Author: Wallace Irving The Second Seduction of a Lady · Read more · The Second Seduction of a The Captain's Mysterious Lady. Read more · The Queen's. On a state visit to Moscow, Billie Bradford, the beautiful and brilliant wife of the President of the United States, is abducted by the Soviets and replaced by Vera. - Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text Irving Wallace 1 .. Billie Bradford had proved a bright and charming first lady.

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The second lady by Irving Wallace; 7 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Fiction in English, Protected DAISY, Spy. [PDF] Full The Second Lady Download file. 1. [PDF] Full The Second Lady | Download file; 2. Book Details Author: Irving Wallace Pages: Irving Wallace ( - ) was an American bestselling author and screenwriter. Among Irving Wallace Author () cover image of The Second Lady.

He imagined how a kind of Dashiell Hammett Pinkerton stage. Actually, I had to go far, go to people trespassing on places and place electronic devices, but good part of their business was dull and heavy, monotonically full of vulgar divorce cases locating runaway children and research insignificant monetary scams. For the thing would be more romantic, he started writing without much enthusiasm.

He wrote three articles based on facts, but managed to sell them. Hearing that there was a vacancy in the New York office of the Associated Press, Parker hastily drafted a curriculum and submitted with photocopies of three articles published.

A week later, he summoned New York for an interview. After spend half hour talking with a veteran executive of the AP, was hired immediately and sent to Washington in order to light to write stories and texts advertising for distribution by mail for the weekends, all of which did not give to live but made his name began to be known. Without However, Washington was totally fascinated and this is reflected in his writings, so that soon his Articles leading name began to be profitable.

One day conference was called by a certain Wayne Gibbs. I had read a number of items from Parker and they had impressed him favorably. It was, he said, a Senator collaborator Andrew Bradford, who had to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States.

Gibbs had a Parker's proposal to make. Could Parker move to Los Angeles this weekend, with all expenses paid? Parker could and did. The proposal it was tempting. Bradford's supporters wanted was written and published a book about his candidate, an agile and lively biography of a candidate it was easy to read.

A biography aimed at improve the image of man during the campaign. Already had the editor.


Now they needed a writer who could deliver the book quickly. The money would be generous. A Parker on money he was attractive, but there otherwise it still seemed more attractive.

It was joining the mainstream. Until then, Parker had passed through many convolutions in their attitude towards their country and with American democracy.

In the army, had simply let go and, ultimately, what had had been repelled. He had escaped and had gone to abroad.

Upon returning, he had become a dissident and he lashed politics and government corruption, in a desire to overturn it. Later, in the AP, see government closely and with more objectivity, remembering the political disease that had observed in Europe, had come to the conclusion that, however bad it was, the democratic system of the United States was being the best they had ever conceived the men's minds and the best that could be in everywhere.

This conclusion is not juvenile or result of an image seen through a filter red, white or blue. It was pragmatic.

It was ripe. If the people had to live together in a society that was the best system in which they could. The Problem was that this giant was bulky and heavy so flawed that nobody could do anything for enhanced from the outside and not through the use of the ballot, which in turn offered very few options. Yet here, in LA, he had provided an unusual opportunity to stop being a impotent outsider to come and much closer the main machinery. Without hesitation, Parker left the Associated Press and became a political writer in plan full-time.

In preparing the book, had met Andrew Bradford three times, once for dinner with his wife and two times for a trivial research interviews. The book was more than anything in a simple task of reconciliation. Bradford I liked her immediately.

He was somewhat lower he, more sturdy complexion, yet elegant. Bradford was forty-eight. He had a beautiful finely chiseled face, sincere, earnest, attentive and Direct. The grizzled temples, rimmed glasses shell and quick way of speaking contributed to strengthen its air of authority. I also had a brain free of clichs and stereotypes, fast and original, very higher than what would be expected of a politician.

Parker finished writing the book on time. The book sold very well in the rallies and banquets Party and the paperback edition beating estimates sales between independent mimes. Shares Parker had risen sharply. No longer a drone party.

Had a certain visibility. Wayne Gibbs was kept attached to the caucus with a view to lend a hand in the preparation of press press. The elections came and went. As President-elect, before the opening of its mandate, Bradford began to create his team permanent.

Guy Parker reminded the book. From San Francis Parker sent for, to ensure I was thinking of the right man. Before the close of the interview, he hired Parker and two months later he moved to the West Wing of the House White as one of three editors of speeches. That was two years.

A Parker liked its role. He was in the middle of the action, a invisible man behind the moving and shaking, but it was there. Then the overnight, left area. Several prestigious publishers of New York, also belonging to the party, he pointed to president than an autobiography of his wife may well received by many readers, contributing to improve the image of President in his path to reelection. Billie Bradford had proved a bright and charming first lady.

With some reluctance and embarrassment, had only thirty and six years, she agreed to work on his autobiography, on one condition: he wanted to collaborate Guy Parker with her.

At first, Parker was reluctant.

His impression that it was reduced. Moving from severe writing political speeches for the maximum leader of the free world to a frivolous and gossipy tearoom confessional seemed a demerit.

