the field whose value is to be retrieved.

The name of the item as a String. Return value Returns the value of the identified field or an empty Variant if the value is unknown or invalid. Error handling If the item or the field is not registered or the field is not in the field dictionary, an exception is thrown. It closes down the underlying data stream by informing the data source that no more updates would be necessary for those items.

Otherwise it returns False. Return value True if the item was found, False otherwise. Registering the items allows for retrieval of item data from the object data source defined by the AdxRtList Source property.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

ItemList An array of Variant containing one or more item names. FieldList An array of Variant containing one or more item names. This functionality depends on the system used to provide access to the data sources. On direct API platforms, for each item in the ItemList, an initial event callback is used to determine whether the item or any of the requested fields within it is invalid.

If so, an exception is thrown accordingly.

It is important to note that in this mode the registration process can be very slow. Collaboration tools Share ideas and content internally with colleagues via the built in Messenger tool, including workspaces, charts, and more. Eikon provides all the key features of Datastream Professional as highlighted below. This guide shows you the equivalent screens in Eikon which in many cases have additional features and content that will increase your efficiency and insight into the markets.

This list is a subset of the content and functionality offered in Eikon.

For more details please contact your Thomson Reuters Account Manager. Start typing Vodafone in the Search box.

Autosuggest displays results.

Click a result to load content. For example, you can open the Chart App with data for Vodafone already loaded. When you add an app, it automatically displays data for the active symbol. Click and slowly drag an app until its frame touches another app: the two apps snap together, and you can move them around as a single entity.

Resize an app as you would any other window: just click the frame and drag to the new size. Color-coded apps tune in to the same data. FMC is using SSL Certificate and every action between portal and the user is encrypted and is known only to those two sides How secure is the storage of my files? All files are encrypted at rest and are stored in Thomson Reuters Data Centers which have very high security protocols How quickly will I get the deadline for my project?

After receiving the files to newly logged request on the FMC portal, FMC team estimates the timeline for project completion.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Estimating the deadline depends on the complexity and volume and may take from 2 up to 24 hours. Will I have a project coordinator? Yes, after analyzing the files you will receive an initial response from your dedicated project coordinator who will be responsible for completion of your project.

Please provide as much details as you can regarding the project but feel free to leave the blank fields if you are unsure of the choice. Project coordinator will contact you to precise all the details. How do I track the progress of my project? Do you perform any quality checks so I can be sure that there are not mistakes in the final projects?

Yes, we perform standard quality checks in order to assure the correctness of the data we deliver. What type of migrations you can serve? What are the asset classes you work with?An example of the difficulties revealed during the research using various ESG databases is the difference in company assessments, occurring due to insufficiencies in the standardization of assessment methods according to ESG factors [Escrig-Olmedo et al. The collected data are based on issues associated with materiality, availability of data and significance to the sector [Thomson Reuters a, p.

Escrig-Olmedo E.

Portal FAQ

In this case, the error string contains Error SetStructure with an unrecognized keyword. This can be either an identifying code taken from the AdxRtList Mode enumeration or a string containing the keyword used to set the attribute using the AdxRtList Mode property. Orsato [], M. If the "AdxRtList Source" on page 66 is not set i. Ribando J.

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