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Ravi Subramanian - The Bankster

There were three officers standing at the door. He waved them in.

Iqbal was the officer in charge of the investigation into the Wafi Mall heist. He knew he was the best that the Dubai Police had.

If he could not get to the bottom of the robbery, no one else could. No records.

They seem to be a team of first-timers. They had done their homework. They knew what they were doing. Ordinarily, a novice driving into the mall to conduct a robbery would have armoured the front of the car and driven straight in.

Had they done that, they would have run the risk of the airbags getting deployed. In Audis. These guys were smart. They drove in the first car in reverse. The rear of the car collided with the gate and brought it down, clearing the way for the car that was following. But they executed such a clean job, one cannot help but admire.

There is always something. There has to be a clue somewhere. Helps you stay ahead of them. Iqbal carefully laid the packet on the table, and pulled out a transparent pouch with some markings on it.

Finally, Jilani raised his eyebrows and looked at Iqbal. How old is this? Sleep had deserted him of late and he was feeling too restless to try falling asleep again. It was probably the excitement of the day ahead, coursing through his body like adrenaline.

He tiptoed to the kitchen, and set about making himself some coffee.

The Bankster Ravi Subramanian Pdf Download Pdf Download

He had barely kept the container of milk on the stove when Kamu walked in. You were sleeping soundly. Snoring, in fact.

You seem to have forgotten how to sleep. Rajan smiled and hugged her back. They will have to make a choice. History or propriety. They will have to take sides.

The milk had come to a boil. After his morning dose of filter coffee, he took a bath and stepped out of his house. It was 5.

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He could see the temple gopuram in the distance. On his way he crossed the Padma Teertha Kulam, the holy pond.

Dipping his hands in the water, he brought up a palmful and sprinkled a few drops on his head. With the same wet hands, he touched his eyes as a mark of respect. As he got out of the enclosure, he saw a group of people walking hurriedly towards the temple.

They were probably getting late for the morning abhishekam, the holy ritual of bathing the deity. Upon entering the temple, Rajan walked straight into the sanctum sanctorum. He bowed his head before the huge monolith of Padmanabha Swamy reclining on the five-hooded serpent Anantha, also known as Adi Sesha.

He said a silent prayer and went to the temple office. Gopi had not come in yet; it was too early for any office bearer to report for work. Rajan stepped out into the corridor—called sannidhi—that ran all round the sanctorum, providing a covered area for devotees to sit and sing verses in praise of the lord.

On the northeastern side of the temple, the sannidhi branched out into a small passage to the left. Rajan walked down the passage to an open area. He was the only one there. To his right was a small flight of stairs that went down one level.

What happens when you have to choose between faith and logic? Temples are places of worship, oceans of tranquillity, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murders threatens to destroy the carefully cultivated reputation of the royal family of Thiruvanathapuram. And when fingers point towards the opening of the hitherto sealed vaults at the Padmanabha Swamy Temple that is under the control of the royals, all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, a heist at the Wafi Mall in Dubai leads investigators to uncover a massive racket in the smuggling of antiques from the ruins of temples in south India.

Things only get murkier when multiple blasts in Mumbai shake the very foundations of the diamond trade in the country. Is there a connection between these incidents? Who is behind the murders? Follow Kabir Khan, Additional Director, CBI, as he breezes through a complex maze of fact and fiction, faith and deceit, religion and commerce to unravel the mystery and unmask the killers with only minutes left at his disposal.

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The Bankster

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Warrior of Mithila Ram Chandra Book 2. The Girl in Room Chetan Bhagat. The Bankster.

Harappa - Curse of the Blood River. Vineet Bajpai. A banker by profession, Subramanian has written popular thrillers about banking and bankers. An alumnus of IIM Bangalore, he spent close to two decades in the financial services industry. Product details File Size: Penguin June 26, Publication Date: June 26, Sold by: Random House India Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled.

Almost all characters get their due time to be established well within the story, most of them in the first half, step by step. It briefly and at a steady pace takes you explaining work culture in any such bank, the politics, minor and major money-launderings, mind games, relationships, etc. Who is behind these killings, and what is their motive?

Is the banker at GB2 fast turning into a bankster? Or he was always one? But all the stories begin to merge as the scam starts unraveling under the finance-detective eyes of Karan Panjabi, an ex-banker who works for a national daily now. He is driven to the case only when his best friend is murdered who was getting close to uncovering international money-laundering scam on the basis of fraud accounts getting set-up within GB2 branches.Someone even pushed Rajan.

For the few clients who insisted on meeting in his office. On the route to. Guneet is adamant. The contents of the bag— jewellery and gemstones—spilled out on to the marble floor. He had a National Bank Annual event to attend that night. Theres no point taking issues head-on.

It drove further into the mall.

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