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Personal financial management for business owners. Financial management: Make it personal. Reaching your personal and business goals means planning for. charity isn't a basic survival need, but for many, planning for charitable expenses is a priority. Financial success begins with creating and sticking to a budget. Effective Strategies for Personal. Money Management. The key to successful money management is developing and following a personal financial plan.

Special and Pay can be based on an annual lump sum bonus. Allowances are tax-exempt. They will come to collect it at some point. If you think you are entitled to an allowance and you are not receiving it. Raises are earned upon promotion or advancement for years of service.

This is also the portion of pay on which your military retirement is calculated. There are three basic types of pay in your military compensation package: If you receive pay or allowances that you are not entitled to. These types of pay are identified in the table below: Type of Pay Example Hazardous Duty Monthly cash payments for duty performed Career Incentive Retention tools that are paid monthly on a long-term basis Skill Incentive A lump sum annual cash bonus that incurs an additional service obligation Allowances Allowances are received to cover living expenses.

It is based on rental costs by pay grade. Continued Types of There are three types of allowances: BAH is designed to reflect comparable civilian housing costs for those with similar salary and location. The COLA index changes every two weeks and is based on both inflation and exchange rates. Enlisted members are paid a monthly rate. If you are receiving BAH solely for child support. Officers collect BAS and then pay cash for meals.

For those with dependents. It is designed to allow a standard quality of housing regardless of where you live in the U. You will not receive BAH if you are assigned suitable government quarters. It will appear on your LES as a discount meal rate. Living Expense There are three types of living expense allowances: It Allowance for is paid to all active duty personnel. Military Pay and Allowances. The amount you receive is based on your years of service. The maternity allowance is payable only once every 3 years.

Uniform and Uniform and Clothing Allowance or Clothing Replacement Allowance is paid Clothing to enlisted members annually and officers once upon entry into the service.

Allowance You receive this allowance once a year during the month in which you entered the service. Moving and The Government will pay for certain expenses due to the fact that you are Travel moving on official orders. Allowance usually after the travel is completed. Travel The Government pays for expenses associated with orders requiring travel. Shipments arranged by the transportation office are paid directly by the government to the carrier and are not taxable since you do not receive any compensation.

A Government-issued travel charge card is used while traveling and to obtain funds from an automated teller machine ATM. Any money you earn above the actual cost is taxable. Types of Travel Three types of travel allowance are identified in the table below: In addition. Temporary While on temporary additional duty TAD.

With travel orders you can get advance payment of per diem and pre-paid transportation tickets. You are also authorized certain advance pay when moving. Per Additional diem meal rates are based on location and the availability of meals at Duty authorized dining facilities. Refer to www. If you take the advance. Continued Permanent Permanent change of station allowance is provided when you move your Change of household.

The payback for the advance will be deducted the very next month. You will have the next 12 to 24 months to pay it back. This includes temporary lodging expenses TLE. You must fill out a travel claim of your expenses and any advance payments that you receive.

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Payback Before jumping into all that advance money. DLA is not an advance and does not have to be repaid. Per diem rates for lodging are based on the location. Corporal Beltbuckle claimed mileage. Retention tool that is paid monthly on a long-term basis. Lump sum annual cash bonus that incurs an additional service obligation.

Continued Challenge I Identify the different pays listed below: Which of the following will be reimbursed? Tips Challenge II Refer to page for the answer before going ahead with this lesson. Toiletries b. Monthly cash payment for duty performed. Challenge I Refer to page for the answer before going ahead with this lesson. Magazines c. What should you spend this money on? Challenge III Refer to page for the answer before going ahead with this lesson.

Souvenirs d. Allotments are paid on the first of the month. Allotments Overview An allotment is one category of money that comes out of pay. The allotment system is a convenient way to pay bills. The allotment system allows you to have sums of money taken directly out of your pay and sent to a person or account you designate.

You must start and stop allotments by filling out a form with the personnel office. Law or court orders take out taxes and garnishments automatically.

