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PPSC Book, click here! NTS-GAT-General-GUIDE-BOOK- By-DOGAR-PUBLISHER-pdf. For More Papers & Data, Click here!. A student must remember that preparation books are mere tools. The dedication and the hard work is the key to a well-prepared life and in the NTS GAT test as. Nts book-for-gat-general for students who want to score good in GAT exam.

The plane surface of the largest area is included when the wire is bent into the shape of a A. Circle B. Square C. Hexagon D. Triangle E. The van has a driver's seat and one passenger seat in the front, and two benches behind the front seats, one bench behind the first. Each bench has room for exactly three people. Everyone must sit in a seat or on a bench, and seating is subject to the following restrictions: An adult must sit on each bench.

Either R or S must sit in the driver's seat. J must sit immediately beside M. Which of the following can sit in the front passenger seat? Which of the following groups of three can sit together on a bench? J sits immediately beside S. L sits immediately beside V. H sits in the front passenger seat.

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F sits on the same bench as H. H sits on the same bench as R. If S sits on a bench that is behind where J is sitting, which of the following must be true? H sits in a seat or on a bench that is in front of where M is sitting.

L sits in a seat or on a bench that is in front of where F is sitting. M sits on the same bench as V. There are to be five members: J, Ms. K, Ms. L, Mr. M, and Mr. N; and two students, chosen from O, P, Q, and R. The composition of the committee must conform to the following conditions: J will serve only if R is also on the committee. L will not serve unless Ms. K and O also serve. Neither Mr. M nor Mr. N will serve without the other. If P serves, neither Q nor R can serve.

Which of the following is an acceptable committee? How many different committees could include Mr. J and Q? If Q and R are both on the committee, who else must be on the committee? In how many different ways can the principal select an acceptable committee? Fewer than 3 B: More than 7 A B C D E For question 10 to 13 A contractor will build five houses in a certain town on a street that currently has no houses on it.

The town's planning board has placed the following restrictions on the contractor: No model can, be selected for more than one house.

Either model W must be selected or model Z must be selected, but both cannot be selected. If model Y is selected, then model V must also be selected. If model U is selected, then model W cannot be selected. If model U is one of the models selected for the street, then which of the following models must also be selected? If T, U, and X are three of the models selected for the street, then which of the following must be the other two models selected? Which of the following is an acceptable combination of models that can be selected for the street?

U, V, W. If model Z is one model not selected for the street, then the other model NOT selected must be which of the following? From these seven, two teams must be formed, a red team and a green team, each team consisting of exactly three of the children. No child can be selected for more than one team. Team selection is subject to the following restrictions: If M is on the red team, K must be selected for the green team. If F is on the red team, R, if selected, must be on the green team.

R cannot be on the same team as S. J cannot be on the same team as K. Which of the following can be the three members of the Red team?

If M and F are both on the red team, the green team can consist of which of the following? If M is on the red team, which of the following, if selected, must also be on the red team? Mail to be delivered are of two types, ordinary mail and priority mail. The delivery of both types of mail is subject to the following conditions: Regardless of the type of mail to be delivered, mail to P and mail to S must be delivered before mail to M is delivered.

Regardless of the type of mail to be delivered, mail to L and mail to K must be delivered before mail to S is delivered.

Mail to buildings receiving some priority mail must be delivered, as far as the above conditions permit, before mail to buildings receiving only ordinary mail.

If K is the only building receiving priority mail, which of the following lists the buildings in an order, from first through sixth, in which they can receive their mail? If L, M, and S are each receiving priority mail, which of the following lists the buildings in an order, from first to sixth, in which they must receive their mail?

If the sequence of buildings to which mail is delivered is O, P, L, K, S, M and if S is receiving priority mail, which of the following is a complete and accurate list of buildings that must also be receiving priority mail? If only one building is to receive priority mail, and, as a result, O can be no earlier than fourth in the order of buildings, which of the following must be the building receiving priority mail that day? Beneath the sentence are five lettered words or sets of words.

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. Callousness B. Brevity C. Intuition D. Propriety E. An individualist B. His habit of spending more than he earned left him in a state of perpetual but hehoping to see a more affluent day.

Known for his commitment to numerous worthy causes, the philanthropist deserved for his You should this paragraph in order to make your essay more Delete, succinct B. Enlarge, redundant C. Remove, discursive D. Aglance paysattention to details. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. Recent technological advances in manned undersea vehicles have overcome some of the limitations of divers and diving equipment.

Without vehicles, divers often become sluggish and their mental concentration was limited. Because of undersea pressure that affected their speech organs, communication among divers was difficult or impossible.

But today, most oceanographers make observations by the means of instruments that are lowered into the ocean or from samples taken from the water direct observations of the ocean floor are made not only by divers of more than seven miles and cruise at the depth of fifteen thousand feet.

With what topic is the passage primarily concerned? Recent technological advances. Communication among divers. Direct observation of the ocean floor D. Divers have problems in communicating underwater because? The pressure affected their speech organs B.

