So you see, you can say anything about world history. The Alien Enemy Act of the US Congress A file in the online vers. The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible eBook: Brian Tracy: site Store. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. With his odd video and audio courses (sales at one mil.), and 30 books, Tracy has built a strong motivational.

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Has everyone been telling you to read "The Psychology of Selling?" You should. But, in the meantime, here's a quick-read summary for you. The Psychology of Selling Summary by Brian Tracy focuses on increasing the sales faster and easier than you ever thought possible with the. Double and triple your salesùin any market. The purpose of this book is to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use.

Thats why its so important that from the ver y that winning edge, theres no reason why you cannot beginning you say to yourself that nothing is going to move rapidly into the top 4 percent. Selling is an inner game. That is, what is going on inside the mind of the salesperson makes all the difference in his success.

The Psychology of Selling Summary

We know there is a direct relationship between a salespersons self-concept and his sales performance and effectiveness. We feel uncomfortable if we dont act in accordance with our self-concept. We will never earn much more or much less than our self-concept level of income. Our job is to raise this self-concept level of income.

List five aspects of selling that you enjoy: List any areas of your self-concept that should be improved. How could you increase your self- esteem? Do I have high levels of self-confidence, self- smoothly. Visualization is the very best way to put esteem, ambition and determination to succeed? See yourself as the best in your field. See yourself as the top money earner. Am I goal oriented, with a plan to attain my goals? Confidently expect to succeed every minute of every day.

Do I understand the needs and care about the Professional salespeople are low-keyed, calm and well-being of my customers? Am I willing to work hard, take responsibility for myself and pay the price for success? Read about your profession for 30 minutes a day. If you 5.

Do I believe strongly in my company and my will read for 30 minutes every morning, within six or 12 product, and can I communicate my enthusiasm months you will have read 10 to 20 of the very best sales to others?

Listen to 6. Is it easy for me to make friends out of strangers? Turn your car into a university on wheels. If youre continually feeding your mind with SUMMARY cassettes and books about sales, motivation, inspiration, A powerful sales personality is more important than time management and personal development, youre product knowledge, selling skills or the product.

The first is profession. Number two: The highperforming salesperson accepts full After every call, ask yourself what you did right.

Think responsibility for his results and looks upon himself as about how you would handle it differently next time. If self-employed. Number three: The top salesperson has we review what we did right and then think about how above average ambitions and desire to sell. Number four we would do it better in the future, that is what well do includes high levels of empathy and concern for automatically when we go into the next sales situation.

Number five: The successful salesperson is intensely goal oriented. He has above average Resolve to pay the price to succeed. For everything we willpower. He has determination and willing- want in life, there is a price. Success comes only after ness to work hard. He believes in himself, his youve paid the price, never before.

The ninth characteristic is that the topselling salesperson is always absolutely honest with himself and with other people. Finally, the top salesperson has the ability to turn strangers into friends wherever he goes. How do we fulfill this psychological profile and become a successful salesperson? First, choose the right product.

Some people are capable of selling tangible products, and some people are capable of selling intangible products. Next, you must believe absolutely in your product. Third, you must be able to transfer your enthusiasm to the mind of your customer. How do we become intensely goal oriented? Goals must be realistic and challenging. Define your goals in terms of the activities that you will have to engage in to achieve your desired income level. The activities include the number of calls, follow-ups, deliveries, presentations, etc.

When you set a goal, you program it into the subconscious, which has the power to move you rapidly toward your goal. Also set personal and family goals. Make a detailed list of all the things you want to do that depend on being successful in selling. Your goal must be realistic but challenging. They must be defined in terms of activities necessary to achieve those goals. Fill out the plan below as an aid to fulfilling your goals.

Instead of presenting 1. Do I understand the basic reasons why people a product as something new, present it as an download any product or service? Customers want the simple truth about a product or service. They want honest information about 2.