There are four types of deductions: Money received in advance for a PCS move is recouped on a monthly basis. Deductions Overview Deductions are amounts that are deducted. Garnishments This is an involuntary deduction taken from your pay as a result of legal action against you.

When a garnishment such as alimony or a debt collector is ordered. Most deductions are automatic. State exemptions must be changed on a separate state form. A W-4 form is used to change Federal exemptions.

Most people pay both Federal and State income tax. These deductions only change if you fill out an IRS form at your pay office to change the number of deductions you claim. Challenge Refer to page for the answer before going ahead with this lesson. Continued Other Pay With other pay withholdings. Check with your command financial specialist CFS or local disbursing clerk for options.

These occasions are listed below: This is an excellent money management tool for deploying members with families. If you desire additional distribution of pay. Net pay paid through DDS can only go to one account. Changes in Pay There are many occasions that will cause changes in pay and therefore warrant reporting. If the Dates date falls on a holiday or weekend.

Withholding The goal of paying your Federal taxes should be to pay your fair share and break even. Federal and State taxes will be withheld out of every paycheck. There are ways to legally minimize your taxes each month. The Federal Income Tax System is a pay-as-you- go system—meaning as you earn your money.

Save and invest the rest so you can earn interest on your money. Treat state taxes like federal taxes—only pay what you must. Filling out a Federal W-4 Form for withholding designates it. Breaking even means you have maintained control over the maximum amount of your pay. Taxes on There are several states that do not tax military pay. If you have the discipline. Military Tax Issues Overview As with any employment. This is separated into Social Security and Medicare contributions.

Euphoria at getting a refund from the IRS. Military Tax Issues. Golden Rule Remember the golden rule of taxes: Pay them when due. Continued Change in Be aware that there are many circumstances that will affect your taxes: Status marriage. W-4 Form Some people do not realize they are over-withholding and they may need the money in their daily cash flow. Any time your circumstances change. Waiver of Recovery of erroneous payments of pay and allowances.

Waivers will not be granted in cases where any significant unexplained increases in pay that would require a "reasonable person" to inquire about the matter fails to bring the pay increase to the attention of the appropriate officials. Keep copies of everything. A waiver will be granted in only those cases when.

Provided you are covered by SGLI. NJ or www. Survivor Benefits Overview The Marine Corps has one of the best compensation systems available from an employer in this country—if you die on active duty.

SGLI has no loan. If there is no deduction listed for SGLI. It is important for you to know the basics of survivor benefits so you can develop a comprehensive financial plan. If you are not covered. When you leave the service. The cost for this coverage varies by age and the amount of coverage.

Many servicemembers have passed away and had their insurance go to an ex- wife. You may find it unnecessary to think about this benefit early in your career. This is not governed in a will. Be certain to keep this form up to date. Survivor Benefits. SBP is covered in-depth in study unit 5. Additional Throughout your career. Use of the phrase.

Evaluate these offers carefully and always remember that if you have full SGLI. There are also programs funded entirely by the Government. These are programs where you share in the cost of the benefit. If you are deployed in a year. Retirement Normally.

You may accrue leave up to 60 days. You earn 2. The longer you serve. These other benefits are listed below: Leave in excess of 60 days must be taken or lost by the end of the fiscal year.

The different retirement plans will be covered in greater detail in study unit 5. Leave You earn leave every month. You may also sell back up to 60 days leave at the end of an enlistment or separation during your entire military career. Education and Depending on your date of entry. Forms and publications can also be downloaded. Leave and Earning Statements.

Additional Information Web Sites The following sites can be used as references or for additional information: Web Site Description www. Situational Awareness Actions on the Upon completing this lesson. Lesson 1 Exercise Directions Complete exercise items 1 through 16 by performing the action required.

Item 1 Different forms of compensation include survivor benefits. Lesson 1 Exercise. Check your answers against those listed at the end of this unit.

Continued Directions for For items 2 through 6. Continued Item 2 What is the forecasted amount of pay due on ? His base pay increased due to time-in-grade and money is being taken out for his Montgomery GI Bill.

