Editorial Reviews. bestthing.info Review. It's hard to think of a CEO that commands as much respect as Jack Welch. Under his leadership, General Electric. Jack: Straight from the Gut - site edition by Jack Welch, John A. Byrne. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. They called him Neutron Jack. They called him the world's toughest boss. And then Fortune called him "The Manager of the Century.

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They called him Neutron Jack. They called him the world's toughest boss. And then Fortune called him “The Manager of the Century. Read "Jack Straight from the Gut" by Jack Welch available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. In an anticipated book on. The career of former General Electric CEO Jack Welch leaves us with In Jack: Straight from the Gut, Welch is both storyteller and coach, using his exceptional.

Inspired me to be a leader and taught me how to do it By Piyasak Ukrit I consider this a bible for managers everywhere. This book inspired me to quit my job at a prestigious management consulting firm to pursue a career track that would enable me to run a business. As much as possible, I tried to understand and emulate Jack's thought process.

Eight years later, on my 32nd birthday, I became a Managing Director of a consumer finance business in Southeast Asia. Now that I've had more experience and more responsibilities, I've recently re-read this to highlight passages to share with my senior management team and still found the insights within the book immensely useful.


By Publius In hindsight, Jack Welch probably received more credit than he deserved. The three people who in put into his succession plan were mostly mediocre.

Immelt probably was the correct decision, but that would only invalidate Welch's legacy because Immelt has a totally different style and approach. Second half is dedicated to a few popular topics: Globalization, Six Sigma, eBusiness, Honeywell, etc.

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How can you summarize a guy's life in just a few pages I did enjoy the overall inspiring story, but it lacked substance. Jack writes about what he remembers and naturally that tends to have holes. Those holes lead one to believe that business was much simpler than it really was.

The other criticism is that specific people within and outside of GE are named in stories, which sound unobjective. One must look at these characterizations with somewhat of a challenging eye.

Yes, Jack would have made tons of dollars while being the CEO and would have met loads of influential people. I'm sure there are better ways to earn money. However, for those who do want to experience the tough lifestyle, this man is an inspiration.

He took a giant company that was riddled with bureaucracy, lacking any clear direction and thriving on fractured short term strategy. He took it, turned it into a monster at least 2 times bigger, while inculcating an incredible culture that would continue to foster growth and found out new avenues of growth that would keep the company alive for at least another years.

If not for Jack, this company would have died or become irrelevant long back.

Imagine GE today without the capital business, without the services, imagine the US based entity as opposed to the global conglomerate that it is today. With his team he celebrated the projects, his staff accomplishments and major milestones. He worked extremely hard at everything, but made sure to take time out for reflection and enjoyment.

We can all learn something from that. Make sure you take time out to reward your hard work.

Insight 2 An actionable way to implement the Big Idea into your life Set the Drumbeat "Making initiatives successful is all about focus and passionate commitment.

The drumbeat must be relentless.

Reward Yourself

Every leadership action must demonstrate total commitment to the initiative.He then recalls the time he threw a hockey stick across the ice in disgust after losing a game, and his mother stormed into the locker room as some teammates were changing to exclaim loudly, "If you don't know how to lose, you'll never know how to win.

I enjoyed so much to hear that rewards and recognition and advancement in GE are results-oriented. Always provide more runway.

For one thing, my husband is married to me, not to his job. See all customer reviews A light hearted reader can take this book for what it is: a fun and entertaining biography, but not a serious business book. There ensued one of the most painful parts of his career--Jack's dark-horse struggle, filled with political tension, to make it to the CEO's chair.

I did enjoy the overall inspiring story, but it lacked substance.

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