Do I know how to uncover the basic needs of a how it can help them improve their lives and their prospective customer? They resent and resist high pressure. Do I know my product well enough to understand the needs it will satisfy? Quality is never the primary reason for downloading anything.

Do I understand that quality alone is not enough Quality is always based on logic, and people download to motivate a customer to download? The issue of quality should arise only when 5.

As a closing technique, do I determine and focus you are comparing your product at a certain price with on the prospects one main reason for downloading the another product at a certain price and there are very product? Every downloading decision is an attempt presentation, the materials used in the presentation, and to be better off as a result of having made that decision.

Moreover, if a salesperson is well three choices: He can download from you, from someone else, groomed and dressed and his presentation is or from no one. All professional selling begins with need analysis. And youre not in a position to sell until you understand As long as you are focusing all your attention on the what need of the prospect your product or service can customer and what he or she wants and needs, youre satisfy and then structure your presentation so it selling professionally.

In every sales conversation there satisfies that need. Your job is to get the person to the is a key benefit the major benefit that would cause point where he is completely focused on how he will the person to download the product.

Also, there is a key issue gain by using your product, rather than how much he the major objection that would hold the person back might lose by committing himself to it. In the sales interview, your job is to uncover the key benefit and then uncover the key All downloading decisions are emotional.

If we say were issue. Whenever a person says he would like to think powerful of all closes.

The success of the hot-button about it, he is saying that you have not aroused his close depends upon the ability of the salesperson to desire to own or enjoy the benefits of your product. The basic rule of selling is that people do not download Concentrate on selling that one main point. And our job in the sales conversation is to find out what benefits this person would be willing to pay for. You uncover needs by questioning skillfully and listening carefully.

If you let people talk for a time, they will tell you their basic need or concern with regard to your product. Explain how you would conduct a needs analysis to connect the benefits of your product with a prospects need. List several ways in which you can improve your personal appearance.

Write one question you would use during the hot- button close to uncover the prospects major reason for not downloading your product. Do I use my creativity to find prospects and to recommendation from somebody they respect. Thats devise more effective selling skills? A testimonial is worth an hour of your trying to convince the customer 2.

Have I identified my best prospective customers how good the product is. Do I know my competition and the benefits their The idea method is a creative way to double your products offer? Take your key problem and write it, at the top 4. What advantage do I have over my competition?

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

For 5. Who are my noncustomers, who are not even in example: How could I double my sales this year? Why dont they download? How can I increase my ratio of closes to calls?

Then 6. Have I used testimonial letters from satisfied write out 20 answers to the question. If you do this for customers as a selling tool? If you use All top salespeople are creative. That creativity is a this method, you will become one of the most creative matter of self-concept. Many of us think that were not salespeople and, by extension, one of the most highly particularly creative.

If we believe that were not paid salespeople in your profession. If we believe we are, we will continually come up with creative solutions. Creativity is stimulated by focused questions, by pressing problems, and by deeply desired goals.

Creative selling begins with thorough knowledge of your product or service. The better you know your product or service, the more thoroughly you master the detail of it, the more creative you are in selling it. The successful salesperson identifies his best possible customer market and then concentrates on it single- mindedly. One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is looking upon everybody as a prospect of equal value, when in some cases one prospect may be worth a hundred times the value of another.

Its vital that we identify our best prospects. Ask yourself questions such as the following: Who exactly is my customer? Who downloads my product or service right now? Who might be downloading it in the future? Who bought it in the past? Why does he download? Where do I have an advantage over my competitors? What do I have to offer that nobody else has? Your key job is to identify that unique selling feature, that competitive advantage that sets you head and shoulders above anybody else, and build your sales presentation around that.

Who are your noncustomers? They are people who dont download from you or from your competition the ones who are not in the market at all. The people who are not downloading your product or anybody elses are the greatest single source of new customers. What are the five most attractive features of your product? List then in order of importance. What needs of your prospective customers do these product features satisfy? What benefits do they offer? List five reasons why your customer should download the product or service from your company.