The vehicles they used have not been perfected. They did not pronounce clearly D. The water destroyed their speech organs. A piece of wood 35 feet, 6 inches long was used to make 4 shelves of equal length. The length of each shelf was A. There are individual tiles in this floor. The area of the floor is A. The price he paid was A. How much is left? The radius of a circle which has a circumference equal to the perimeter of a hexagon whose sides are each 22 inches long is closest in length to which one of the following?

I only B. III only C. I and III only D. Which of the following expressions has the greatest value? The integral part of logarithm is called A. Characteristic B. Mantissa C. Solution D. Root E. Of corresponding CIRCLE in the 20 answer sheet Section Questions For question 1 to 3 A volunteer uses a truck to pick up donations of unsold food and clothing from stores and to deliver them to locations where they can be distributed.

He drives only along a certain network of roads. In the network there are two-way roads connecting each of the following pairs of points: There are also one-way roads going from 2 to 4, from 3 to 2, and from 4 to 3.

There are no other roads in the network, and the roads in the network do not intersect. To make a trip involving pickups and deliveries, the volunteer always takes a route that for the whole trip passes through the fewest of the points 1 through 7, counting a point twice if the volunteer passes through it twice. The volunteer's home is at point 3. Donations can be picked up at a supermarket at point 1, a clothing store at point 5, and a bakery at point 4.

Deliveries can be made as needed to a tutoring center at point 2, a distribution center at point'6, and a shelter at point 7. If the volunteer starts at the supermarket and next goes to the shelter, the first intermediate point his route passes through must be A: If, starting from home, the volunteer is then to make pickups for the shelter at the supermarket and the bakery in either order , the first two intermediate points on his route, beginning with the first, must be A: If, starting from the clothing store, the volunteer next is to pick up bread at either the supermarket or the bakery whichever stop makes his route go through the fewest of the points and then is to go to the shelter, the first two points he reaches after the clothing store, beginning with the first, must be A: The following is known about the cages.

Each cage has only one animal, which is either a monkey or a bear. There is a monkey in each of the first and last cages. The cage in the middle has a bear. No two adjacent cages have bears in them. Each of the two other bear cages are between and next to two monkey cages 4. How many cages have monkeys in them? The bear cage in the middle must have A: No other bear cage to its left B: No monkey cage on its right.

A bear cage to its left and to its right D: Other bear cages next to it. No monkey cage to its left. None of the girls are seated in a seat adjacent to another girl.

Kiran sits between Farhan and Ghaus, and next to each of them. Jahangir does not sit next to Imdad. Which of the following is a possible seating order around the table? If Lado, Haris, Maryam, Jahangir, and Ghaus are seated in that order, which of the following is a correct completion of the seating order after Ghaus?

Kiran, Farhan, Omera, Imdad, Parveen, empty seat. Farhan, Parveen, Kiran, Imdad, Omera, empty seat. Kiran, Farhan, Parveen, Imdad, empty seat, Omera. Kiran, Farhan, Omera, empty seats, Parveen, Imdad. If Jahangir leaves his seat and occupies the empty seat, his new seating position would be between: Farhan and Kiran B: Maryam and Ghaus C: Kiran and Ghaus D: Imdad and Lado E: The following is known about their duty schedule: Chauhan has his duty day before Abid.

Daud has his duty day later than Baqir. Which of the following is a possible order of duty days for the four operators? Chauhan, Daud, Abid and Baqir. Daud, Chauhan, Abid, and Baqir.

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Baqir, Chauhan, Daud and Abid. Abid, Chauhan, Daud and Baqir. Abid, Baqir, Daud and Chauhan. If Chauhan has his duty day on Saturday, who must have his duty day on Thursday? Either Abid or Daud. Daud C: Abid D: Either Baqir or Daud.

Chauhan has his duty on Thursday. Baqir has his duty on Thursday. Daud has his duty on Saturday. Baqir has his duty on Sunday E: Abid has his duty on Sunday.

Six students attend the class the following is known about there seating arrangement: If Daud sits in seat B3, then Farhat must sit in seat: B1 is occupied by Daud. B2 is empty C: B1 is empty D: The van has a driver's seat and one passenger seat in the front, and two benches behind the front seats, one bench behind the other.

Everyone must at in a seat or on a bench, and seating is subject to the following restrictions: Surprisingly enough, it is more difficult to write about thethan about the-- -and strange. Aresponse is one that is made with Ais a A popular theory explaining the evolution of the universe is known as the Big Bang Model. According to the model at some time between twenty billion years ago, all present matter and energy were compressed into a small ball only a few kilometers in diameter.

It was, in effect, an atom that contained in the form of pure energy all of the components of the entire universe. Expansion occurred. As the energy cooled most of it became matter in the form of protons, neutrons and electrons. These original particles combined to form hydrogen and helium and continued to expand. Matter formed into galaxies with stars and planets. Which sentence best summarizes this passage? The big band theory does not account for the evolution of the universe B.

According to the Big Bang Model, an explosion caused the formation of the universe C. The universe is made of hydrogen and helium D. According to this passage when were the galaxies formed? Ten Billion Years ago B.

