A comic, contemporary vision of life in England's green and pleasant land. Winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Play, and the Critics Circle and. On St George's Day, the morning of the local country fair, Johnny 'Rooster' Byron, local waster and Lord of Misrule, is a wanted man. Jerusalem was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs, London, on 15 July (previews from 10 July), with the following cast. Editorial Reviews. Review. “An instant modern classic” – Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph . I am not satisfied that Jez Butterworth's only thread for this script was the unrefined in opposition to the established. If you settle in and listen and.

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Jerusalem. Print. Share. Bookmark. Jez Butterworth Jerusalem, a bold comic vision of life in contemporary rural England, was first performed at the Royal. Jerusalem is a play by Jez Butterworth that opened at the downstairs theatre of the Royal Court Theatre in London in The production starred Mark Rylance . the play for its own sake. 1. 1 Official JERUSALEM Website Royal Court Theatre: Jez Butterworth Podcast: of the Royal Court script, published by Nick Hern Books (Butterworth ). First, a note on the.

This simple-minded Englishman is tolerated, liked even, as though his barmyness keeps him below the radar in the community of the scarred and the eccentric amongst whom he dwells — just as long as he remembers his place. Even if some, like republican Aunt Pat, never forget and never trust. She flits back and forth between happy childhood memories, and dark premonitions.

These unhappy portents are also fed by events in the past, and Aunt Maggie too seems doomed to hover somewhere between these two forces of history, the one that can only be recalled as childhood nostalgia, and the other a malignant and inevitable force that keeps returning with a thirst for vengeance worthy of a Greek tragedy. The peat is acidic.

It pickles you. The years roll by and nothing changes.

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Packed full of iconic English imagery and metaphors, it's one that definitely requires a reread and a national tour please! Hence, I ordered Jerusalem, read it, read it again, and then forced myself to wait two long days to read it once more.

It is quite simply stunning—achingly sad in places, and outrageously funny in others. Gorgeous writing.

Dec 11, Warren Ellis rated it it was amazing I never got to go and see the play when it was on. Joss raved about it on a couple of occasions, so I added the script to my site for a long flight.

In defence of The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth

It read magnificently: all at once, a celebration and condemnation of Englands old and new. The Green Man gone grey.

But one of Jerusalem's most affecting qualities is, I think, its stirring sense of place. Butterworth's England is simultaneously whimsical and robust.

It is the country we recognise, scruffed right up against that dreamy, idealised place of popular imagination — that scepter'd, green, and pleasant land, stewed with an island that is squat and gristly and fierce in a great mingling of giants, William Blake, pet tortoises, morris dancing , bacon barms and Girls Aloud. It's bus stop-drinking, wet sponge-throwing, new estates, over-zealous district councils; but also those deep, dark leaves that canopy the stage, the rich earth on Rylance's hands, the faint scent of woodsmoke and mulch that drifts across the theatre.

It's the cool, crisp voice of Phaedra singing Jerusalem , of course, but it's also the hedonism and debauchery of fair day, the drugs, the drink, the mobile disco. And every bit as much as all of that, it is Rooster pouring the milk in first when he makes a cup of tea.

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Rylance described Jerusalem as "satisfying a hunger in audiences for wildness and defiance. There's a feeling that they've eaten something they haven't eaten for years — something they'd forgotten, that's really needed for their health.

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The play's title, of course, is a nod to Blake's poem that begins "And did those feet in ancient time," a work that responds to the apocryphal story that Jesus once visited England and travelled to Glastonbury.It pickles you.

She removes a piece of paper and a staple gun.

Or should that properly be Innogen? Now kiss my beggar arse, you Puritans! In the middle of the copse, the remains of a smashed television.

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