Do I carefully plan my approach to a prospect to in and get a clear mental picture of yourself relaxed, get his complete attention quickly?

Am I careful to qualify the downloader Im talking to by making sure he is the right person to make a Never make your presentation standing up. If you do, downloading decision about my product? Nobody 3. Do I have difficulty getting appointments on the considers a product of any value if youre willing to sell telephone? Do my attitude and appearance create an air of calmness and confidence?

The suggested influence of a calm, confident, relaxed 5. Am I always neat and well groomed when I meet salesperson is very powerful. The most professional with a customer? They exude 6. Do I use body language in a manner that will in- confidence in themselves and in their product. Therefore, we feel confident about listening to them.

If your process that will or will not conclude with a sale.

Lesson #1: People make decisions based off their emotions.

Your attitude is calm and positive, you are creating a selling approach must break the preoccupation of the prospect. Unless you break that preoccupation, you never get to first base in making a presentation. You have only 30 Your product should always be presented in the best seconds at the beginning of the approach to get the possible light. People are influenced by the suggested persons complete attention. So your opening question impact of a product that is clean, neat, efficient and has to be planned word for word, memorized and attractive.

Your surroundings, especially when practiced over and over. Before the prospect will relax and listen to you, he wants to be sure of five things. He wants to be sure that Body language is important because 80 to 90 percent of you have something important to communicate, that all our communication is nonverbal. Always stand and youre talking to the right downloader, that your visit will be sit erect. Never fold your arms when youre talking to short, that he will be placed under no obligation and people because it means youre closing them out.

Crossed legs over the knee means youre holding back information. Fear of rejection is the top reason why sales people fail. The secret to massive Success is Not fearing rejection. Look to build your self-esteem every chance you get. Look to make friends everywhere you go as people only download from other people they like.

They do not fear rejection because they know it's not personal that's just a reaction. They made a decision they're going to be successful and nothing can deter them. Have a power Mantra that you say over and over again when you're on your way to your first meeting or call for the day.

Sales Psychology: 7 Sales Tips to Win the Customer

Ex: "I am the best Salesman alive. Not yours. Or how can I better utilize my time to be more effective this weekend? DISC 3: Every sales car meeting typically begins with a no so you must break their pattern of being preoccupied. Visualize the meeting going successfully before you enter. Smile, pre frame them of how great it's going to be, and be confident.

Get an upfront commitment. Ex: if what I'm about to show you is the answer to what you've been looking for would you be able to make a decision today? Telling is not selling. You may not realize it, but everything you do involves selling. Order your copy now!

A few years ago, I was asked to put everything I know about sales into an easy-to-use program anyone could use to sell more, now, and increase their income in the shortest time possible.

Your copy includes 6 hour-long CDs, plus a workbook you can use to personalize your experience and follow along. In fact, you've got 5 big value-packed bonuses coming your way the second you hit the order button now to claim your program.

Increase Sales and Get Promoted Faster!

Your main job function is to guarantee that every single member of your sales force is motivated, productive and positive about their job. All you need to do is follow these simple steps, start applying them in your company and you will begin to see a dramatic change.

High Impact Telephone Selling will teach you how to master telephone sales for any industry. Using the telephone effectively to sell is like learning to type -- it takes learning and practice.

My minute training DVD will show you how to become a telephone selling machine and exponentially increase your income.Visualize, create a mental picture and underline the activities that are crucial for reaching those objectives.

Telling is not selling. Subjective 3.

Take out a sheet of paper, and draw a line down the center. Like this summary? The issue of quality should arise only when 5. Liking The principle of liking as it pertains to the psychology of downloading says we're more likely to say yes to a request if we feel a connection to the person making it.

Do I use my creativity to find prospects and to recommendation from somebody they respect. Compare the price 3. But whatever you do, it must be believable.

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