Fifteen billion Years ago C. Excited B. Balanced C. Reduced D. It may be inferred that A. Energy and matter are the same B. Protons, neutrons, and electrons are not matter C. Energy may be converted into matter D.

Energy B. Space C. Expansion D. Compressed matter B. Energy C. All the components of the universe D. If the pattern of dots shown above is continued so that each row after Row One contains 1 dot more than the row immediately above it, which row will contain 12 dots?

Seven B. Eight C. Nine D. Ten E. Each of Steve's buckets has a capacity of 11 gallons, while each of Mark's buckets can hold 8 gallons. How much more water in gallons can 7 of Steve's bucket's hold compared to 7 of Mark's buckets?

Two integers have a sum of 42 and a difference of The greater of the two integers is A. The average of five numbers is If three of the numbers are 28, 30 and 32, what is the average of the other two? In the figure above, what is the value of x? What is the central angle in degrees of the piece cut? If an equilateral triangle and a square have the same perimeter, what is the ratio of the length of the sides of the equilateral triangle to the lengths of the sides of the square?

If 2 and 4 each divide q without remainder, which of the following must q divide without remainder. It cannot be determined from the information given. The ratio of boys to girls in a certain classroom was 2: If boys represented five more than one third of the class, how many people were there in the classroom? If x is multiplied by 3 and z is divided by 3, this is equivalent to multiplying y by A.

Assume there are 16 ounces in one pound A. Which is greater? Which of the following has a graph that is symmetric to the x-axis A. The prime factors of 96 are: Which of the numbers cannot be represented by a repeating decimal?

Management is planning to open a new office in another city sending three secretaries and two bookkeepers from the present staff. To do so they plan to separate certain individuals who do not function well together. The following guidelines were established to set up the new office: They should be separated. They should not go together. Based on the information given above find the correct answers to the following Questions: If M insists on staying back then how many combinations are possible?

If O is sent to the new office then which of the following is a possible team?

If both N and Q are moved to the new office, how many combinations are possible? Adjacent countries cannot have the same color in the map. The countries adjacent to each other are as follows: X is adjacent to Y. Each of R and S is adjacent to Z. If X is the same color as Z then it must be true that A. W is a different color from any other country. S is a different color from any other country.

X is the same color as Y. S is the same color as X. The statements contain certain information. In the questions you do not actually have to compute an answer, rather you have to decide whether the information given in the statements I. A long distance runner has just completed running 28 miles. How long did it take him to finish the journey? His record speed is 8. His average speed through the journey was 8 miles per hour. Statement I. ALONE is not sufficient to answer this question. Statement II.

Statements I. Captain of the national cricket team has to be the most popular member of the team. Waqar is the best player on the team. Waseem is the senior-most member. How many boys passed the course? There were 2 girls who obtained A grade. A horse ran miles without stopping. What was its average speed in miles per hour? The journey started at 8 PM and ended at 4 AM the following day. The horse ran 20 miles per hour for the first 50 miles.

How much time will computer a need to solve problems? The computer needs 50 seconds to solve one problem. Computer never takes more than 60 seconds to solve a problem. How many pencils does Raheel have? He bought two boxes each containing 10 pencils. He lent two pencils to Khaleel A. In a certain farm there are 47 goats. How many large brown goats are there? There are 18 brown goats in the farm. Can there be more than pictures in a page book?

There is at least one picture in each page. There are no more than 3 pictures in any page. Heredity B. Individualism C. Cooperation D. Reasoning E. Instinct A B C D E Each question below consists of a related pair of words or phrases, followed by five lettered pairs of words or phrases. Saturday D. Almost a century ago Alfred Binet, a gifted psychologist, was asked by the French Ministry of Education to help determine who would experience difficulty in school.

Given the influx of provincials to the capital, along with immigrants of uncertain stock, Parisian officials believed they needed to know who might not advance smoothly through the system.

Proceeding in an empirical manner, Binet posed many questions to youngsters of different ages. He ascertained which questions when answered correctly predicted success in school, and which questions when answered incorrectly foretold school difficulties. The items that discriminated most clearly between the two groups became, in effect, the first test of intelligence. Binet is a hero to many psychologists.

He was a keen observer, a careful scholar, an inventive technologist. Perhaps even more important for his followers, he devised the instrument that is often considered psychology's greatest success story. Millions of people who have never heard Binet's name have had aspects of their fate influenced by instrumentation that the French psychologist inspired.

And thousands of psychometricians — specialists in the measurement of psychological variables — earn their living courtesy of Binet's invention. Many scholars and observers — and even some iconoclastic psychologists — feel that intelligence is too important to be left to the psychometricians.

Experts are extending the breadth of the concept — proposing much intelligence, including emotional intelligence and moral intelligence. They are experimenting with new methods of ascertaining intelligence, including some that avoid tests altogether in favor of direct measures of brain activity.

They are forcing citizens everywhere to confront a number of questions: What is intelligence? How ought it to be assessed? And how do our notions of intelligence fit with what we value about human beings?