Mortgage payment c. Montgomery GI Bill b. Taxes d. Which of the following is considered an involuntary deduction? Continued Item 7 Corporal Beltbuckle receives a base pay every month. Education b. Item 8 The three types of allowances to which a Marine is entitled are a. Insurance c. Item 9 Which of the following is not a form of discretionary allotment available? Charitable contribution d.

Start an allotment into his savings account. What can he do to ensure he receives the correct amount of pay?

3420F Personal Financial Management (MCI)

Monitor his budget and spending plan. To get a big refund at tax time c. Item 12 Why would Corporal Beltbuckle wish to legally withhold the correct amount of taxes from his pay? To ensure the greatest amount of control over his pay b. DFAS will eventually conduct an audit and.

To use it as another way to regularly save money Item 13 Common pay problems in the Operating Forces include overpayments. Use his Government credit card for personal expenditures until the pay is corrected. To ensure he will not have to pay any taxes owed to the Federal or State Governments d. Continued Item 15 If you die on active duty.

Item 16 The four types of monetary and non-monetary benefits to which you are entitled are 1. Medical and dental care 2. Leave 4. If you have any questions. Continued Answers The table below provides the answers to the exercise items. Item Number Answer Reference Page 1 c 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 c 6 a 7 d 8 d 9 c 10 d 11 b 12 a 13 d 14 c 15 c 16 1. Education and Veteran Administration Programs 3. It should not be viewed as a substitute for legal advice. If you have specific situations that require the advice of an attorney.

Lesson 2. This lesson is intended to inform you of some typical issues that may arise in relation to your personal finances and highlight some of your legal rights. In This Lesson This lesson contains the following topics: The State courts decide how to divide retirement pay in a divorce. They may not be recognized as valid in the United States. A former spouse can get some portion of retired pay after as little as one year of marriage. Beware of divorces obtained in foreign countries.

In some states. Divorce State law varies further concerning jurisdiction for purposes of obtaining a Jurisdiction divorce.

This topic discusses several aspects of domestic relations: You must meet both the domicile and residency requirements of the state in which the divorce is sought in order to meet jurisdiction requirements. Division of Whenever there is a divorce. Domestic Relations Overview When talking about domestic relations.

The time required to obtain a divorce and the expense involved will vary greatly. Whether you are married or not. Nearly every state imposes a residency requirement. The state of domicile legal residence of either party traditionally has been the basis for jurisdiction.

Prior to such an agreement or court decree. Each party can protect themselves to some extent by closing any joint credit or checking accounts and notifying all creditors of their wishes regarding future charges.

Guidelines for a If you think you are headed for separation or divorce. If both names are on the contract. Domestic Relations. Notice must be given to any party who may have entered into agreements under the POA that the authority has been terminated.

These agreements can become part of the divorce decree and are enforceable by the court against the party breaching any of the terms. Separation Separation agreements that provide for the division of marital property and Agreements debts as well as for spousal and child support are complex and important documents and should always be reviewed by an attorney prior to signing.

Check with all three major credit bureaus both before your divorce and 6 months afterwards. Creditors are never a party to your divorce. Continued Marital Debt Marital debts are also subject to division via mutual agreement or court decree.

If it is not paid by allotment. In a garnishment. If parties cannot agree. The arrearage must be for 2 months or more for a garnishment to result. Most states provide for specific dollar amounts of child support based on the number of children and gross income of both parents. Your best bet is to determine the amount of support owed and set up an allotment to pay for it.

Continued Spousal and All states have laws governing spousal and child support. In many states. It is not a requirement that a divorce action be pending. For multiple dependants. Copies of all documents should be retained in case needed in the future. Severe Cases of In particularly severe cases of non-support. The parties can mutually agree. Garnishment Where support payments are in arrears. This reference includes a Support Calculation Worksheet.

Challenge I Why should you not get a divorce in a foreign country? Do not acknowledge paternity in any manner whatsoever until you are sure the child belongs to you. When in doubt. Child Support Guidelines regarding child support are listed below: Refrain from any action that can be construed as child support. Continued Challenge II Name three guidelines to consider if you are headed towards a separation or divorce.

