Samarth Ramdas Swami's Manache Shlok': A Psychological Perspective Ms. Amruta Gokhale-Bhuskute Asst. Professor Department of Psychology, Smt. Binzani. provides services of Sart Manache Shlok in Marathi in pdf, Read Sart Manache Shlok in Marathi, Free Downlaod Sart Manache Shlok in Marathi. 4. Manache Shlok. His most popular book 'Manache Shlok or Manobodh' includes schlok with 4 lines each. Since the 17 th century, 'Manache Schlok are.

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Ramdas, Samartha - Manache Shlok, English - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. English translation of Swami Samartha Ramdas's. Manache Shlok - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Free download manache shlok marathi pdf for all android phones, tablets and other devices. All the best free manache shlok marathi pdf you want on your.

Hardiness was first proposed by Kobasa [8]. It is a combination of attitudes that provides the necessary courage, motivation and capability to turn developmental and environmental stressors into opportunities for growth.

Let us have great patience. Let us always speak politely. Let Lo;s loZnk uez okps onkos A us always understand others. Rational thinking is guided more by conscious reasoning than by experience, and not adversely affected by emotions.

Rational thinking employs logical, objective, and systematic methods in reaching a conclusion or solving a problem. It refers to providing reasons or rational behind thoughts or ideas. Rational thinking is a systematic process of thinking where we can avoid our prejudice and emotions. To do this REBT promotes rational belief system and constructive life philosophy about adversities and human desires and preferences.

We should not bleed our mind with sorrow.

Our evil desires are of no use. We should always have ethics. If our mind gets corrupted then we fodkjs? He has narrated all the human virtues and traits in very simplified manner. Excessive indulgence in worldly possessions, negative emotions and infinite desires is a source of all the psychological problems, directly or indirectly. Research done with respect to this excavation for psychological aspects and concepts in this sacred text showed a great hope and scope for further analysis.

Athawale, A. Manobodh Vivran 8th ed. Pune, Maharashtra: Shree Radhadamodar Pratisthan. Bhawuk, D. Lessons from Bhagwad-Geeta. New York: Dekhne, R. Manache Shlok-Jeewanbodh. Raghuweer Samarth , 5 7. Gayathri, N.

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International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology , 1 2. Girishwar Misra, G. Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 1: Theories and Concepts. Pearson Education India. Kalmalkar, J. Sant Ramdas Ani Sant Tukaram. Practice makes a man perfect.

Manache Shlok

Stories you may want to read. Your Birth Month will reveal everything about your Soulmate.

Let us shun the shree manache shlok of actions. Manache shlok was written by Samarth Ramdas. Let us shun everything that is condemned and do everything that is commendable with the full devotion of mind. Let us not corrupt our mind with all sorts of desires. Sign In to earn Badges.

Let us do all good actions honestly. Let us start all our work by chanting Shri Ram. The Story of a Woodcutter. Let us shree manache shlok out like sandalwood. Let us not always think about sensual pleasures. Let us always stick to the good behaviour. But there are some sinful people who are always confused. Such people cannot remember Ram. He who dies in Kashi attains to salvation alongwith his ancestors. This is possible due to Lord Ram always being remembered in Kashi.

God Shankar himself explains the benefit of remembering Rama. Such is its significance. They do not acquire any merit through their actions. They dont have any love for all.

They do not remember Lord Rama. All sorts of logic that start with confusion end up with hell. Therefore we should respectfully remember Lord Rama. This results in purification of our mind. One should work for good cause.

One should respectfully abide by the good qualities. Let us have love at his feet.

Let us not have any ego. Let us never long for other's wealth and wife. Such behaviour brings shame to our mind. If we think anything we like then we are not going to realise God. Let our actions be pure.

Let us act on what we say. Let us not burn in the flames of wordly worries. Let the conscience tame our mind when our mind derails from the track.

Let us have pity and affection for all. Let us be full of devotion, love and peace. Let us purify our intellect in association with good people. Let us not be associated with useless and evil people. This is how one can attain salvation. If we do not have the courage to act then we should not talk. Let us shun futile debates and make fruitful disussions. Let us spread happiness through meaningful discussions. Let us shun sadness and irritation. Let the conscience overpower the ego. Due to ego we indulge in debates and then lose balance of our mind.

We should understand the whole matter for the sake of benefit. We should not indulge in petty quarrels for the sake of benefit. But petty quarrels are still outsanding. When we get confused while arguing then we should understand that we are wrong. It is very difficult to find more learned people than who are referred to earlier. Therefore let us shun the ego. Due to this in the course of time our ego rises. There is no meaning to our words if we cannot perform. He who thinks over it will understand quickly.

We should change our egoistic attitude under the influence of conscience. Whatever we tell others to do, let us do first. Let us change our course of action and follow the path of devotion.

Lord Rama has given Upamanyu, a devotee, a place in his abode. Lord Rama never neglects his devotees. The Lord immediately attended to his call and granted him a permanant postion in the space as a North Star.

The reason was a call given by the elephant to the Lord. The reason being his child was also having Rama as his name. The merciful Lord granted salvation to him. Lord Rama supports everyone who does not have any support.