In short, experts are competing for the "ownership" of intelligence in the next century. According to the passage, which of the following is most similar to the "barometer" developed by Binet? The S. The written portion of a driver's license test. Open tryouts for a varsity athletic team D. An electronic scan of brain-wave activity. The trivia questions of a game show.

The author suggests which of the following about "citizens everywhere"? They do not have a sufficiently accurate definition of intelligence to evaluate recent scientific developments. They stand to benefit from recent progress in the scientific assessment of intelligence. The experiments they are performing with new methods of intelligence measurement are valuable and interesting.

They are at odds with the experts over who should have the right to define "intelligence. Traditionally they have not given careful consideration to some important issues concerning intelligence. As used in line 8, "discriminated" most nearly means A. In the figure above, rectangle AEJL has been divided into 8 congruent squares with each of the 8 squares having an area of In a certain town, p gallons of gasoline are needed per month for each car.

How long will q gallons last at this rate given that there are r cars in town? What fraction of two weeks is 24 minutes? If the vertices of a triangle are at 0,0 , -3, 4 and 3, 4 , what is the area of the triangle?

A water-tank has a base with dimensions 2 feet by 6 feet. If a cube with each side 1 foot is totally immersed in the water, how many inches will the water rise? The diameter of each semicircle is a side of the trapezoid.

What is the sum of the lengths of the four drawn semicircles? Round to the nearest whole number. Which of the following points lays in the interior of the circle whose radius is 10 and whose center is at the origin? Reasoning Questions A. It cannot be determined from D C the information given.

The two numbers, whose sum is and product , are A. What day of the week is today? Today is March Akram left Pakistan on Wednesday. Can any of the four rivers be more than meters wide? The narrowest of the four rivers is meters wide.

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Average width of the four rivers is meters. If it is raining then there must be clouds. Are there clouds? It is not raining. It rained yesterday. Which of the following countries can be the same color as W? Which of the following is a pair of countries that can be the same color? X and Y A B C D E Questions 6 to 11 depends on the following passage A college president wishes to select four members of a faculty-student committee as special representatives to meet with the college's board of trustees.

The faculty-student committee consists of eight members four of which F, G, H and I are faculty members whereas the other four R, S, T and U are students. The president can select any four of the eight committee members as long as the following rules are observed: The four representatives must consist of exactly two faculty members and two students.

Either F or G must be one of the representatives but F and G both cannot be the representatives. If R is a representative then H must also be a representative. If T is a representative then G cannot be a representative.

If T is a representative but H is not a representative then the whole group can be determined if it were also true that: F is a representative. I is a representative. R is not a representative. U is not a representative. If G is a representative then which of the following can be the other three representatives? If neither S nor U is a representative then which of the following is the pair of faculty- member representatives?

If G, I and S are representatives then which of the following must also be a representative? If F and I are representatives then which of the following is not a representative? R A B C D E Questions 12 to 14 depends on the following passage At a congress of the Ruling Party, the seven top party leaders, who are all cabinet ministers, are seated on a platform in order of rank the Prime Minister being in the center.

Moreover, a person sitting on the right of the PM outranks the one sitting equidistant on the left of the PM. Y is four places to the left of the Minister of Agriculture, who is two places to the right of V. Z is two places to the left of W. The Ministers of Education, Mining and Culture are seated together, in order, from left to right.

The remaining Ministers are those of Social Welfare and Defense. The fifth ranking person in the party hierarchy is: Z, the Minister of Mining B. Y, the Minister of Culture C. W, the Prime Minister. X, the minister of Defense. How many of the seven party leaders outrank the Minister of Education? The lowest ranking Minister is A.

Minister of Social Welfare. Minister of Defense. Minister of Education. Minister of Mining. People will see only what they want to see. Beauty exits only in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty does not depend on seasons. The greatest pleasure available to mankind is the contemplation of beauty. There are many theories about this, based on various types of indirect evidence, such as the language of children, the language of primitive societies, the kinds of changes that have taken place in languages in the course of recorded history, the behavior of higher animals like chimpanzees, and the behavior of people suffering from speech defects.

The main idea of this excerpt is A to provide evidence of the origin of language. B to present the need for language. C to discuss how early man communicated. D to present the culture of early man. E to narrate the story of English.

B the need to communicate. C language of children. E communication among primitive men. B Support the fact that naming things is most important. C Indicate how adults teach language to children. D Show the evolution of many meanings for one word. The implication of the author regarding the early elements of language is that A There were specific real steps followed to develop our language.

B Care must be exercised when exhuming what we consider the roots of language. C We owe a debt of gratitude to the chimpanzee contribution. D Adults created language in order to instruct their children. E Language was fully developed by primitive man. B language developed with the developing culture of primitives. C primitives existed in total isolation from one another. D children brought about a need for language.

E mankind was not intended to communicate. After a reading of this article, one might infer that A society creates problems with language. B language is for adults to instruct children. C society uses language to improve itself. D with the evolution of language came wisdom. E language brings power. The Sample Test does not include quantitatively the same number of questions as there would be in the actual papers.

