High tech finance and sophisticated computer programming combine in this terrifying and fiendishly smart new novel from Robert Harris. Dr. Alex. The Fear Index. Home · The Fear Index Author: Robert Harris. 9 downloads Views The Fear Index. Read more · The Fear Index · Read more · The Fear . Dr Alexander Hoffmann sat by the fire in his study in. Geneva, a half-smoked cigar lying cold in the ashtray beside him, an anglepoise lamp pulled low over his .

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Christopher Reich Reviews The Fear Index. Is there a genre of fiction that Robert Harris has not mastered? His first. High tech finance and sophisticated computer programming combine in this terrifying and fiendishly smart new novel from Robert Harris. Dr. Alex Hoffmann. PDF | In this paper, we propose a new fear index based on (equity) option surfaces of an index and its components. The quantification of the fear level will be.

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I like to take a central character and show him at work I just like the detail of the daily life. Even a guy sitting at a computer staring at numbers. Sure, the British author began his fiction career with a traditional foray into alternate history, imagining what Germany and the world might have been like had Hitler survived and won the war.

Since his World War II best-sellers follow-up "Enigma" traces the British quest to break secret Nazi naval codes , Harris has delved into subjects ranging from the plight of an aqueduct engineer in ancient Rome sitting on the edge of Vesuvius to the deceptions discovered by a ghost writer for a British prime minister modeled on Tony Blair.

More recently, Harris has written two novels based on the political intrigue of Cicero and ancient Rome.

The final book in the trilogy is expected next year. At the moment, Harris is very much in a 21st-century state of mind with the recent American publication of "The Fear Index.

A Thriller

This time the monster is artificial intelligence run amok in the ever-volatile world of hedge funds and global finance. Alexander Hoffman, the protagonist of "The Fear Index," is the architect of an algorithm that is making his firm, and its clients, piles of money.

He is the silent partner in the operation, never heard from in public, and viewed as a mysterious figure. Hoffman is the kind of man who wakes in the middle of the night and grabs his version of a security blanket.

It was one of a batch specially produced for the hedge fund that could encrypt certain sensitive phone calls and emails. Hoffman Investment Technologies aims to make people, even its brilliant quantitative analysts, superfluous, if not obsolete. Then, too, he delves into the world of physicists at the Large Hadron Collider , the underground scientific instrument and experiment located on the Swiss-French border.

Such attention to detail pays off with verisimilitude in the fictional boutique hedge-fund, the vertiginous risks and rewards inherent in hedge funds, and the mind-boggling wealth to be found in Geneva, not to mention including just enough scientific jargon to lay the foundation for a severe case of man-versus-machine. During a recent round of US appearances, Harris discussed the origins of the book, his well-known literary brother-in-law Nick Hornby , and what might be in store for Cicero.

Following are excerpts, edited for length and clarity. On what inspired the new novel: "The pressure of events made it seem a good time to produce a book that had been in the back of my mind for more than 10 years.

I quite like breaking up the Roman books with more modern books. Hoffmann is talked out of suicide by Gabrielle and Quarry.

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Hoffmann is badly injured and hospitalized. Quarry also decides to allow the AI to take control of the company. Writing in The Guardian , literary critic Mark Lawson called the novel gripping, and described it as 'a speedy read, [which] is the appropriate medium for a story in which many of the key events Harris has an excellent sense of pace Robert Harris has written a screenplay adaptation of the novel, for a film to be directed by Paul Greengrass and produced by 20th Century Fox.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel by Robert Harris.

For the index often nicknamed the 'fear index', see VIX. Works by Robert Harris. Imperium Lustrum Dictator A Higher Form of Killing: The Unauthorized Biography of Bernard Ingham The Ghost Writer J'accuse Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Hoffmann and Quarry succeed in bring in the massive investments.

When asked to give a speech, Hoffmann suddenly flees the restaurant. Hoffmann eventually tracks down the assailant to a hotel room where Karp the assailant, attacks him. In the struggle Karp's neck breaks.

Hoffmann falsifies the crime scene to make it look like a suicide. Forensics inform Leclerc, and he deduces that Hoffmann killed him. Over the course of the business day the situation becomes unstable, with VIXAL assuming a level of risk considered unsustainable by the human staff.

Fear index

Meanwhile, Quarry fires Rajamani for insubordination. Hoffmann discovers that a hacker has stolen his medical records. Upon returning to his company, Hoffmann finds out that someone posing as him ordered his head of security to place surveillance cameras all over the company and his home.They take someth Update: Or I can bet it on something else entirely.

Join the Monitor's book discussion on Facebook and Twitter. To reveal more would ruin the adventure Even if Alex had Aspergers, maybe he could help cure it with a charitable contribution. Quarry also decides to allow the AI to take control of the company.

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Even more bizarrely he finds in each case it his him via email who has made all these things and more happen. The Fear Index.

A Novel.

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