This book is for students preparing for the Reading Test in the Academic Module of IELTS Reading Tests by Sam McCarter & Judith Ash (Ebook) 15 Days' Practice for IELTS Reading (PDF) · Improve Your IELTS Listening. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. []Sam+McCarter+Ash+ +IELTS+Reading+Tests+(PDF) - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. book.

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IETLS Reading Tests - Sam McCarter & - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Documents Similar To New Ielts Reading Tests. Ielts Academic. , p. IELTS Reading Tests is for students preparing for the Reading Test in the Academic Module of the IELTS. It contains ten practice Reading Tests. McCarter Sam, Ash Judith. IELTS reading tests and Academic writing practice for IELTS. Файл формата pdf; размером 18,10 МБ. Добавлен пользователем.

Eachreadingpassage hasseveraldifferent types of questions,whichmay beprinted either before orafter the passage. Often thetexts and the questions become more difficult as youread from Passage1 to 3. The word limit. In aheadingmatchingexercise,youmaybeabletouse headings more than once. So be careful! It is very important to attempt to finish the test. You will not have time to read and enjoy the passages: Thisis understandable.

While you are not answering a difficult question you could be answering two or three,or evenmore,easier ones.

[]Sam+McCarter+Ash+ +IELTS+Reading+Tests+(PDF)

Thenyou can come back to those you have left blank afterwards. IITopics Thereading passage topicsvary, but areallof an-academi c nature.

Candidates sometimes panicwhentheyarefaced with a reading passage on a subject about which they know nothing at all. It is important to remember that the answers toallof thequestions8reinthetextitself. Youdonotneedanyknowledgeof thetopictobeabletoanswerthe questions. The test is designed totest your reading comprehension skills, not your knowledge of any particular subject. Youwill not have extra time to transfer your answers fromthe questionpaper to your answer sheet.

Candidates often think that,because they have time to transfer their answers in the listening section. It does not. Matching the twoparts of split sentences InIhistypeof exercise,youareaskedtomatchthetwopartsof splitsentences.

Themainpointhereisthatthe completed sentence summarises theinformation in the reading passage.

The sentence willmost likely be a paraphrase of the text, so youwillhave to lookfor synonyms of the statement inthe exercise. Make sure the grammar of the two parts fits. IELTSReli dingTests The completion of sentences, summaries, diagrams, tables, flowcharts, notes In this type of exercise, you are asked to complete sentences or text by using a li mited number of words taken froin the passage. Finding the answers is simplyamatter of scanning atextforspecificinformation. Thistype of questionis normally usedto see if youcan recognise particular poims of information.

Note the text inthe exercise, asinthe other question types. So you should not always be looking in the passage for the same words in the stem of the sentence, but the idea expressed inanother way. You should always check whatthe word limit is: Remember also to make sure the wordsyou choose fitthe grammar of the sentences.

Short answers to open qnestions This type of exercise is very similar to the previous one. This is simply a matter of scanning the text for specific detail. Again always check the word limit. Among the four alternatives ABeD, you will obviously have an alternative which is the correct answer. The other three alternat ives can controdict the information inthe passage either by staling the opposite or by giving information which althoughnot the opposite.

For example, the reading passage may S8. The information is obviously nOt the opposite of what is inthe text. ItcontradiclSthe original text, because the information about thenumber is given. It isinteresting that can usually see this clearly inMCQ type qUe5tions.

See below. The alternatives can also give information which does not appear inthe text or information that appears in the te,;. Different ways to approach MCQs oexclude the alternatives which youthink arewrongso that you end upwith only one possibility. If the stem gives you enough informat ion.


Even though they are not opposites, they stilt contradict each other! Gap-filling exercisesThere are ba5ically two types of gap-filling exercise: There are different techniques for doing this type of exercise and you may have some of your own which suit you verywell. One simple aid is to read the summary through quickly to get the overall idea of the text. Then think of what kindof word you need for each blank space: Many students find this type of question difficult.

The following techniques may help you: This does not work in many cases. II depends on the paragraph type.

Decide what the main idea of the text is. If you try to read and decide at the same time, it only confuses you. This may help you to exclude a heading wnich relates to minor information.

McCarter Sam, Ash Judith. IELTS Reading Tests

This may just be a distractor. Look at thl! It is a myth that creative people are born with their talents: Creative genius is, in fact, latent within many of us, without our realising. But how far do we need to travel to find the path to creativity?

For many people, a long way. In our everyday lives, we have to perform many acts out of habit to survive, like opening the door, shaving, getting dressed, walking to work, and so on. If this were not the case, we would, in all probability, become mentally unhinged.

So strongly ingrained are our habits, though this varies from person to person, that, sometimes. We may try, for example, 1 walk to work following a different route, but end up on 0 our usual path. By then it is too late to go back and change our minds. Another day, perhaps. The same applies to all other areas of our lives.