Primitive…inconvenience B. Reprehensible…initiate 4. Art, like words, is a form of communication. Words, spoken and written, render accessible to humans of the latest generations all the knowledge discovered by the experience and reflection, both of preceding generations and of the best and foremost minds of their own times. Art renders accessible to people of the latest generations all the feelings experienced by their predecessors, and those already felt by their best and foremost contemporaries.

Just as the evolution of knowledge proceeds by dislodging and replacing that which is mistaken, so too the evolution of feeling proceeds through art. Feelings less kind and less necessary for the well-being of humankind are replaced by others kinder and more essential to that end.

This is the purpose of art, and the more art fulfills that purpose the better the art; the less it fulfills it, the worse the art. The author develops the passage primarily by A. According to the author, knowledge is A. Art is a form of communication. Art helps to refine sensibilities. Art is a repository of experience. Real art can never be bad. Art is a progressive human endeavor.

The Western Derby is a race held annually at Bayshore Racetrack. One of the gates is left empty. The horses are at the gate, waiting for the race to begin. Gate 1, on the inside of the racetrack, is occupied. Phantom is at a gate inside of Nocturnal. Nocturnal and Odyssey are next to each other. If Odyssey is at Gate 2, which of the following must be true? Nocturnal is at the innermost gate. King's Bounty is at the outermost gate. A horse occupies the outermost gate. Phantom is at the innermost gate.

The outermost gate is not empty. Which of the following is a possible assignment for the horses, from the inside to the outside?

Longshot is at Gate 1. Nocturnal is at Gate 5. Man Among Boys is at Gate 2. Gate 8 is vacant. I and II only B. II and IV only D. Phantom is at Gate 1 B. Man Among Boys is at Gate 3 C.

Longshot is at Gate 6 D. Odyssey is at Gate 7 E. Nocturnal is at Gate 7 Studies have shown that families who install smoke detectors and own fire extinguishers have a reduced risk of losing a child in a house fire. Therefore, no family who installs smoke detectors and owns a fire extinguisher will lose a child in a house fire. Of the following, the best criticism of the argument above is that the argument does not A. LSD is a drug known to cause synesthesia, a phenomenon in which sensory input somehow becomes interchanged in the brain: While most cases are drug induced, some people suffer from synesthesia in various forms since birth.

Which of the following can be most safely inferred from the information above? Synesthesia is not always a drug-induced phenomenon. Some great artists of this century have been known for their synesthetic proclivities. LSD is an addictive drug.

Synesthesia is rarely bothersome to those who experience it. Synesthesia at birth is a result of mothers who have tried LSD. Palindromes are easier to solve than acrostics, but acrostics are more difficult to create than palindromes. Rebuses are more difficult to solve than acrostics, yet rebuses are easier to create than palindromes. A university has a procedure for registering and recording complaints.

Due to strict bureaucratic regulations, the following system of passing complaints must be observed: A is the first registrar to receive all incoming complaints. F is the recorder and final administrator to handle a complaint.

Personnel B, C, D, and E may pass complaints only as follows: Which is an acceptable path for a complaint to follow, passing from A? If a complaint is received and is handled by each personnel member only one time, which of the following could be one of the passes? Between which two personnel may a complaint pass by means of two different paths without any duplication of passes? In a baseball field, one team can practice at a time. The baseball field is open seven evenings a week from Monday to Sunday Sunday being considered the last day of the week , and the allocation of practice times is governed by the following rules: On any evening, only one team can play.

The Aces must practice on Monday. The Ducks practice exactly one day before the Falcons practice. The Falcons practice exactly one day before the Giants practice. The Cubs and the Bears must practice earlier in the week than the Eagles. The latest day in the week that the Bears can practice is A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday E.

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Saturday If a person went to the baseball field on three consecutive evenings, he or she could see which of the following teams in the order listed? One week, the Cubs practiced on Wednesday and the Ducks practiced the next day. That week, the Bears must have practiced on A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday D. Saturday E. Sunday If the Giants practice on Thursday, the Eagles and the Ducks must practice on which days, respectively?

Sunday and Tuesday B. Saturday and Tuesday C. Friday and Wednesday D. Wednesday and Thursday E. Tuesday and Monday If the Falcons practice on Saturday, the Eagles must practice on what day?

The practice schedule has to adhere to which of the following? This line is said to bisect a line. However, if a third line, called a transversal, intersects a pair of parallel lines, eight angles are formed.

And the relationship among theses angles is shown in the following diagram. Triangles This has one right and two acute angles. The other two sides are called legs.

And the difference of any two sides is always less than the third one. The line segments are called sides and the end points of lines are called vertices plural of vertex. Lines, inside the polygon, drawn from one vertex to the other, are called diagonals. The Following are some properties of parallelogram. It has all the properties of a parallelogram. In addition it has the following properties: That distance is called the radius of a circle.

The word radius is also used to represent any of the line segments joining the center and a point on the circle. The plural of radius is radii. The length of the diameter is always double the radius of the circle.

