John Reynolds Gardiner. Stone Fox. Illustrated by Greg Hargreaves rocking chair under one of the trees, reading a book. “Doc Smith,” little Willy called out. Tahse, without whom this book would not have been written Stone Fox. " Grandfather won't answer me," little Willy said. "Probably just another trick," Doc Smith. 9 homework lists for Chapters 1–3 of Stone Fox (Each list has . class with no notes, only the book (or worksheet, unannotated) in front of the student.

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Students will read the book Stone Fox about a dog, a boy, and their friendship. This works best for me with a classroom set of the book, but it can also be done as. Stone Fox. By. John Reynolds Gardiner. A Novel Study by Nat Reed . before working on his first children's book. Always creative, in his younger years he ran. Stone fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, , Scholastic edition, in English - Trumpet Club special ed.

In Grandfather and little Willy's case, they owe the taxes to their state government. Take a moment to talk with the class about their specific state taxes. Remind students that their parents or other relatives must also use some of their income to pay state taxes.

The state then uses the taxes collected to build and maintain highways and schools especially colleges like Willy's grandfather wants him to attend and to provide housing and medical care for needy people. Summarize the discussion by writing the heading "income" on the board.

Under income, list "spending, saving, and taxes. Most families will not avoid paying taxes for ten years by hiding collection letters under the floor boards! Write "credit" on the board, and define credit as the ability to download goods and services now and pay for them later. Engage students in a brief discussion about credit cards. What kinds have they seen family members use?

Emphasize that when a credit card is used, people take the item home now, and the bank or store keeps track of what has been downloadd and sends a bill at the end of the month. Point out that paying credit card bills on time is the same as paying back money that was borrowed. Refer students back to chapter two.

Ask how little Willy was able to download the things he and Grandfather needed at Lester's General Store after Grandfather took sick. He bought them on credit against this year's crop. Willy would have to use some money from selling the crop to Mr.

Leeks to pay the bills from Lester's General Store. Divide the class into groups of students, and give a copy of Activity 1 to each student. Read the introduction with the class, and go over the instructions. Have them complete the activity as a group. When finished, have each group share its list of needed capital and its plan for repaying the loan.

Stone Fox Summary & Study Guide

Examples: rakes and garbage barrels for yard work; games and toys for entertaining preschoolers; brooms, sponges, garbage barrels for cleaning garages; sponges, hoses, and buckets for washing cars; leashes, brushes, and pet toys for pet care Assign chapters 6 and 7.

Discuss the following. How much is the entrance fee for the race Willy wants to enter?

What does Doc Smith think of Willy's decision to use his college money for the entrance fee? She thinks he is a "darn fool" for using the money. Encourage discussion. Foster most likely would not have loaned Willy the money.

Because Stone Fox has never lost a race, Willy would probably be considered as a poor "credit risk" with no way of repaying the loan. Why must Willy save for college anyway, aren't schools free? Answers will vary. Engage students in a discussion about the cost of their education.

If you teach in a public school, make sure students understand that some of the taxes their parents pay to the state and local governments are used to provide and maintain schools.

If you teach in a private or parochial school, do students know how much they must pay to attend?

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Explain that there are both private and public colleges; however, there are no "free" public colleges that are totally supported by taxes. This is why Willy is saving for college. Distribute copies of brochures or pages from college catalogs that will give students current college tuition fees.

Use the data to determine the yearly and total cost of an undergraduate education at various public and private, if available colleges and universities.

Point out that tuition can vary widely among colleges and there are many other costs, such as room and board and books. Emphasize again why it was so important for Willy as it is for most people to save for college.

Assign chapters 8, 9, and Closure: Discuss the following.

What is income? They sold the potato crop that they grew. Grandfather and Willy used capital to grow potatoes. What is capital, and which capital resources did they use?

Capital is tools, equipment, and buildings that a business uses to produce a good or service.

Stone Fox - Chapters 3-4 Summary & Analysis

Grand father and Willy used an underground shed to store the potatoes until they were sold, potato sacks, and the plow harnessed to a horse. What is saving? For what are they used? Taxes are required payments to the government. Governments use taxes to pay for things such as building and maintaining highways and schools and providing housing and medical care for needy people. What is credit?

