Start by marking “Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #1)” as Want to Read: Forever Mine is by far one of the most annoying reads I have come across in a very long time. Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate and Desert Heat. Start by marking “Forever Mine (Tormentor Mine, #4)” as Want to Read: Note: This is the conclusion of Peter & Sara’s story. Anna Zaires delivered a pulse hitting conclusion to a fascinating series. Start by marking “Forever Mine (Westin Pack #3)” as Want to Read: Liam Westin has carried a secret crush on his twin sister's best friend for most of his life. Julie Trettel is a new to me author.

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Forever Mine (Tormentor Mine Book 4) - site edition by Anna Zaires, Dima Zales. Romance site eBooks @ Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cheryl Holt is a New York Times, USA Today, and site Forever Mine (The Forever Series Book 2) by [Holt, Cheryl ]. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Author's note: Welcome to the world of The Moreno Brothers and friends! Each book in the bestselling series is a stand-alone .

This story broke my heart in so many ways! It hurt for Jack and how lonely he has been without his croie by his side, how he lost her and wishing they'd had so much more time together to raise the amazing son's they had, and how he feels like he's not useful or needed anymore since each of his son's are married.

It hurt for each of his son's, daughters in law, and grandkids having to experience the horrible situation when he got sick, and not knowing what to do or say to make it better.

However, the ending made everything exactly as it should have been, which was loving perfection. Zanders is an exceptionally talented author.

Her stories are always unique, creative, and fresh, the characters are smart, strong both mentally and physically, and even though they're beautiful or handsome, they each have flaws that only make them more real. Her writing style always flows beautifully, the stories are emotional but not overly so, and they have the right amount of suspense to grab you and keep you intrigued and wanting more. This is one of the few authors that I always look forward to reading her next book and never disappointed.

I strongly recommend this book and this amazing series to everyone who loves a beautifully written romance! Abbie has knocked it out of the park again! I literally can not get enough of this Callaghan family! One warning though, this. Make sure you grab a box of tissues before settling down to spend a few hours in Jack's mind.

You will cry, then laugh, then cry, and then cry again. But 'There's a reason for everything.

Every life is a critical link in a chain of events that you can't begin to comprehend. I r You have to read this!!! I read this whole book this morning while pretending to work, and had to blame "allergies" for the way I sounded on multiple phone calls.

It was such an emotional book - even going into this knowing that Jack wasn't going to die, I still couldn't help but cry during several scenes. I also liked how this one flipped from past to present - it was done in a way that made sense and allowed us to forge that deeper connection with Jack.

And we even have some older characters re-introduced to us that we met before or at least heard of in Book 1 for example. The love Jack had for his wife Ka This was definitely a great end to the series. The love Jack had for his wife Kathleen, his croie, was absolutely inspiring and genuine. They met as he was getting ready to ship off to boot camp. Even though they had only known each other a few minutes, they knew that the other was their soulmate and they'd wait however long it took for them to be together again.

Kathleen ended up waiting 7 years for Jack to make his final return to her and man, it was such a great reunion. I can't imagine what Jack went through in Vietnam, but he certainly earned my respect and Kathleen earned mine as well for holding on to belief that he would return and that he was her one and only all those years.

My heart broke for Jack though every time news came down about another death. Stop it.

I loved all of the side characters. ALL of them. Regardless of my feelings about this book, I will be reading the rest of the series because all of the additional characters out-shined the main characters.

I'm excited to read about Sofia and Alex the most. This series can only go up from here. This is an early writing from the author and I have read other books by her that were good.

I'm going to cut some slack here and not keep any harsh feelings toward Forever Mine because many authors take a book or two to get into a groove. I know that this author can write a fun story with lovable characters. Noah was a great read. Reyes' style is easy to fall in to. She is capable of writing an exciting and sweet romance.

Honestly, this is not the worst effort I've seen for a first book. There are no real big complaints from me. I actually liked the read fine View all 13 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I end up with a lot of free site books. The Moreno Brothers series ended up falling in my lap and the first in the series ended up being yet another book to throw on the "It could have been good, but Forever Mine begins just like any other YA fiction story.