He does not mind taking a form of a creature of low breed for the good of people at large. He descended to earth as Parshurama for the protection of the intellectual class. Lord Rama also freed Gods from the shackles of Ravana.

Vedas are unable to comprehend him. People who do not understand him are sinners, evil and gone cases. He is worth living who listens to the stories of Lord Rama. He is worth living who has raised his concious from the level of his body to reach the level of Lord Rama. He is worth living who has merged all his desires in Lord Rama.

Let us shun selfishness. Let us not indulge in evil designs. Let us honestly remain in the association of the honest people. Good thoughts can trasform an evil person. He who always likes sensual pleasures is a gone case. Let us learn to rise above the temperament of the moment. Let the mind always dwell on the truth.

Let us stop babbling amidst people. Let us hold Lord Rama in our mind always. He works for the emancipation of the whole world.

Let us understand and praise Lord Rama. Let us hold the hero of Sita at the level of our conscience. He who has an agitated mind becomes calm after remembering Lord Rama. Let us not speak without knowing the truth. Let our actions amidst people be pure and proportionate.

Our stock of merit rise if we see such devotee. If we talk with him then our confusion ends. This will render change in our way of thinking. This will purify our mind and intellect. This will help us attain salvation and win over the death. The good people who can see the truth do not have fear.

Let us find him who will end our state of separation. Let us find him who will remove fear from our mind. Still we cannot understand. We cannot raise our conscious beyond our body. We cannot see the truth due to the ego we have.

Now we are rendered poor. He who cannot raise his conscious beyond his body cannot see the truth.

We cannot see the truth. If we do not have faith then we cannot earn any merit.

We are entangled here and there. Our mind is not capable of getting out of delusion. We should grasp his feet. We cannot see unless an enlightened person guides us. We are not capable of experiencing the truth.

We are not capable of dispelling confusion from our mind. We are not capable to renounce our ego. It appears that it is beyond our power to understand Lord Rama. We are confused and unable to decide our interest.

We have accepted the currency notes without verifying the validity. Let us explore in the world. Let us find out with the full devotion of mind. If we move in this manner then we will realise God. This way we will do away with all our ignorance and confusion. Ego and ignorance is rising in our mind. Let us tame our mind with conscience.

Let us understand our true self. We are nursing our body with great care but death may destroy it any moment. Let us try to find out the infinite and all-pervading truth.

That is there but we stand separated from that due to our ego. Let us drive out this ego from our mind. It is the support for Brahmas and others. This element cannot be comprehended by Vedas. Let us reach out that element on the basis of conscience.

We can see it through the eyes of knowledge. When we see that element then we lose our existence.

Manache Shlok by Ramdas Swami

It niether appears nor has it disappeared. Let us find that element. Let us attain to the state of eternal bliss. Let our mind experience the truth. All this is possible through association with good people. Let us have a strong determination and let us focus on our purpose. But let us understand the truth. The gist of the truth is good action. Let us have courage to act honestly. Niether can undertaking penance or renunciation can make it stable. The mind becomes stable only in the association with good people.

They tell us their experience and guide our way. There lies the secret. We cannot just hold it exclusively with us. That element is all-pervading. The element that we have been talking about is beyond logic. So no one can explain it logically. One who does not have any ego can realise that element. The moment that element is realised, the identity of the person who realises gets merged with that element.

This may affect our determination. Our mind may go against the Shastras if our mind becomes agumentative after reading a lot. This will hamper our progress of self-realisation. Even the great Shesh who is the seat of God Vishnu shuts his thousand mouths and maintains silence on this matter. Therefore likes of us do not have any scope for ego.

With the last morcel he eats a fly. All the good taste of the meals is now gone. Similarly one who is egoistic cannot have any knowledge. Let us not have the habbit of useless analysis and hair-splitting. What to teach others when we have ego with us. Ego renders all knowledge useless. A peaceful mind is the abode of bliss.

Let us realise our true self. He may earn a name amidst people. But his mind experiences uneasiness. He who has ego does not accept any evidence against his opinion.

Our conscious should not be at the level of our body. It should be at the level of truth. Let us understand the all-pervading God. Let us shun false imaginations. Let us have assciation with good people.

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Let us attain salvation by dwelling our mind on Shri Hari. Later he is concerned about wife and children. Let us come out of such worries. Let us have association with good people. Let us stop getting confused. Let us put every moment of our life to good use.

If we praise someone then his ego rises. If we praise a good person he is not affected. Let us not expand our ego. Let us dwell on the eternal spirit in our mind. Let us not go after sensual pleasures.

Let us deal with everything with conscience.

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The mind becomes restless when it dwells on the sensual pleasures. We cannot look at the eternal spirit with our eyes. One can never realise the eternal spirit who has ego in mind. He who has knowledge realises the eternal spirit. Let us try to realise our true self.The life is ending continuously by the passing of time. Log In Sign Up. Let us shun everything condemned in the world. He father did not remember Lord Rama as he was a demon. Let us speak the truth and let us have a sound power of discrimination.

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