When you sign up for cellular phone service. Your knowledge of contracts. The fine print consists of the following clauses: The item downloadd may be the collateral. The Federal Truth in Lending Act requires that other important credit terms.

Credit A credit contract or note is a legal document that names the borrower and Contracts lender and the terms of the loan agreement. Contracts Overview Contracts dominate many aspects of our lives. These terms are the amount borrowed. When you download a car or a house.

Make sure they are in writing in the body of the contract itself. State law may also govern the cancellation of various contracts time-shares. A default can be only one payment on a loan. Acceleration The acceleration clause states that if you default on the loan. While negotiating the contract. Late Fee Clause The late fee clause states when and how the creditor will charge you late fees if payments are not made as agreed. Some contracts.

Continued Repossession The repossession clause states that if the item downloadd is repossessed. Cancellation of A contract is presumed binding on both parties and cannot be canceled by one Contracts party without the express permission of the other party. What contract clause is in effect? Challenge Corporal Beltbuckle has fallen behind on his car payments and wakes up one morning to find his car being towed away.

Get it in writing and deliver it via certified mail. Criminal acts by non-tenants alone are not a basis for the termination of a lease unless personal physical protection is specifically provided for in the lease. Some State laws may allow landlords to charge tenants a penalty for terminating a lease early using the military clause. It is recommended that a counselor at the Housing Referral Office review all leases before signing. In most states. You should also obtain insurance covering liability to third parties on the property.

Military A statutory military clause has been enacted in some states. A military clause permits you to cancel the lease upon receipt of PCS orders. You should therefore have a form of renters insurance to protect your personal property. A copy of the recommended lease that favors your interests—as a tenant and member of the military—may be obtained from the Housing Referral Office.

Due to your military status. Customary In many states. Arrangements Oral agreements are not advisable because it may be very difficult to establish the terms of the agreement and to resolve disputes. Of course you will have to have a place to stay and you may rent either an apartment or a house.

It is in your best interest to make sure that your lease has a military clause. Continued Security State law varies regarding the reasons a landlord may retain the deposit. Landlord and Tenant Transactions. Retain list for when you vacate. Landlords and Below are some guidelines when dealing with landlords and tenant Tenant transactions: Challenge Why should you get renters insurance if you rent a home or apartment?

Take photographs or videotape the premises for your records. Triple damages may be awarded for judicial finding of failure to comply with statutes regulating the return of the security deposit. Strict compliance with the law is required to use rent escrow or rent withholding. The Deposit deposit cannot be retained for normal wear and tear charges. The length of time within which the landlord must either refund the deposit or advise why any portion is being withheld also varies among states.

There are three types of expressed warranties: The seller or manufacturer will only provide a warranty on specific things e. The dealer promises the product will do what it is supposed to do e.

Warranties apply to all types of property: Look to state law for additional statutes providing warranties such as automobile and lemon laws. No warranty is given as to the condition or workability of the product. There are three types of warranties that will be discussed further: There are two categories of implied warranty: The seller has no liability for faulty goods. The seller or manufacturer guarantees completely the condition.

Expressed Expressed warranties are written or oral warranties supplied by a Warranty manufacturer or seller. Warranties Overview Warranties vary in the amount of coverage provided Warranties are included in the price of goods and services.

Service contracts are written like insurance policies and frequently have exclusions. To decide whether or not to download a service contract in addition to the warranty. As in all business transactions. Always communicate in writing or follow up on phone calls with letters. Warranty When dealing with warranties.

The court may grant further delays. Under the Act. Obtaining If you think you have rights under the SCRA that may have been violated or Protection that you are entitled to be shielded from a legal proceeding or financial obligation by the SCRA protections.

Who Does It The SCRA protects active duty military members and reservists called to Cover active duty—starting on the date active duty orders are received—and.

Protection under the SCRA must be requested during your military duty or within 30 to days after service ends. It was designed in part to relieve servicemembers from worry over their inability to meet their civil obligations.