After her mother is sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement, year-old Sarah is sent from her home in Arizona to southern California to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin. On the first day of her senior year in a n I end up with a lot of free site books. On the first day of her senior year in a new school, she catches the eye of Angel Moreno, football god and general high school rock star.

Angel's never had a girlfriend of course not , but Sarah's captivating eyes snare him and he just has to get to know her better. The two meet shortly thereafter at a party and thoroughly cheesy, gag-inducing romance ensues.

That's where the story begins to come together. Or fall apart, depending on your outlook. What I liked about this book: Character detail.

There is a catch that I will get into later, but Ms. Reyes definitely put more thought and effort into her character than some authors bother to. It wasn't so short that I felt like I hadn't really read much at all and, while it did teeter on the edge of being a bit too long, it ended quickly enough for my taste. Now let's talk about the problems with this story warning: The most glaring problem is the characters themselves.

While they were detailed and well-written in that regard, I just couldn't bring myself to like any of them. With perhaps the exception of Sarah's best friend Sydney, I found them all to be pathologically dysfunctional and irritating. We'll start with Sarah. Sarah is a weak, naive mental midget. Seriously, the girl is just plain dumb. She nearly gets herself raped hanging around with a teacher who literally everyone including Sydney has warned her about.

Reyes briefly alludes to the fact that Sarah feels the way she does about her pervy-but-caring coach, Rudy because she never had a strong father figure in her life, but this issue is never explored further. While it could have served as an eye-opener or warning to other girls about the effect the absence of a father can have on a young girl, the entire incident was treated as nothing more than a setup for Angel to flex his super Latino muscles and rescue poor wittle Sarah from Coach Pedo.

Aside from being completely stupid, Sarah is also dishonest. She spends three months hiding from Angel the fact that her best friend in Arizona is a guy. Well, we return now to that whole "weak" thing I mentioned earlier. The girl has no backbone. She knows Angel won't like the fact that her best friend is a guy believe me, I'll delve into that topic shortly , so instead of risking upsetting him, she just chickens out and continues letting Angel believe Sydney is a girl.

Her cousin, Valerie, is continually nagging Sarah to tell him because she knows the longer the charade goes on, the worse the fallout is going to be, but does Sarah buck up and do it? Of course not. It's been a while since I've felt this venomous toward a female protagonist.

I loathed Sarah. Where do I begin? Angel is a misogynistic, insecure egomaniac who needs serious therapy and an anger management class. At 17, he's shaping up to become what my younger brother refers to as a "Stair Pusher" translation: He loses his temper more often than is healthy for anyone, often over completely inconsequential things. If Sarah pays any attention to anything with a penis aside from him, his family, and his friends , he becomes instantly enraged, asks her what the hell she thinks she's doing, and physically threatens the male.

Reading Angel's reactions to other males was like watching a psychotic peacock on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The fact that some females find this kind of behavior endearing makes me a little nauseous, and while I'm sure some would defend Angel's actions by claiming he's just "overly protective", that excuse flies out the window when you consider Angel's reaction to Sydney. He is, of course, insanely territorial and angry. At first, he flat-out refuses to accept Sarah and Sydney's friendship even after he discovers Sarah isn't "in love" with Sydney.

When he meets Syndey on somewhat positive terms toward the end of the book, I kept waiting for him to cock his leg and piss on Sydney's shoes. Absolutely ridiculous. This is yet another YA "romance" that is shoving in young girls' faces the idea that a controlling, abusive relationship is somehow ideal. But he's just so dreamy.

By distancing herself from her best friend of eight years to appease lover boy. But it's OK because Sydney has a new girlfriend and she too is uneasy about the close friendship of Sydney and Sarah. Reyes knows a lot of very insecure people. The peripheral characters consist of cousin Valerie, Angel's brother Alex Valerie and Alex start up their own romance , older brother Sal Moreno, a younger Moreno sister who is treated even worse than the Moreno boys' girlfriends, and Angel's two best friends, Romero and Eric.

Eric is conducting a secret relationship with younger sister, Sofia which nearly gets him killed by Alex.

