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Learn German the Fast and Fun Way pdf - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Learn German the Fast and Fun Way book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Updated with helpful facts and tips for internatio. Learn German the Fast and Fun Way pdf. DownloadReport. Published on Jul View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to.

This is best if you have jars or containers that contain bulk foods like sugar, salt or flour.

You can also label cabinets with each of their contents, saving you time and testing your German each time you move about the kitchen. The German stickers are even coded by grammatical gender, so you can learn the gender of each word as you learn the word itself.

I also recommend making your calendar in German, whether it be digital or physical. Consider placing labels on every item in your home.

Once you start to get the hang of the words, remove the labels but continue talking to yourself and naming the items as you move throughout the home. This often works well if you assign one room in your house to be your designated German room. You only speak, write and interact in German when in that room.

No other languages are allowed in that room. Pop in your earbuds and listen on your bike, while on the train, while traveling, while working or while walking around town. If online gaming is your style, consider using a proxy to switch your browsing IP address to Germany.

See a Problem?

This way, you can search a little easier and locate the games made with the German language. What are a few German board games I recommend? Play with two to four players and negotiate with each other to get the best cards in the game.

Die Legenden von Andor — This is an adventure-based game which is best played with four players, but you can go as low as two players.

The story-based game system teaches you how to play in this unique and scenario-filled thriller. The idea is to guess answers to ridiculous questions and try to come out on top.

Players bet on the camels and try to see which of them will make it to the pyramid first. Find a Group or Conversation Partner I suggest joining a German Meetup in your area, many of which meet for coffee, go to movies or participate in lively discussions.

My Language Exchange is wonderful for locating someone in Germany to Skype or write with. If you love singing in the shower or around the house, this will never feel like a chore when converting to German. The tricky part is finding lyrics to your favorite songs in German. Create Your Shopping Lists in German When hounding the supermarket for groceries, try using a shopping list app on your phone or jotting the list on a piece of paper.

This fun technique works for anything from grocery shopping to clothing shopping. You can even turn that knowledge-absorbing hobby of yours into one that helps with learning German. From newspapers to books, blogs to magazines, reading is one of the funnest and most effective ways to learn German. The best way is to find articles, books and newspapers that were originally written in German. Beginners, consider watching shows that you have seen before so you can follow the story lines. This is technically against the Netflix terms of use, but using a VPN is not illegal in many countries, such as the United States.

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Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way: Barron's Fast and Fun Foreign Languages. George Thatcher. From the Back Cover Available in: Read more.

Step 3: Use Language Hacks to Learn German Fast

Product details Series: Fast and Fun Way Series Paperback: Barron's Educational Series; 3 edition January 1, Language: English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on site Don't have a site?

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Read reviews that mention fast and fun learn german come across fun way german the fast used as a workbook grammar language words useful vocabulary learning chapter germany page vocab knowledge phrases travel edition. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Paperback Verified download. This book helps with tourist German--basic phrases, brief conversations with desk clerks and airline employees, terminology for hotels, cars and the like. For all of that it is very well done. But this edition is a little old-fashioned.

Not sure I need a shoemaker; more likely I would need to know how to say "download" in German. So I'd look for a later edition if there is one. It's hard to know where to begin. Well, maybe the most glaring fact is that this book minimizes the importance of grammar and structure. There is absolutely no mention of declensions. German is a declined language. A student of it would be mystified to see the metamorphosis of all the articles.

What is the use of telling someone to memorize the singular and plural of a word and not the genitive which gives a clue in many cases about irregularities. Der Student, des Studenten, dem Studenten, den Studenten. And the same for the plural. As others have mentioned, nothing is said of models, or of subordinate clauses. There is no past tense.

Learn French the Fast and Fun Way (Fast & Fun)

If I were traveling, I might find it useful to designate things I see on display in a window, but to form a sentence, it is of absolutely no use. Why not get an old fashioned grammar, or some of those graded readers if you are serious about opening your mouth while in a German speaking country.

One person found this helpful. I carefully read and considered the previous site downloader reviews. After receiving and using this language learning product, I feel that I "got what I bought"!! First, learning or in my case, RE-learning German using this book is just as advertised The grouping of words and phrases by "where and how" they would be used, and the use of simple pictorial prompters makes use of the book very easy, interesting, and lierally "fun" The caveats that I saw in the previous reviews, and accepted in order to get the "fast and fun" format of this book, are there Yes, the English translations of the German words and phrases are literal only for the yellow highlighted instances, and otherwise require some basic knowledge of German if one is to relate directly word-for-word as in the case of one trying to learn grammar as well as vocabulary.

Yes, verb tenses other than present do not seem to be well-included here. Yes, there are some phrases which may be Austrian or Swiss vernacular; they might as well be German regional vernacular also, but knowledge of these is useful too as one may travel in these regions, and I think they will be understood whereever used in German-speaking areas.

Why Learning German Using PDF Lessons is Practical and Efficient

These caveats notwithstanding Its usefulness is not diminished by my supplementing it with a good German-English dictionary, nor by my plan to add a simple grammar book as well. Verified download.Maybe Spanish, German or French. Pop in your earbuds and listen on your bike, while on the train, while traveling, while working or while walking around town.

Finding Your Way on Foot , 4. Community Reviews.

How to learn German fast and in a fun way

SZ 19 Laundries and Dry Cleaning If you are like me, here you can find some great dictionaries. I grew up in Ludwigsburg, Germany when my parents were stationed there. Rating details. Great tips! More than 50 colored mnemonic images and illustrations will simplify your memorization of grammar rules.

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