The diameter is the longest cord that can be drawn in a circle. PQis an arc in the diagram. Most of such questions require you to do some computations and you have to choose exactly one of the available choices based upon those computations.

This section will teach you the basic tactics to attempt such questions. The number of choices may vary from 2 to 5, but exactly one choice will be correct for each question.

Following are some tactics, which will lead you to the correct answer. The tactics should be used only when you do not know the exact solution, and you just want to eliminate the choices. If you find yourself doing a lot of complex arithmetic, think again.

You may be going in the wrong direction. To understand this tactic read the following example: On Monday, a storeowner received a shipment of books. On Tuesday, she sold half of them. How many were in the shipment? Assume that A is the correct answer, if so; she must have 3 books on Wednesday. This tactic is very helpful when a normal algebraic solution for the problem involves complex or lengthy calculations. Try to eliminate absurd choices and guess from the remaining ones.

Most of the times four of the choices are absurd and your answer is no longer a guess. Many things may help you to realize that a particular choice is absurd. Some of them are listed below. There may be numerous situations where you can apply this tactic and find the correct answer even if you do not know the right way to solve the problem. Example questions with solutions The following are some examples, which will help you to master these types of questions.

Since 5. So, choices A, B, C, and D are immediately eliminated because these are not larger than And the correct answer is choice E. An important point here is that, even if you know how to solve a problem, if you immediately see that four of the five choices are absurd, just pick the remaining choice and move on. Example Science students choose exactly one of three fields i.

If, in a college, three-fifths of the students choose medical sciences, one-forth of the remaining students take computer sciences, what percent of the students take engineering sciences? The remaining 6 choose engineering sciences. Replace C, S and X with three easy to use numbers. Now each student will need 2 cans per week and there are 5 students, so 10 cans are needed per week and 20 cans will last for 2 weeks. Now put these values in choices to find the correct one.

So the choice D represents the correct answer. The Following text will explain you the format and techniques u need to attempt the questions of this format.

You have to compare the two quantities. The information concerning one or both quantities is presented before them. Only the following four choices will be given: The quantity in column A is greater B. The quantity in column B is greater C. The two quantities in both columns are equal D.

The relationship cannot be determined from the information given And as it is clear from the choices, only one will be correct at one time. Your job is to choose one of them after careful comparison. The following text explains some simple tactics to attempt such questions.

Here are some guidelines in choosing an appropriate number: Choose them randomly. For example If you found the quantities ever equal, the correct choice could never be A or B, so, eliminate A and B.

This will change column A to 1 and column B to m. Now the comparison is very simple, as we know that m is greater than 0 and cannot be 1. So the relationship is not determinable using the current information. A student earned a 75 on each of her first three math tests and an 80 on her fourth and fifth tests. A B Average after 4 tests Average after 5 tests A. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given Remember you want to know which average is higher, not what the averages are.

After 4 tests, the average is clearly less than 80, so an 80 on the fifth test had to raise the average. So the answer is choice B. Example 2: A B The time it takes to drive 40 miles at 35 mph The time it takes to drive 35 miles at 40 mph A. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given Once again there is no need for calculation, as the speed in column B is higher than that in column A.

It is obvious that it will take less time to travel shorter distance at a greater speed. So the value in column A is larger. The answer is option A. Example 3: The relationship cannot be determined from the information given Square each column: So both columns are equal and the answer is choice C.

Example 4: As there are no restrictions, 2y can be greater than, less than or equal to 0. So the correct choice is D. Most of the data is presented graphically. The most common types of graphs are line graphs, bar graphs and circle graphs. The objective of such questions is to test your ability to understand and analyze statistical data. The following example explains the format of such questions. Question 1: What is the average sale, in million Rs.

For which year, the percentage increase in sales from the previous year is the greatest. A B C D E 2. You must be very clear about the data and its meanings even before reading the first question. This confusion is most likely to occur when data is presented in pie graphs. For example in the following graph 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Years SalesinmillionRs. Most of the questions could easily be solved by observation and estimation.

Use estimation to eliminate the choices, if you are not able to find the correct answer without calculation. You are being asked to tell the percentage increase. Where as, in year , the sale is decreasing instead of increasing, so, you can immediately eliminate choice D in that question.

If your knowledge contradicts any of the data presented, ignore what you know and stick to the presented data. The presented data should be the only base for your calculations and estimations. Be careful about the units used to represent the data. For example, the profit could never increase the actual sales, or the expenses could never be negative etc. While answering the question, first of all eliminate such un- reasonable choices, and then choose from the remaining ones.

If A represents the average measure of all the eight angles, what is the value of A? If Javed has more than 40 books, what is the least number of books that Aslam could have?

How old is Aslam now? Like mathematical questions, these questions have exactly one correct answer, which is what you need to select. Analytical reasoning questions are presented in groups of four or five questions. Each group is based on a short passage followed by a set of conditions. Occasionally, there are graphs and tables instead of a passage.