Side note: I've read the second installment of this series, Always Been Mine and am working on the attached Novella, Sweet Sofie , and my reviews of those books will go into more detail regarding the bizarre, abusive treatment of Sofia.

This book just went completely off the rails and over the top It glorifies abusive relationships and is sexist on a level not many books can reach. Mostly because the sexism is subtle. I'll never understand how female authors manage to craft fictional girls who are so completely repulsive as to make it impossible for anyone with even half a brain to sympathize with them or their plight.

Sarah brought all of her problems on herself, first by choosing to date an overbearing, irrational, violent douchebag, and then by deciding that dishonesty was just plain easier than telling the truth.

A weak plot, sloppy writing grammatical errors galore , loathsome characters, and disgusting behavior come together to make Forever Mine a thoroughly disturbing, infuriating read.

View all 6 comments. Such a beautiful cover.

Too bad the story isn't as beautiful. I'm not even halfway done and already I can tell where the story is going. Sorry, but withholding information about a male best friend from a boyfriend is not enough to hold this story together.

Getting jealous about past relationships that had nothing to do with you in the first place isn't enough to hold this story together.

Getting jealous over every little thing and detail about someone's life whom you've barely known is childish, Such a beautiful cover.

Getting jealous over every little thing and detail about someone's life whom you've barely known is childish, especially when the teens in this story are old enough to know better.

All we have here is a good-looking girl and a good-looking guy who are too insecure. Maybe that's enough for young high schoolers but, for me, it's pretty stupid. For someone who cares about Sydney the way that Sarah is claiming, there shouldn't have even been a secret to hide.

Sydney's always been there for her when she needed him, and still is, so what's the problem? If he's that important to her as she says he is then Angel should be the one who has to accept that, not the one who's providing the ultimatum.

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Then she's the one who keeps saying she's leaving, so why is she letting Angel have so much power over her life? Looks, although important, should not be the only basis to the actual story.

Secondly, where's the so-called spark? I don't feel it between these two because of all the problems that shouldn't be problems getting in the way. That would be fine if they were sophomores. They're seniors! I've never known any seniors who've acted like this.

You'd think that Angel would be ready and willing to abuse Sarah if he didn't get his way. It's petulant and childish, another thing that doesn't even bring enough support to the actual story Now I have to finish this just to see if Forever Mine can be salvaged. If these imaginary issues are the plot, then this is a big FAIL already. I'd take Beautiful Disaster over this any day. Even playing that route is ridiculous. Thirdly, too may of them are in each other's relationships. Valerie giving Sarah advice about keeping a guy when she's fooling around with who knows who?

Then when she gets a Moreno, she's hooking up with Romero? I get that she's trying to protect her feelings, but who is she to say who Angel is when she didn't even know the Moreno brothers knew her all that well?

Doesn't hold up. Then, what's with the wording? When you're telling us something that happened, there's no need to put it in dialogue when you've already said it happened. For example: She didn't know if she could keep it secret any longer.

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I don't know how long I can hold this secret. You've already told us this. Unless you're planning to change something about what you've already told us, there's no need to repeat it! This story, as a whole so far, is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and the holes are just forming.

And let's not even talk about the terrible grammar and lack of punctuation when needed. I'm a bit past the half point in the story and I'm still not satisfied. What if they said Sydney was dead? Would the alias still be important to her?

I'm sorry, but I might have to discontinue this story and give it a big fat F. I may need time to finish this one, even though I know where it is going. Hell, it took me 3 days to even get this far. Now I'm just suffering through the rest. I need a break. Or I may not finish this one at all. I'm done with it. I can't say I enjoyed it, either. This story just couldn't hold my attention the way I wanted it to and I knew exactly how it would go down. I won't be reading anything by this author anymore; of that I'm positively sure.

It gets an F. Final answer, Regis. View all 5 comments.

Forever Mine

This is probably one of the cutest books I've read in a long time. The good: I truly fell in love with Reyes' characters I would love a Moreno man of my own. Like I said before, the author really makes y This is probably one of the cutest books I've read in a long time.

