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PDF | In October Brazil experienced its third direct presidential election journal in the country, the Globo Network's Jornal Nacional. Produzido em São Paulo, o JORNAL DA GLOBO é exibido de segunda a sexta- feira após a linha de shows. Originalmente um informativo apoiado em. Filename, ONG holandesa oferece abortivo por causa do zika - Jornal O Globo. pdf. Mime, application/pdf. Dimensions, x pixels.

Science tells its own story to explain diseases. In other words, explaining what is going on is part of the treatment itself. Nowhere is that drama played out more explicitly than in the writing of a doctor who was himself a patient.

Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, wrote what will sadly be his only book, one about his reckoning with his own untimely mortality; he died at 37, and the nal chapter of his bestselling memoir When Breath Becomes Air is by his widow.

He describes how he resisted the human stories of his patients, acting not as deaths enemy, but as its ambassador. Then came his own diagnosis. My relationship with statistics changed as soon as I became one, he explains. And that was a humanist revolution.

Rebecca Gomperts, MD, MPP, PhD

Science may provide the most useful way to organise empirical, reproducible data, he writes, but its power to do so is predicated on its inability to grasp the most central aspects of human life: hope, fear, love, hate, beauty, envy, honour, weakness, striving, suering, virtue.

Kalanithi recognises how remarkable science is and how limited. He defends its limitation, which is the necessary armour that allows a surgeon to go about his daily work. When objectivity breaks down, medicine ceases to function. And yet when objectivity reigns, human beings cease to function, because we are subjective in every breath we take.

MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING 3065 managerial accounting

If Kalanithi writes from the standpoint of an accelerated wisdom, Francis is still a fresh-faced novice, to borrow Mukherjees phrase. Francis writes of a journey though the most intimate landscape of all: our own bodies. But his journey through bodies has turned out to be a journey through souls as well.

Like the others, he seeks an escape from dualism. Since Descartes weve had a tendency to believe that from the chin down we are just meat and plumbing there is more to us than that in some way we become aware when a valve is no longer working.

He describes his own work as an exploration of lifes possibilities: an adventure in human being in which we charge our bodies with meaning, whether funny or solemn. He describes imagining the body as a mirror of the world that sustains us.

The body is our world, nothing less than that. The exploration of the philosophical complexity that lies between sickness and health is perhaps the most urgent matter facing medicine and literature, because scientic denitions of illness often run up against humanist denitions of identity. I know whereof I speak: I have an identity that was long deemed an illness.

The literature on homosexuality as a disease is amply represented in medical libraries, and it is my own history, even though I disbelieve it. The process through which gay identity was rescued from medical textbooks launched humanisms upstaging of medicine.

Igartua JJ. La infancia construida: efectos prosociales y antisociales de los contenidos televisivos. Doxa Comun.

In contrast, the researcher Helena Thorfinn Thorfinn H. Children, ethics, media. Stockholm: Save the Children Sweden; For the author, behavior can be influenced by both negative and positive content reception. Although the above studies suggest the relationship between the violence on media and aggressive behaviors, for McQuail McQuail D. Porto Alegre: Penso; According to McQuail Michaud Y.

The apparent connotation that TV is a mean of relaxation and a pleasant pastime for children and adolescents can make that parents use television as an electronic nanny, giving a small reflection on the content of the programs broadcasted on the free-to-air TV Rev Iberoam Educ. Children and youth reception in Brazil Research carried out by Galhardi and Ortega Ortega F, Galhardi C.

Segovia: [citado 20 Jun ].

The diagnosis was similar: 6. Galhardi CP. Salamanca: Universidade de Salamanca; Some national investigations also legitimize the influence of TV with the behavior and development of children and adolescents.

One of the topic addressed was the way young people interpret the contents and messages of citizenship, youth and violence published on media. Rio de Janeiro: Garamond; Materials and Methods The technique of quantitative content analysis was applied to the schedule of the free-to-air channel Rede Globo. The period established for the analysis of the television list comprised a total of seven consecutive days, between February 29thand March 6th, In this sense, Gambaro and Becker in their research on the TV schedule of Rede Globo, warn that, since the late s, the channel has introduced its "quality standard", a formula designed that maintains, as one of the elements, the horizontal TV schedule and, traditionally stable, to the present day Gambaro D, Becker V.

Rev Front.

‘Literature about medicine may be all that can save us’ _ Books _ The Guardian.pdf

The director of the museum was threatened with a heavy fine in case of disobedience. Due to the public outcry about the censorship, the Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro was fired three days after the incident. The film was restricted to University groups until the s. Globo's attempt to prevent release of the film in Brazil proved to be a failure following the Internet boom in the s. Through the s, the film was illegally screened in universities and political groups without public notice, and later it went "viral" on the Internet.

On 20 August , the newspaper Folha de S. This followed a series of mutual attacks between Globo and Record because of Globo's reporting of a Public Ministry investigation of Edir Macedo and other high-profile members of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

Macedo has owned Rede Record since 9 November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brazil portal Journalism portal. Retrieved 26 May On 20 August , the newspaper Folha de S.

The winner of the Wellcome book prize for a book on medicine, health or illness is announced on 25 April. Galhardi and Ortega This was a marked difference in comparison to coverage of the elections, which were virtually absent from the Globo news broadcasts. If Phillipss message of accommodating incomprehension is pertinent to Eros, family and friends, it is likewise central to our interaction with the doctors who heal our bodies, or fail to do so.

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