You must tell the court. Fair Credit The Fair Credit Billing Act helps consumers resolve disputes with creditors Billing Act over billing errors—including transactions by unauthorized users—and to ensure fair handling of credit accounts. Billing errors mistakes include charges made by an unauthorized user. Here are some of the major laws that you need to be aware of: The creditor will investigate the allegation of unauthorized use and if they find it valid.

The Federal Truth in Lending Act does not regulate the amount that lenders may charge for credit. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act applies to debt collectors—a business for which the principle purpose is the collection of any debts or who regularly collect debts owed to others.

ATM transfers. Consumers are liable for the following amounts after discovering the loss or theft according to the following table: Notification can be oral or written. Fair Debt This Act eliminates abusive debt collection practices. The law allows the collector one final contact. You have the right to notify a debt collector in writing to have no further contact with you. If the collector continues to contact you after a written request has been made to cease all contact.

Letters of Often when servicemembers become delinquent on their debts. Continued Fair Credit This Act ensures the consumer credit reporting agencies furnish correct and Reporting Act complete information to businesses for use in evaluating applications for credit. This Act prohibits women from having to reapply for credit due to separation or divorce.

Letters of Indebtedness. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to see your credit bureau file and to dispute the completeness or accuracy of the report. The creditor is hoping that the command will apply some official pressure to get the member to pay. It prohibits discrimination based Act on sex. These are referred to as Letters of Indebtedness. Equal Credit The Equal Credit Opportunity Act provides for credit being granted to all Opportunity consumers in a fair and equitable manner.

It also requires disclosure to you of the name and address of any credit-reporting agency that supplied information about you. Many of these letters are not legal and no action is required. A person can still be denied credit if they fall into one of these categories. All bankruptcy cases are handled in Federal court. There are positive and negative aspects of bankruptcy.

Positive Aspects On the positive side. Continued Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding provided by Federal law. There are two types of bankruptcy: After the year period. A bankruptcy can stay on your credit report forever.

Work with your command financial specialist. For most military members. Marine Corps Community Services. Continued Negative On the negative side. It is reported to general creditors between 7 and 10 years. Final Resort Bankruptcy is a final resort. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. Credit The following guidelines may be useful in dealing with some of the credit Guidelines issues found in this lesson: Answer Challenge II When are debt collectors allowed to call?

Answer Challenge III If you notify a debt collector not to contact you anymore and the contact persists more than once. Seek debt management counseling. Challenge I What is the amount you are liable for after discovering the loss or theft of a credit card?

personal financial planning

The thief uses your Social Security number SSN and other identifying information to open new accounts in your name. May take months for you to realize as the statements go to another address.

A few statistics for identity theft are listed below: How Identity In addition to purse snatching and stealing wallets. Types There are two basic types of identity theft: They are listed below: The thief acquires your existing credit account information and downloads products and services using either the actual credit card or just the account number and expiration date.

Some report a split with a significant other or spouse. This type of crime can have a wide-ranging impact on your life. Change them periodically. Keep them safe or destroy them. Instead write.

Mix upper and lower case letters and include numbers. If you are robbed. Identity Theft. So how do you protect Guidelines yourself and your family? To increase your protection. Do not carry your Social Security card. Continued Theft Armed with your personal identification or account numbers. If any one suggests otherwise. Make sure the police list the accounts affected by the fraud.

Make a note of your time and expenses. Do not cover any of the checks. Make sure there is a police report! Continued Repairing the If you are the victim of identity theft. Do not pay any bill resulting from identity theft. Your permanent credit rating will not be permanently affected and no legal action will be taken against you.

Request a credit report. Get replacement credit cards with new account numbers. Ask that your file be flagged with a fraud alert.

Cancel the account s and open new ones. The fees and services vary according to the company used. Credit There are also a number of companies that will monitor your credit for you Monitoring for a yearly fee. Protect yourself using the guidelines listed below: It is easier to challenge a fraudulent download with a credit card. Look for the little padlock in the bottom corner of your computer screen. Never use a debit card. Shopping Guidelines online is becoming more and more prevalent.