Like I said before, the author really makes you believe you are right there with them throughout the story. Luckly though, this is not the majority of the book nor does it take the majority of the book for them to figure out what morons they were.

Overall, I would rate this book a 4. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun, nostalgic, sweet book. View 2 comments. One of my favorite bks turns out to be a dud on audio. The voice the narrator uses for the guys in the story makes them sound like cartoon character meatheads. And she uses the same dumb voice for all the guys Moreno's, Eric, Romero. Skip the audio version and read the bk. Such a diappointing shame. Elizabeth Reyes knocked me out with this one. The Moreno family is a hot, intense, passionate, fiery, interesting bunch.

The banter between the brothers and their friend is hilarious. By bk 2 of this series the group are all in their early to mid twenties and any YA label can be left far behind. The story makes the reader feel involved, the dialog is real and the characters make you care. This series is a keeper View all 17 comments. What a great start to this series! Angle Moreno is the unattainable jock that every girl dreams about. He's gorgeous, sexy, thoughtful, respectful,and responsible.

Oh and Hispanic, my kind of guy! Having fun at school and hanging out with his friends he wasn't really looking for any kind of permanent relationship with anyone. He especially never thought What a great start to this series! He especially never thought he would fall so hard and so fast for the new girl in school, Sarah.

It's Sarah's senior year and she is adjusting to so much since moving to California to live with her aunt while her mother is incarcerated back in her home town. Missing her best friend Sydney like crazy she really isn't looking forward to the attending a new school.

Her plan is to get through the first semester at La Jolla High School until she turns eighteen in January then move back to Flagstaff and live with Sydney's family. This all seems like a good idea until her relationship with Angle gets pretty serious. Now she may be having second thoughts about retuning home until Angel finds out that Sydney is actually a HE and not a she.

Like most Hispanic I know Angle has a very huge problem with Sydney being a boy. He also feels that it is impossible to have a platonic relationship with a boy and of course imagines the worst about Sarah's friendship with Syd. This series is going to be one of my favorites. The Moreno brothers are very dreamy and so much fun to read. I know I'm going to read these book over and over again!

View 1 comment. From the reviews I read on site I thought this sounded like a sweet YA romance. NOT SO! Makes me so sad: If I could I would! View all 4 comments. Jun 02, Jacob Proffitt marked it as unfinished Shelves: I made it almost halfway before giving up on this story. It's engagingly written and the characters are evocative and interesting. It's a strong YA romance.

But I can't get past Sarah. Her attachment to Sydney is weird, with key parts of it unexplained like why isn't Sydney interested in the hot chick who practically lives in his pocket.

And the answer to the last tease in the cover copy "how long can Sarah keep I made it almost halfway before giving up on this story. And the answer to the last tease in the cover copy "how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark about the guy waiting for her back home? And she graduated to outright deception very early. And everybody who knows about it is saying the same thing: So she's an emotionally broken coward and I find very little to engage me there and that's making it impossible to continue.

But don't get me wrong. This is very well-written and I love the characters, primary and secondary. And the banter is good and the situation complex and Sarah is young and this is exactly the kind of weakness someone figuring life out will make. So I'm DNFing this "without prejudice" i. It was amazing!! Reading the plot you can immediately associate it with the Perfect Chemistry novels by Simone Elkeles. Good Girl falls in love with Trouble Mexican boy. Yes, they do share this in common but they also could have not been more different.

But obviously things never go as planned. But still, there are things both have to work out and discover that it is not easy to come clean and also to forgive. But I really think that what makes this novel so strong and powerful is the support characters. They are all just so beautiful and unique that they all make a chain. You take one out, everything breaks. Sofia, she adds the spark and also becomes your best friend. If you love Romance, some romance, a little bit of romance and some more romance, this is the book for you.

I Loved it. I recommend it. I gush about it. I am confused. I liked the book in bits and pieces. It is light hearted romance novel. It's not bad but there is nothing breath-taking about it either. Everyone warned her about that coach yet she went with him alone to a secluded place. I mean she almost gets herself raped by that pervert. Being a "damsel in distress" is not cool anymore. Sometimes it makes sense but here it didn't. I like it better when the female character is strong and can s I am confused.

