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He has somewhat come to terms with her death, but still is deeply pained by the thought of his true love not being with him. Zyir makes the mistake of mixing business with pleasure when it comes to the new woman in his life, Illiana Garza, of The Garza Cartel.

Although he has zero positive sentiments toward her outside of the bedroom, she decides she wants all of him. Mind, body, and soul.

Mecca begins to finally understand and accept the disastrous consequences that are a direct result of his lies and silly choices. In light of his revelations he is feeling bogged down and plagued by his sins, when he stumbles upon his ex girlfriend Leena.

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Realizing she is alive brings back memories of the horrible night he killed his twin and shot her. Still in love with her and seeing the baby birthed with his brother motives him even further to redeem himself and become a better man, but is it too late?

Emotionally drained and sick of being his forced sex slave, she decides to make a final run for it. Mother nature intervenes before she can get away and the worst earthquake in Haitian history takes place.

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Breeze seems to finally be home free when a nice woman named Ms. Beth rescues her among the sea of dead bodies in Port Au Prince, and offers to take her back to the United States.

Sadly, the wool is pulled over Breeze's eyes and she is trapped in Mexico forced into the soiled underworld of sex trafficking and addicted to heroin. Breeze's gloomy globe trotting odyssey is simply heartbreaking given she has been through so much. She had to make it out of this alive.

She had come too far to die now.

All I have to do is hold on. Someone will come, she thought. They have to. She sucked on the wet dirt beneath her to provide herself with some type of water. It was all that her body was surviving on, but she knew that it would not be enough for her to make it much longer.

Being trapped beneath the steel and concrete was like being buried alive.

The blocks resting on top of her baked beneath the sun all day, burning her so badly that it felt as if a hot iron were being placed to her skin. She was grateful when the sun began to set, but the night brought on a completely different set of problems for Breeze.

She wished that she could cover her ears, but her hands were smashed beneath the rock, and the only thing she could do was close her eyes. Too much time had passed, and she no longer held his exact features to memory.

It was then that she grew more determined than ever to make it home. Please, God, let somebody come for me, s he prayed. She had very little faith that her prayers would be answered. She was tired of the hardship that had become her life, and a part of her wished that she had been the one to die when the earthquake first hit.

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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Kensington Books Released: Aug 1, ISBN: Start your free 30 days.Someone will come, she thought.

If you haven't copped your copy then do so now! Or smiling at all. She had to make it out of this alive. These authors are masters at making far fetched sequence of events completely believable.

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Loose ends and all that. Help me!

Explore now. He decides to show Fabian how it's done. Sadly, the wool is pulled over Breeze's eyes and she is trapped in Mexico forced into the soiled underworld of sex trafficking and addicted to heroin.

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