Then use the questions for assessment. You may want to write the questions on the board before reading the selection to encourage active listening. Remind students that this is not "what really happened," these are just your thoughts. They paid the taxes on the farm and started saving again for Willy's college education. As Willy got older, he tried to figure out how they could earn more income on the farm. He and Grandfather would sit up late at night and read books and pamphlets about new farming techniques, pesticides, and fertilizers that would help them grow potatoes more efficiently.

When Willy was in high school, he got a part-time job at Lester's General Store. Willy saved the money he earned from his job and used it as part of the payment for a brand new tractor to use on the farm.

He borrowed the rest from Mr. Foster at the bank. Foster said that with the income from the farm and his part-time job, Willy was a very good "credit risk.

Trumpet Club special ed.

Next month, he will graduate from the University of Wyoming. Willy decided on that college because it is a public university, and he could afford to pay the tuition. Plus, it is in Laramie, a town only about one hour's drive from Grandfather's farm. Willy was able to come home on the weekends and during the summers to help Grandfather and Jim, the hired hand, with the farm work. While he was in college, Willy studied accounting and agricultural economics. He plans to use his education in accounting to help the farmers in town with their taxes.

Inside this unit you will find: English Language Arts , Reading , Writing. A Stone Fox novel study with reading skills for each chapter, quizzes for every two chapters, a final test, and many final project choices for the novel "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner. This is a full unit for the novel Stone Fox. In the unit you will find: A chapter layout with what skill y. Reading , Literature , Reading Strategies.

No-Prep novel study for "Stone Fox", a standards based interactive notebook literature guide with follow-up reading response questions for every chapter as well as vocabulary, writing projects, activities and enrichment projects. Teacher friendly engaging lessons to use with this award winning nove. Stone Fox Test: Final Book Quiz with Answer Key. This Stone Fox 4-page test includes: The Stone Fox test includes Answer Key as well!

Test includes 50 possible points. I recommend giving this as an open-book test so that stud.

Reading , Writing , Close Reading. Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment , Novel Study. Stone Fox Literature Study: Tests, Vocabulary, Activities, Printables, Rubric. Willy's grandfather is sick, and they will soon lose the farm unless Willy can think of a way to pay the taxes owed.

He enters a dogsled race but is challenged by Stone Fox who is known for winning. A sudden twist comes as they approach the finish line. I have prepared a packet of mat. Creative Writing , Vocabulary , Literature. Activities , Printables , Literature Circles. Stone Fox Complete Unit. A complete unit spanning the whole book, "The Stone Fox. Unit Plans , Activities , Novel Study. Try the first 5 chapters of reading and activities.

Use the first test and vocabulary sheet, etc. When you see how well your students react to reading and responding I feel that you'll want the rest of the kit. This "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner Reading group activity guide is set up so it can be used as a unit plan for the teacher, or used by students in literature circles.

It is broken up into a 13 day plan, and includes chapter questions, vocabulary, projects, and reading comprehension. This wo. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature.

This is TC's recommendation. I have created these activity sheets to increase my students' listening skills and comprehension skills during the read aloud. This product includes: Handouts , Novel Study , Printables.

A Stone Fox novel study with reading skills for each chapter, quizzes for every two chapters, a final test, and many final project choices for the novel "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner that is all based on Google Drive.

Stone Fox novel unit. Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner is a great low prep novel study.

This Stone Fox literature unit includes practice with reading comprehension questions and answering these type of questions thoroughly, in complete sentences, and including part of the question in the answer. In addition to chapter. Reading , Literature , Writing. Stone Fox Novel Unit and Activities.

This is a complete 51 page unit for the book Stone Fox. This unit includes: Worksheets , Activities , Novel Study. Both versions are included with your download. Great for centers! This guide can be used as a Print and Go, but also utilizes Google. In this novel unit, you'll find 18 differentiated activities for "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner. This novel study is complete as is, or makes a great companion to your current curriculum. English Language Arts , Reading , Poetry. Projects , Novel Study , Interactive Notebooks.

Responses include reading comprehension, word meaning through context, sequence, literary terms, and more. The response questions for Ch. Research , Activities , Novel Study. Stone Fox Vocabulary Bundle. Vocabulary lists and accompanying quizzes for the book "Stone Fox".If you get stuck, you can ask. Grades PreK. Biographical information about the author, John Reynolds Gardiner, could be.

You Selected: Do you think Little Willy should sell the farm? This wo. At the conclusion, students can respond via a Discussion Web to the problems raised when Willy wins the race at the expense of Searchlight's life.

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