I like it better when the female character is strong and can stand up for herself. She also lied to Angel about her friend.

She let him believe that Sydney was a girl. Hiding the truth is lying She was scared about how he would react to it because Angel believes that a girl and a boy can never be "just friends. Just because she is in a relationship with Angel doesn't mean he gets to decide who she can be friends with. I didn't like her much.

I couldn't relate to her. That's all. He started out nice but as the story progressed he got irritating. He was just too insecure. Possessiveness is fine. It's actually romantic but there is a limit to everything. The writing is good.

I like how the characters are written. There is depth in them. Also, I liked the secondary characters more so maybe I would read the other books in the series. I deeply enjoyed this fun young romance! Sarah and Angel are such a sweet couple, reading about their love was very touching. However I could not get pass Sarah's plans to move back to Arizona to be with her best friend Sydney i thought she was crazy to want to leave Angel especially after she decided to cash in her V card.

I can't wait to read Alex's bk next!!: All the Moreno brothers have a very protective dominate personality i felt s I deeply enjoyed this fun young romance! I recommend this bk to anyone who loves YA Romance. But readers should kno this bk has mature content. On to the next Book!!: Good story about first love. A little angsty, but good nonetheless. I really enjoyed this story.

It brought back memories of high school cause we had a set of Moreno brothers that we got all giddy for. High school drama and cute love story. Adored it. This book had some serious potential. There was just some spark or something missing. I can't really put my finger on it. I just didn't connect with Sarah and Angel. Sarah and Angel had an instant connection, they were drawn to each other from the moment they met and that part of the story was beautiful to read.

I found myself wanting more detail, why they felt that way about their budding relationship. Parts were choppy and time moved strangely, one moment it was daily then they jum 2. Parts were choppy and time moved strangely, one moment it was daily then they jumped ahead a few weeks.

That really pissed me off and I wanted her to stand up to Angel. In the end relationships are about compromise, I just felt that Sarah mad more than her fair share. Not sure where he got the idea that his word carried so much weight but at times I really wanted to yell at him for finding such fault in Sarah's friendship with Sydney. It's not that Angel was overly controlling, it's just the idea that his influence made Sarah not want to share her friend with him, just rubbed me the wrong way.

The cast of characters were funny and read like real life characters.

I see so much potential with this series and enjoyed Reyes first book in her other series. Not sure if what I'm feeling is a new writer finding her footing or what but I plan on reading the next book in the Moreno Brothers Series. What made this book for me were the supporting characters. I loved the humor of Angel's older brother Alex, his two bffs Eric and Romero and the straight forwardness of Sarah's cousin Valerie.

I didn't like that the author made Sarah too naive, or giving someone the benefit of the doubt, towards the end of the book. You'll see what I mean.

See a Problem?

I wanted to reach through the book and smack her upside the head. Sarah and Angel have a ve What made this book for me were the supporting characters. Sarah and Angel have a very strong connection chemistry , sometimes it seemed it was more from his side than hers but the way it was written just worked. Sometimes to me it boarded on obsessiveness, but like I said, it just worked for the characters and Angel's possessiveness and over protectiveness.

I was hoping for some swoon worthy words in Spanish from Angel, but that was not to be. In fact, he needed help in that department. It was a decent book and I really couldn't wait to see what other funny things would be said or done by the second hand characters.

I did find myself laughing out loud here and there. Just for Alex, Romero and Eric, I would rate this at a 3. Angel, Sarah, and Sydney A love triangle or one huge miscommunication?But if you are, then i highly recommend you pick this up immediately and give it a go.

But how dare I not trust Ms. I just wish Angel was not so stereotypical latino male considering the age we live in. What a perfect ending to this series! Friend Reviews. Great story and there are side stories as well. Possessiveness is fine. With their unexpected romance intensifying to places neither ever experienced, how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark?

I'm excited to read about Sofia and Alex the most. When she goes missing and is presumed dead as a teen, it nearly destroys him.

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