To understand the general format of the question, consider the following example. Question In announcing the results of the physical exams, the coach has given the following information. None of the athletes is exactly the same weight as another athlete. K is heavier than L, but lighter than H. I is heavier than J iv. Both F and G are heavier than H. F is the heaviest. G is the heaviest. I is the heaviest.

More than three athletes are heavier than K. More than three athletes are lighter than K. I is the heaviest B.

I is lighter than K C. K is heavier than J D. J is heavier than K E. Exactly five students are lighter than F. J is the second lightest. The first step is to strip away all of the excess verbiage from the given passage and then to abbreviate the remaining key words with single letters.

You should use symbols to represent conditions. You may develop your own symbolic conventions for this. The objective is to convert the problem into notations, so that, it is easily understandable.

The following is a basic set of symbols, which are most commonly used. Consider A and B are two statements. If A is false B may be true or false. If A is true B is true. If A is false B is false. If A is true B is false. If A is false B is true. The following four types occur more frequently than the others, and when you see them, you should immediately know what you need to do to answer them. If only one of the answer choices could be true, then each of the other four choices must be false; that is, each one must violate at least one of the given conditions.

Since only one of the answer choices must be true, then for each of the choices, either it is false or it is possibly but not definitely true. You have to choose only that choice which is definitely true. Since only one of the answer choices cannot be true, then each of the other choices could be true.

The correct answer is the only choice, which violates at least one of the given conditions or is otherwise inconsistent with what you know must be true. Certain words are critical to your understanding of the situation. Be sure to incorporate your symbols. Some frequently used key words are listed below: While eliminating the choices, first of all, eliminate those which are ruled out by individual conditions: Then work through the remaining choices.

Certain analytical reasoning questions resemble the inference questions you find in the reading comprehension section. To answer them correctly, you must understand not only what the conditions state explicitly, but also what they imply. This is particularly helpful when you are dealing with the physical or temporal order of things. It is much easier to tell whether person A can be seated opposite person B if you have sketched a diagram of the table; it is easier to know whether person C is older or younger than person D if you have entered all of the given information on a time line; and it is easier to determine whether town E is east of town W if you have drawn a simple map.

The auditions will take place over four consecutive days, starting on a Thursday. Each actor will have one audition; the days on which the different actors will audition must conform to the following conditions. At least one audition will take place each day. No more than two auditions will take place on any day. No more than three auditions will take place on any two consecutive days. During the first half of the year, from January through June, the chairperson of the mathematics department will be on sabbatical.

The dean of the college has asked each of the six professors in the department Arkes, Borofsky, Chang, Denture, Hobbes, and Lee to serve as acting chairperson during one of The mathematicians can decide the order in which they will serve, subject only to the following criteria established by the dean.

Chang will serve as chairperson in February. Arkes will serve as chairperson before Hobbes does. Borofsky and Dexter will serve as chairpersons in consecutive months.

A Arkes and Lee serve in consecutive months. B Lee and Hobbes serve in consecutive months. C Hobbes and Dexter serve in consecutive months. D Arkes and Chang serve in consecutive months. E Borofsky and Chang serve in consecutive months. Solutions First express each of the conditions symbolically: Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun Each day: Choices C and E are impossible.

Only choice D does not violate any of the given conditions, so this is the correct answer. To avoid having more than three auditions on two consecutive days, there can be only one audition on Friday and one on Sunday, which means there will be two on Thursday.

Any of the other four actors could audition on Friday as indicated in the following schedules: Only choice E is consistent with this schedule. Since Carole must audition on the same day as another actor, eliminate B.

Eliminate choice D. The complete schedule is: Then since A must serve is before H in June. There are two possible schedules, depending on the order of B and D, so the correct choice is B.

Can A serve in April? The latest that A could serve in March, which could occur in the final order: So choice A cannot be true. Often you are asked either to find a conclusion that is a logical consequence of the passage, or to choose a statement that, if true, strengthen or weakens the argument. You have to analyze the argument presented in the passage. The passage is followed by a question. Occasionally, there is more than one question related be the same passage.

No matter what the number is, the questions always aim at your ability to understand the conclusion reached by the author of the passage, and to give argument and contra arguments. Logical reasoning questions are a lot like reading comprehension questions in a verbal section.

For each logical reasoning question, the argument is followed by a multi choice question. The choices are simple statements. Here are a few examples: Every logical reasoning question does not fit this mold, but you should try. Then you should analyze the argument presented in the passage. You must know what aspect of the argument you are to concentrate on, and focus on it. By this, you will not be unnecessarily wasting your time.

If you do this, you will be better able to approach the argument in hand. The following six categories are those which most commonly occur: Questions that test your ability to recognize the premises on which an argument is based, often take the following forms: Questions that test your ability to determine what claim can logically be made on the basis of evidence in the passage above? Questions that test your ability to understand the thrust of an argument.

Questions that test your ability to recognize whether an assertion supports or undermines an argument. Questions that test your ability to judge an argument.

It is not enough to have a general idea about the argument; you must be able to analyze it very carefully. That most common situations are as follows: This process will eliminate some obvious wrong choices.