If something abnormal appears on your report. Depending on your situation. Via the telephone. Continued Stolen Checks If you have had checks stolen or fraudulent bank account s opened. Report the theft to a check verification company. The following table lists the various check verification companies and their phone numbers. Online Another source of personal information for thieves is the Internet.

Unopened junk mail or pre-approved credit card offers that are thrown away can become a gold mine for the smart thief. The following are some guidelines for discarding documents that contain confidential information: You can have your name. Your name will be removed from the lists provided by the major credit agencies for 2 years. Continued Opt Out Another method of protecting your identity is by lowering your profile. Organizing your documents will save Guidelines you time and frustration.

Discarding If you become the victim of identity theft. DefenseLINK is the single. Additional Information Web Sites The following sites can be used as a reference or for additional information: Additional Information. CA Order credit report: Box Report Fraud: TX Order credit report: Continued Credit Contact information pertaining to the three national credit reporting agencies Reporting are listed in the table below: GA Order Credit Report: Situational Awareness Actions on the After completing this lesson.

Lesson 2 Exercise Directions Complete items 1 through 14 by completing the action required. Item 2 After the divorce proceedings. Can she receive a divorce? Lesson 2 Exercise.

Born out of wedlock and without a paternity test. The contract stipulated that if the loan was not paid as agreed the financial institution could repossess the car since it was the collateral. Item 3 Children are considered yours a. Does he need to pay child support? What type of clause is this? Item 1 Corporal Beltbuckle and his wife are having marital issues and then she asks for a divorce.

Item 4 Corporal Beltbuckle downloadd a brand new car. Check your answers against those listed at the end of this lesson. Item 5 Corporal Beltbuckle and his family have just arrived at Camp Lejeune to join his new unit. They find that on-base housing is not immediately available, so they rent a house, signing a 1-year lease, which contained a military clause.

Two months later, they received a phone call informing them that their house is available the orders can be picked up at the Housing Office.

Can he break his lease? Yes, with orders to move into government housing. Yes, military personnel can break leases for any reason. No, only if he had received PCS orders.

No, only if being discharged from the Marine Corps. Item 6 Corporal Beltbuckle has just downloadd a new stove. If it breaks down tomorrow, there is nothing the store will do. Does Corporal Beltbuckle need to download the service contract? Yes, the salesperson will know what they are talking about. Yes, he will spend money on a warranty now or pay for repairs later. No, the stove comes with a warranty—if it is written or not. No, most new things run perfectly anyway; he would be wasting money.

Federal student loans b. Exemption from paying State income taxes on military pay earned in states that are not your legal residence c.

Exemption from paying your Federal real estate taxes, with the exception of your spouse if applicable d. A reduction of interest rates in excess of 10 percent on contracts entered into after joining the Armed Forces. Item 9 Which Act gives you the right to notify a debt collector in writing to have no further contact with you? Item 11 Corporal Beltbuckle believes he should file for bankruptcy due to mounting credit problem.

How long can a bankruptcy stay on his credit report? Your signature b. Leave blank d. Item 14 Corporal Beltbuckle believes he is the victim of identity theft. What should he do next? Pay the bills as they come in and report them. Photocopy the contents of his wallet. Contact all creditors. Alert his command to the theft. Answers The table below provides the answers to the exercise items.

If you have any questions, refer to the reference page listed for each item. Account takeover b. Application fraud 13 b 14 c Scope In the last study unit, you learned about some of the various types of pay and legal issues that you may have to deal with.

In this study unit, you will take your first steps on the road of financial planning. You have been dealing with your finances for most of your adult life, but do you have a financial plan?

Do not get nervous, it is easier than it sounds. The following lessons will start you on the right path. You will learn how to select the best financial institution for your needs and how to effectively manage your checkbook. Then you will learn how to develop a custom made spending plan based on your wants and needs. Finally, you will be introduced to the world of credit and how it can help you to achieve your financial goals and to avoid the painful lessons of using credit unwisely.

The days of putting your money under the mattress are long gone. Your money belongs in a financial institution. But how do you choose which one will be right for you?

