Richard shows Alexandra some pictures for Family Album, U.S.A.. Later, Richard leaves Family Album USA: Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street PDF ACT I Richard. Family Album, U.S.A. is a book by George Lefferts that later became a television Episode 1 - 46 Linden Street | PDF · Episode 2 - The Blind Date | PDF. Family Album, USA. Episode 1. "46 Linden Street". Act 1. Richard: Excuse me. My name is Richard Stewart. I'm a photographer. May I take a picture you and.

Family Album Usa Pdf

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Uploaded by: BENNETT Family Album, USA. Episode 17 “Photo Finish“. Act 2. Receptionist Good morning. Richard. Good morning. My name is Richard Stewart . Welcome to Family Album, U.S.A., the exciting new American television series created to Family Album, U.S.A. is for everyone who has studied English. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . I call it Family Album, U.S.A. Mrs. Vann: Oh, that's a nice idea. Well, it's fine if you take our.

This is my wife Marilyn. Richard showed me your photo.

Oh yes. Richard told us all about you. Its nice to meet you. And this is my mother, Ellen Stewart. And my father, Dr. Philip Stewart. Nice to meet you, Alexandra. Episode 1, Act 3 "46 Linden Street" www.

And you must be Susan. Im so glad you found the bag and took the time and trouble to return it. Oh, it was no trouble. I just took the wrong train.

Would you like something to eat? Thank you, no. I'm late for dinner at my house.

I really have to go. Would you like to call home? Id appreciate that. Please, use the phone.

Family Album, U.S.A.

Excuse me. Alexandras a high-school exchange student from Greece. Where does she live? With a family in the Bronx. Oh, thats not too far from here!

Take it easy, Robbie. Thank you. I can only stay a few minutes.

Have some iced tea. Thanks, Mrs. Please sit down, Alexandra. So, youre an exchange student. Where do you go to school? At the Bronx High School of Science. Oh, thats a very good school. What are your favorite subjects? Biology and mathematics.

Richard tells me youre a doctor. Yes, a pediatrician. And what does your father do? Hes a lawyer, in Thessaloniki. Would you like some pasta?

I made it myself. It might be a little cold. Thanks, no. I do have to go. It was nice meeting you all.

Well, maybe youll come for lunch some Sunday, so we can really thank you for bringing Richards bag back. Youre welcome anytime. Can I drive you home? No, thanks. The train is just up the street. It wont take me long at all. I want to have fun. Robbie So do I. Robbie I have to turn off the lights, or else my father will get really angry. He says I never turn them out when I leave.

What was that?

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Robbie It sounded like a dog barking. Alexandra It sounded like a dog barking right here. Robbie Yeah.


Robbie A spaniel! Come on in! Make yourself at home. Alexandra Oh,you poor little thing.

Come here. Robbie Come on. Robbie Where did you come from?

Family Album

Robbie, maybe you should call them and tell the Levinsons we have their cute little spaniel. She's so cute. Operator The number you are callingis no longer in service. Alexandra Oh, you poor, poor baby.He goes to high school.

I'm late for dinner at my house. Can I drive you home? Richard showed me your photo.

Thanks, no. I just took the wrong train. Diwata de Leon.

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