And you will be able to make an educated guess from the remaining ones. In support questions, where you have to decide about weakening or strengthening the question, pinpoint what the argument assumes. Then compare that assumption with the answer choices. If the question asks you to choose the choice that most weakens the argument, look for the answer that casts the most doubt on that assumption. Example questions with Answers and Explanations 3. The microwave oven has become a standard appliance in many kitchens, mainly because it offers a fast way of cooking food.

Yet, some homeowners believe that the ovens are still not completely safe. Microwaves, therefore, should not be a standard appliance until they have been carefully researched and tested. A Homeowners, often download items despite knowing they may be unsafe. B Those homeowners in doubt about microwave safety ought not to download microwaves. C Research and testing of home appliances seldom reveals safety hazards.

D Microwaves are not as dangerous as steam irons, which are used in almost every home. E Homeowners often download items that they do not need. A Homeowners often doubt the advertised safety of all new appliances. D Food preparation has become almost a science, with more complicated and involved recipes. E Many microwave ovens have been found to leak radioactive elements.

No doubt that fact remains today, especially in light of the growing popularity of home computers. Now, in addition to owning televisions for entertainment, more and more families are downloading TV monitors for use with a personal computer.

We can safely guess that there are still many more people staring at a picture tube than singing in the shower. Which of the following statements can be inferred from this passage? A Personal computers probably cost less than installing a shower or bathtub. B People can wash themselves without a tub or shower, but they cannot watch television unless they own a television set. C TV monitors will work with personal computers in place of regular computer monitors.

D As many computers are sold today as television sets a few years ago.

E More television monitors are now used with personal computers than are used to watch commercial television broadcasts. Long before there was any human life, and over vast periods of time, islands and continents drifted apart. Australia was the first to separate, while South America and Africa were late in splitting apart. Some islands, of course, were formed by volcanoes and were never part of the great land mass.

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B Australia has more animals that are not found in any other continent than have several of the much larger continents. C Volcanic islands like Hawaii have ecosystems very different from those of continental lands with the same average temperature. D The plants of similar conditions in South America have less in common with those of Australia than with those of Asia, Africa or Europe. E The primitive languages of Australia are unlike those of Africa, which resembles those of South America.

If the statement above is true, which of the following statements must also be true? A 1 only B 2 only C 3 only D 1 and 2 only E 2 and 3 only 6 Antifreeze lowers the melting point of any liquid to which it is added so that the liquid will not freeze in cold weather.

It is commonly used to maintain the cooling system in automobile radiators. Of course, the weather may become so cold that even antifreeze is not effective, but such a severe climatic condition rarely occurs in well-traveled places. A Well-traveled places have means of transportation other than automobiles.

B Antifreeze does not lower the melting point of certain liquids in extreme conditions. C Severe climatic conditions rarely occur. D It is not often that many travelers who use antifreeze have their cooling system freeze. E Antifreeze raises the melting point of some liquids. If, however, research and testing are ineffective means of discerning safety problems as choice C says , then research and testing would be irrelevant.

This criticism seriously weakens the conclusion. So choice C is the correct answer. So, choice E is the correct answer. Choices D and E may or may not true, but they are not inferences from the passage, simply additional information. So, the correct choice is C. Similarly, we may expect the plants and animal of South America and Africa that separated later, to be more alike. Choices A, B, and D support these ideas. The separately developed islands are different at is also in accord with the passage.

However the languages of all the continents would have developed in isolation, since man did not evolve until after the break-up of the landmass, and it is surprising that African and South American languages are similar.

Human likeness or differences are irrelevant to the claims of the passage. So choice E is the correct answer. So if either P or M is false, then S is false. Therefore, 3 is true, neither 1 nor 2 are true. The questions will be basically asked to judge the sentence completion, analogy and critical reading skills.

The questions of different types i. The questions about the critical reading however will be asked separately. The detail about each section is as below; 4. You are asked to complete the sentences by filling in the blanks with the most suitable choice.

The questions for sentence completion can be related to any of the other areas of study i. You are asked to complete the sentence with the use of correct grammar or vocabulary. These questions try to determine your ability to recognize the correct sentence structure, right grammar and how you make the correct choice of vocabulary. Techniques for Sentence Completion For the sentence completion a few choices are given that could be selected for completing the sentences.

Only one choice is correct out of the several choices. You have to complete the sentence by selecting the correct choice according to the grammar or vocabulary. Try to think about the correct answer yourself.

If you think that you have completed the sentence and found the correct choice you can consult your list of choices. If the answer you thought matches one of the choices mentioned in the list that is most probably the right choice to be marked. If it does not match with the choice you can look for a synonym replacement. This tactic is very helpful in finding the right answer, it prevents you from confusing yourself with the wrong choices. Even if you are satisfied with your choice try to substitute it with the other choices so that you are more satisfied with your decision.Tuesday B.

Was D. In addition it has the following properties: Compressed matter B. Proceeding in an empirical manner, Binet posed many questions to youngsters of different ages. A Arkes and Lee serve in consecutive months.

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