As a member of the Marine Corps, you have special needs that your civilian counterparts do not. This lesson will help you understand the variety of institutions available and which services you should look for.

It will also discuss how to effectively manage a checking account, from writing a check correctly to keeping track of what money is coming in and going out.

Overview This lesson provides suggestions on what to look for when selecting your bank. There are four main types of financial institutions that provide banking and checking services:. Credit Unions A credit union is a non-profit organization that is owned by its members. Because of the non-profit status, interest rates on loans tend to be lower and interest rates on savings accounts tend to be higher. Defense credit unions are also available to military members.

They generally have branches near military installations, including overseas. Banks A bank is a for-profit organization owned by shareholders. Because of their for-profit status, interest rates on loans tend to be higher and interest rates on savings accounts tend to be lower. They offer many other financial services as well. Savings and Often called thrifts, these institutions provide loans and offer interest-bearing Loan checking accounts. Interest rates may be slightly higher than banks.

Mutual Savings A mutual savings bank is a State-chartered institution available in certain Banks states only. Depositors are the owners of the institution and share in the earnings. Continued Factors To Banking services and costs vary widely. Factor Description Availability Are there any restrictions on withdrawal? Checking Is the interest rate on checking or share draft accounts competitive? Is there a minimum balance requirement?

Are there charges for writing checks? downloading checks? Can you get an automatic line of credit with a checking account? Continuity Will you be eligible for any preferential treatment if you bank there for a long period of time? Convenience Does the bank have a branch or automated teller machine ATM near your home or workplace?

Are late evening and weekend services provided? Is the service friendly and personal? How frequently do you receive statements? What are the requirements and terms? Do they offer a share check card? Electronic Does the bank offer automatic transfer from one account to Services another? Are automatic bill payer and direct deposit services provided? Are there ATM charges? Is information available via phone or the Internet?

Haws et al. Money attitude is a form of individuals A previous literature, showed there were behavior as evaluation results to proprietary several factors who used to test a relation- benefits of, a function and the symbolic ships of an individual with the personal Twenty Mariza Syafitri and Fitri Santi 3 financial management behaviors; however, 3 Money Attitude, Self-Control, and Per- only two factor will have discussed in this sonal Financial Management Behavior researchs, that are money attitude and self- Self-control is individual's ability to be control Qamar et al.

So, this research an individual will have not been doing will have suggested several hypotheses on compulsive downloading or procrastinate on the relationships between the constructs in downloads with a considerate before, and this research, as follows: finally money can be properly used and An individual may avoids of consumptive 1 Money Attitude and Personal Financial behaviors Pritazahara and Sriwidodo, Management Behavior Tu and Yang also showed that self- Money Attitudes is one's perception about control moderates and has a significant effect money Qamar et al, An individual is on the relationship between social support importance to understand money attitude and subjective well-being of the individual.

In which, every individual has the between money attitude and financial different money attitudes Zahriyan, Qamar et al. Thus, the first hypothesis is this research suggested a conceptual model suggested as follow: on Figure. To Self-Control confirms this statement, Meier and Sprenger state that most of studies in economics Figure 1: A Conceptual Model and psychology sciences has recommended self-control as an important factors that can : Moderation Effect determine real-life outcomes.

This study used time cial decision-making through control of horizon with one-stage or cross-sectional spending. Population in this control on personal financial mana- research were the active college student gement behavior. The samples in this study numbered to college student taken by incidental sampling techniques, that were respondent of undergraduate program and respondent of postgraduate program. As well as the cross loading values of each indicator in this study, has a higher loading value more than loading value from other latent variables.

The result of evaluation toward inner model, which is evaluated through R-Square value can be explained that in undergraduate program obtained R-square values is 0, That is means, the variability on construct of personal financial management behaviors explained by money attitude constructs, self-control constructs, as well as interaction construct of money attitudes and self control with the effect values obtained The rest is explained by other factors besides of the three constructs are The result of parameter significance who estimated to provide very useful information on the relationship between the variables of reasearch.