When we are solving problems, for example, we may seek different answers, but, often as not, find ourselves walking along the same well- trodden paths, The text in halics above is background or.

If you ask yourself why the writer wrote the paragraph, you wou ld not answer that he wrote it to talk about our daily habits or the habits we need to survive. He is using the example of daily habit. Jllstratc how they limit Jur creativity. So YOIl can see that any heading for the paragraph needs to combine two elements.

Of the two r pieces of infoonation the former is the more important of the two! Note that you should not be persuaded by the amount of lext devoted to the habits. Try this approach with any paragraph you read. In the beginning. Look at the fo llowing paragraph Although the name dinosaur is derived from the Greek for "terrible lizard". Like lizards. Lepidoslluria, or lepidosaurs, and Ar. Can you work out what type of paragraph Ibis is?

Look at the words in bold; they should help you. Refl exology is a treatment which was introduced to the West about years ago, although it was practised in ancientEgypt, India and east Asia.

Treating thesepoints can result in the release of blockages in other parts of: It has been fo und to be an especially usefultreatment for si nus and upper respiratory traCI conditions and poor lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation.

How many times have you read paragrnphs similar to this one? You may not have read any paragraphs which haveexactly the same overall structure, but you will have read similar types. It is not the purpose of th is publication to set out all the different types of paragraphs. You can, however, leam torecognise different paragraph types yourself. When you are being taught how to w: Matching information to paragraphsThis type of exercise is a variation of the previolls exercise type.

The exerc ise asks you to decide why the writer wrotethe pnragraphs. This, in effect, is part of the process of working out the heading for a paragraph! See above underMatching paragraph headings. Judilh Ash II Questions 1- 5Reading Passage 1 below has 5 paragraphs A-E. Which paragraph focuses on the information below? Write theappropriate letters A- E in Boxes on your answer sheet.

Write only ONE letter for each answer. The way parameters in the mind help people to be creative2. The need to learn rules in order to break them How habits restrict us and limit creativity4.

How to train the mind to be creative5. How the mind is trapped by the desire for orderThe creation mythA. In our everyday. Iives, we have to perform many acts out. I become mentally unhinged. So strongly ingrained are our habits. So, for many people, their actions and behaviour are set in immovable blocks, their minds r clogged with the cholesterol of habitual actio ns, preventing them from operating freely, and thereby stifling creation.

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Unfortunately, mankinds very struggle for survival has become a tyranny - the obsessive desire to give order to the world is a case in point. Witness peoples attitude to I time. Is it surprising then that creative ability appears to be so rare?

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It is. Yet, even here in this hostile environment, the foundations for c. Such limitations are needed so that once they are learnt, they can be broken. But a better image is of a mind, which can be free when it wants, and one that recognises that rules and regulations are parameters, or barriers, to be raised and dropped again at will.

An example of how the human mind can be trained to be creative might help here. Peoples minds are j ust like tense muscles that need to be freed up and the potential unlocked.

One strategy is to erect artificial barriers or hurdles in solving a problem. As a form of stimulation, the participants in the task can be forbidden to use particular solutions or to follow certain lines of thought to solve a problem. In this way they are obliged to explore unfamiliar territory, which may lead to some startling discoveries.

Unfortunately, the difficulty in this exercise, and with creation itself, is convincing people that creation is possible, shrouded as it is in so much myth ano legend.

There is also an element of fear involved, however subliminal, as deviating from the safety of ones own thought patterns is very much akin to madness. But, open Pandoras box, and a whole new world unfolds before your very eyes. Lifting barriers into place also plays a major part in helping the mind to control ideas rather than letting them collide at random.

Parameters act as containers for ideas, and thus help the mind io fix on them. When the mind is thinking laterally. Once the idea has been formed, it needs to be contained or it will fly away, so fteeting is its passage. The mind needs to hold it in place for a time so that it can recognise it or call on it again. And then the parameters can act as channels along which the ideas can flow, developing and expanding.

When the mind has brought the idea to fruition by thinking it through to its final conclusion, the parameters can be brought down and the idea allowed to float off and come in contact with other ideas. Questions 6- 10 Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in Boxes 6- 0 on yo ur answer sheet.

According to the writer, creative people Advancing technology A are usually born with their talents A holds creativity in check Bare bom with their talents B improves creativity C are not born with their talents C enhances creativity o are geniuses D is a tyranny 7.

According to the writer, creativity is According to the author, creativity A a gifl from God or nature A is common B an automatic response B is increasingly common C difficult for many people to achieve C is becoming rarer and rarer D a well-trodden path D is a rare commodity 8.