What convinced Parker that action was interesting was the half million advance dollars were going to deliver Soon I found out that it was anything but frivolous. It was as serious as her husband, such increasingly intelligent and never boring. Proved a delight to be with her.

A Parker settled in a office next to Nora Judson, press secretary of the first lady, who was also involved in social and it's public appearances. Being able to encompass many tasks and do them all well represented a demonstration of energy and skills that young. Parker was supposed to be about eighteen years.

He would like to contemplate it as an object sexual. From its lustrous black hair, green eyes and his pretty nose to his chest and his well lush shapely legs, was a feast for the eyes male. His intelligence was extraordinary.

Before he had finished a sentence, she had already completed the task. It was several things simultaneously and all to perfection.

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He could spend a statement press at the opening of a hospital or dinner gala without any awkwardness and without complaint. The unique and important problem was its remoteness.

Always was busy or was trying to be and therefore others, was a private person who preferred this scheme of life. Parker had suggested the possibility of inviting in for a drink or dinner. She had not heeded. In five months, there was achieved through the wall that separated their offices and its people. She had shown correct and polite, but distant. Despite what maddening situation, its existence and its proximity had certainly been a bonus.

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Parker also had been busy. The fact prepare the basis for long-awaited autobiography of the first lady had taken ten hours daily. Al beginning their mission had been to collect material to read. Had located and read everything that had published about Billie Bradford. He had crossed all a mountain of newspapers and magazines, taking countless pages of notes. Then there was started to travel outside of Washington, visiting and interviewing family and friends and teachers and classmates at the private school and university.

He had even traveled to California to spend two days with his dad Clarence Lane, his sister Kit, her brother and nephew Norris Weinstein called Richie. And finally, with hundreds of questions to ask, had gotten to the book.

He had begun to interviewing Billie Bradford itself. She had noticed the daily program. One hour, usually all the afternoons to answer questions before the tape recorder running.

He was impressed as a very professional, honest and fun and would not work at all like a work of not been for his obsessive need to find out details. And now here he was, in this sweltering afternoon late August, going to another session interview I remember.

Billie Bradford had to cancel today's meeting. She was too busy. He puzzled that annulment of the second session held. And yet But Nora had told him clearly, first lady wanted to see him as soon as possible about other question. He wondered what else could be. Emerged from Lafayette Park, across the avenue Pennsylvania, approached the checkpoint and opened to air indifferent portfolio to show their card Identification of the White House.

We crossed the pass and up the curved driveway leading to garage North Portico entrance. He reached the front steps carpeted in red, nodding the portrait of Herbert Hoover that hung in the hallway and up the steps two at a time, past the portraits of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Arriving to the top of the staircase, was greeted by Nora Judson.

Sk-Parker gasped. I hasten know you were wanting me. Feared that would have hit a truck Always starts to tremble in my presence, ma'am. In any case, it you come on time. The press conference has over the last ten minutes. The representatives of the press and gone. The TV already collecting her things. And I had to change everything.

Still I left to do the outline for the House Beautiful. We could not postpone it again. Must accompany the new French ambassador's visit to the National Gallery.

Later, Fred Willis insists on seeing personally to inform him about the visit protocol to Moscow. Then you have to do luggage. He will not let Sarah do it alone. Parker asked. Wanted speak with you five minutes after the press conference and before starting the tests with the designer. We are. They had reached the entrance to the Oval Office Yellow and parted to one side to come out three members of a television channel with his team.

Once they were gone, Nora came in, followed by Parker. There was nobody in the room, with the exception of Billie Bradford.

With his back to them and blond hair spilling over her shoulders, she leaned arm of the sofa and fell on it. While shaking off her shoes feet, he realized his presence. Hello Guy Sit here. For the umpteenth time, will you stop call Mrs. I'm serious. I'm here seeing daily in private, virtually undressing in front of you, revealing my soul, allowing you to know all the secrets shameful family Let's change this situation immediately, especially given what I say.

From this moment, Mrs. Sellmoslo said, offering Parker's cheek. He bent and kissed his cheek clumsily. Asked Billie, Nora addressing Judson, sitting in front of them.

What has been the press conference? We left happy.

For the sake of Andrew. I guess should do it more often. Billie turned to Parker. Where we left our heroine? After the meeting yesterday, you were in their third year of college, about to take a literary journey through England, organized by the university. It was the trip during which I met Janet Farleigh. I have you encountered with it in their investigations. The British children's novelist. It is a of her best friends, as I've read. He died last night. And I never heard anything.

The British ambassador sent a note delivered by hand this morning, notification. The ambassador was one of the few people who knew our close friendship. Ha been a hit, I assure you. I was at his house. She was my hostess in London.

He was ten years older than me, but We became very close friends, had for some time without seeing her. That of the White House hinders everything. Hoping to see in London next week, but now Nora was clapping her hands to the glass of his wristwatch.

There was thought about it all day, running this way "He looked to Parker smiled. What were we talking about when you arrived? Ah, yes. Of skip today's meeting. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Irving Wallace ,. David Wallechinsky. Amy Wallace.

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