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Ever since I saw the movie Nan Kadavul I wanted to read Jeyamohan's novel Ezham Ulagam. Nan Kadavul is a movie that had left a lasting. Ulagam Tamil By bestthing.info Study Group totally free. We offer the downloading and install media like a pdf, word, ppt, txt, zip, rar, and also . Ezham Ulagam Tamil by Petra. Holtzmann Mentoring can be cost-free downloading and also free reading online in rar, word, pdf, txt, site, zip, and ppt .

The intention of this post is to provide an insight into Naan Kadavul and is part of my journey to understand the film better. Naan Kadavul is a guided tour of the largely unknown world of aghori sadhus and beggars. From a bird's eye view, the two tales would appear largely disjoint and one might get an impression that there is not much in common between the two groups.

But, there is actually a strong connection between beggars and aghori sadhus - only that Bala has played it subtle. Both aghoris and beggars belong to the same fictional seventh world. In a way, aghoris are beggars too, only that they chose their destiny.

1. Ponniyinselvan by Kalki

Bala has scripted a few scenes to convey this - the scene where a police constable mistakes Rudran for a beggar when he gets cocaine crazy.

There are also sequences where the 'poli-samiyargal' talk about Rudran in the same breadth as beggars.

While beggars are depicted as slave workers, Aghoris consider themselves to be super natural - next only to 'Kal Bhairav'.

Naan Kadavul is a tale of two extreme groups belonging to the same dark world.


It serves as a meeting point of the contrasting lives of Rudran and Hamsavalli. Bala has emphazized this belief throughout the tour in the form of various scenes and dialogues with a tinge of dark humour. A lot of the explicit content has been censored.

The Gods of the world were supposed to be present when Hamsavalli begs Rudran for death. The objective was to take a dig at ALL religions.

However, the censor board had other thoughts. To stress the point further, the physically disabled beggars were in the costumes of Lord Sivan, Parvathi and Murugan.

Muthammai cannot move an inch on her own, she has to be carried.

She is forced to have sex with similarly handicapped ghastly beggars with an intent to produce more such filthy creatures, which are eventually sold or used as a tool for begging. The shockwave started there and continued till the time I completed reading the book.

The author also takes us through the other side of their miserable lives, they laugh, they cry, they love, crack jokes and make fun. They even feel sorry for their shabby boss Pandaram when his daughter runs away with a local goon, they console him, overlooking all his brutalities.

Regardless of all the ugliness, they still continue to live as humans with all emotions like that of those in the normal world.

It was an overwhelming experience to read about their happiness. Pandaram, who makes his living by managing a gang of ill-fated beggars, is a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, his day begins with the darshan of his favorite deity.


Pandaram absolutely has no regrets nor guilt for making money at the cost of sufferings of the hapless beings. Before graduation, Intoy decides to finally confess his feelings but Jenny made a confession first.

Villalobos, aka Intoy, is secretly in love with his friend Jenny, the most beautiful girl in the campus. Kapag umalis ba ang babae mula sa kanyang bahay, aware siya na may lalakeng magbibitbit ng bag niya?

Ezham Ulagam ( ஏழாம் உலகம் )

It was their condition to not fall in love with each other. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. That should stir some curiosity in you, right? The film was directed by Erick C. Ships from and sold by site.


I love how Intoy reflects about his life, love, sex in self-narration.Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. Jeyamohan had been one of the first Indian ideologues to write about Anna Hazare many years before Anna Hazare's popular anti-graft movement.

How does reading story books contribute to my reading habit? Oru manidhan oru vidu oru ulagam by Jayakanthan Ra

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