Yes if the statement agrees with. Rules and regulations are examples of parameters. The truly creative mind is associated with the need for free speech and a totally free society. One problem with creativity is that people think it is impossible. The act of creation is linked to madness. Parameters help the mind by holding ideas and helping them to develop.

Yet, how can groups work in teams connotations. Most of us would say that we crave if the possibilities for communication are reduced?

If voice-mail walls up messages of that huge industry which has developed to protect behind a password? If I cant leave a message on individuals and property fro m invasion by my colleagues desk Oecause his office is locked?

Some employees have hospitals now do not. Entry areas which in another permanent con tracts, some h ave short-term age were called "Reception" are now manned by contracts, and some are regarded simply as casual security staff. Reception ists, whose task it was to labour.

These tone dialling system, we can download things and pay for devices bar ent ry to th e uninitiated, hinder them without ever speaking to a human being. Within the spaces created by these Internet, which opens out communication channels zones, individual rooms are themselves under lock more widely than anyone could possibly want or and key, which is a particuiarprobtem when it means need.

An individuals electronic presence on the that working space becomes compartmentalized. An people at a physical level, we have now developed elaborate system of 3-dimensional graphics technological access. Computers sit on every desk distinguishes this very 2-dimensional medium of and are linked to one another, and in many cases to "web sites".

The nomenclature itself creates the an external un iverse of other computers, so that illusion of a geographical entity, that the person messages can be passed to and fro. Here too security sitting before the computer is travelling, when in plays a part, since we must not be allowed access to fact the "site" is coming to him.

And so the password one kind or another move to the individual, rather was invented. Now co rrespondence betwee n than the individual moving between them, now that individuals goes from desk to desk and cannot be location is no longer geographical.

Library catalogues can be An example o f this is the mobile phone. I am now searched from ones desk.

Yet, even now, we cannot button. It is no coincidence that almost individual s more and more, organ izations are everyone we see answering or initiating a mobile recognizing the advantages of"tearn-work"; perhaps phone-call in public begins by saying where he or in order to encourage employees to talk to one she is.

IChoose the appropriate lellers A-D and write them in Boxes on your answer sheet. A the safety of the home B security C open access D positive yirtue Access to m nny buildings A is unauthorised B is becoming more difficult C is a cause of crime in many urban areas D used to be called Reception Buildings used to permit access to any users,.

A but now they do not B and still do now C especially offices and schools D especially in urban areas Secure zones A dont allow access to the user B compartmenca!

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Choose your answers from the Word List below andwrite them in Boxes on your answer sheet. You may use any word or phrasemore Ihan once. Word List jusl lhe same way as computer cut-off n reducing of computers 7: Write your answers in Boxes 28 - 30 on your answer sheet.

Judith Ash National Cuisine and Tourism To an exten t, agriculture dictates that every country should have a set of specific foods which are native to I that country. They may even be unique. Th e degree to which cuisine Lli embedded in lIational culture Within the sociology of food litemture two themes suggest that food is linked to social culture.

The first relates food. However, establishing a role for food in personal relationships and social structures is not a sufficient argument to place food at the centre of national culture. To do thai it is necessary to prove a degree of embcddedness. A cu ltural practice, however, contains and represen ts meta- contingencies that is, behavioural practices that have D social meaning greater than the activity itself and which, by their nature reinforce the culture which houses them.

Contrast this with the practice in is Britain of celebrating Guy Fawkes Night". It essentially an excuse for a good time but jf fi reworks were bnnned, the occasion would gradunUy die away altogether or end up as cult to California.

A smaller scale exumple might be more useful. Both are common practices, yet the former reflects something of the social fabric of the country, particularly fam il y, gender, ci3SS and age relationships whilst the hItler is just a national habit.

In other words, a constant, well populated pattern of behaviour is not necessarily cultural. However, it is also clear that a cultu ral practice needs behav ioural reinforcement. Social cu lture is not immortal.

This view of culture and food places the home as the cultural centre. Other Cambridge University Press, The Student's Book with answers provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with IELTS and to practise examination techniques using authentic test material prepared by Do you want to practise all the vocabulary you need to be confident in the test?

The book provides you with practice of test tasks from each paper.

It covers the grammar you will need to be successful in the test. You can use it to support an IELTS coursebook, with a general English language course for extra grammar practice, or with practice tests as part of a revision programme.The finale of No. Of the two r pieces of infoonation the former is the more important of the two! As, over the last fou r hundred years, tea-leaves became available throughout much of Asia and Europe, the ways in which tea was drunk changed.

Matching the two parts of split sentences In Ihis type of exercise, you are asked to match the two parts of split sentences. This type of question isnormally used to see if you can recognise particular poims of information. Of the two pieces of infoonation the former is the more important of the two!

By then it is too late to go back and change our minds.

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