The basis used to testing hypothesis are values contained in the total effect output results from bootstraping iteration. A testing with bootstrapping methods also has intended to minimize the problem of research data abnormalities. Table 1. Thus, can be concluded that money attitude has a significantly influence on personal financial management behavior of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Economics and Business FEB Bengkulu University. The results of this study in line with the findings of Qamar et al.

In which one's with financial planning and feeling of anxiety to using owned-money would had encouraged individuals on behavior of saving and be careful to over spending for downloading goods as well as services Phau and Woo, This condition was require an understanding of money attitudes that would had given an important role to forming a human behavior, especially downloading behavior Wang, The result of second hypothesis test in this research has showed that the influence between self-control and personal financial management behavior is significant, In which the value of T-statistics of 7.

So that, can be concluded that self-control has a significantly influence on personal financial management behavior of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Economics and Business FEB Bengkulu University. This study supports the opinion of Haws et al. An individual had high self-control would hold up himself to making downloads emotionally, and finally they prefer to rationally-shop, but An individual with low self-control would had encouraged one's to making irrational-decisions.

An individual who could control of overall spending would earned surpluses and was not deficits Sina and Noya, Tang et al. The third hypothesis testing to a moderating effect of self-control constructs on the relationship of money attitude and personal financial management behavior. Previously, this study will do a testing on the direct effect between self-control on personal financial management behavior.

An moderating effect is proved, if the effect of interaction variable constructs is stronger more than the effect construct of exogenous variable to endogenous variable in a mainly effect testing direct effect.

The results of testing on Table 1. In which the value of T-statistics on both of study program are less than t table values.

This is means that self- control has not moderating effect of money attitude on personal financial management behavior, or self-control is not a moderation construct. This results indicated that self-control had not strength or weaken the effect of money attitude on personal financial management behavior.

The college students had not high self-control, they could still had a positive- attitude toward money and a good personal financial management behavior, this was means one's had or had not of self control would had not effecting an individual to had a positive attitude towards money and they could still doing of financial planning for the future, through financial experience and financial knowledge owned as considerated to making financial- Twenty Mariza Syafitri and Fitri Santi 6 decisions.

According to Yulianti and Silvy , every individual had an experience on management of finances was different, Thereby they could learn from financial experience to be a better and smart, then became a lesson on the management of personal financial.

Self- control was not moderating might too because there was an intention, Ajzen stated perceived behavioral control could be determined by intention toward one's behavior. An intention was a person's estimated as regards of possibility one's to doing certain actions. In addition, the limited resources of money among college students in the Faculty of Economics and Business FEB Bengkulu University, also to became one of factors that encourages self- control was not moderates, because self-control of among college students on both of study program more direct impacts on their personal financial management behavior.

This research will recommendate for the future researchers to using this research as a reference for future research, so that research about money attitude, self control and personal financial management behavior can developed more specific. Because this research still have several limitations, in which this is research only using the college students from Faculty of Economics and Business FEB , but are not from all faculties in the Bengkulu University.

The future research expected can be to doing a methods like that to making the difference so clear toward personal financial management behavior among college students of economics and non-economics majors, or future researchers can be using the samples of more specific or a large samples, such as communities or An individual has a fixed income a worker in the large companies.

In addition, the future researcher also can be adding other variables, such as intention, parental role, savings intention, attitude toward savings, and etc.

Even, the future researchers can applying too other research methods, such as an experimental methodes with several tools have been developed own, and finally can be predicting behavior and self- control of one's to be better than using a questionnaire with several statements. The theory of planned behaviour. Organizational behaviour and human decision processes, 50 2 , Bahsin, T.

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State University of Semarang.The problem statement Financial literacy and personal financial management has become a growing academic and public policy debate in most advanced countries; however, the effort in least developed countries remained limited. The purpose of this study is to analyse the impact of financial literacy on personal financial management with respect to different occupation groups in India. This lesson will help you understand the variety of institutions available and which services you should look for.

This course contains information on a variety of financial topics including: Doing whatever is necessary to learn is motivation. This worksheet consist of six distinct pages:

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