Based on the original DUNGEONS 85 DRAGONS:cg rules created by Gary Gygax and Dave .. Complete Arcane makes use of the information in the three. This product uses updated material from the v revision. Visit our website at bestthing.info . fies a game feature found in Complete Arcane. Complete Arcane makes use of the information in the three. D&D core feats or spells that were simply too good, or take whatever steps the D&D v revi-.

Dungeons And Dragons Complete Arcane 3.5 Pdf

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D&D Complete Arcane - Tarth Moorda - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read Web Development: Mark A. Jindra utilizes the D&D v rules. Complete Arcane is a supplemental rulebook for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Complete Arcane () - Master Eldritch Secrets and Formidable Power Myth and mystery Watermarked PDF A more comprehensive reworking of 3e D&D's Tome & Blood, Complete Arcane manages to deliver an absurd.

Complete Arcane

A variety of for Complete Arcane adventures can take place here, though the intrigue within the enclave can constitute an adventure in itself. Penny Williams Editing: The information presented here Web Development: Mark A.

Graphic Design: Sean Glenn, Cynthia Fliege To get started, print out the adventure site, including the map.

The d20 logo is a trademark owned by Wizards of the Finally, review the information on warmages in Coast, Inc. All Wizards characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses Complete Arcane. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This product is a work of fiction. Abandoned when adventurers finally drove off the Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental. No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without years ago, the Duke of Urnst gave the old fortress to the written permission.

Some of the old buildings were razed to make room for student quarters; others were simply refurbished and put to new use. The area was thoroughly scouted and defenses against mundane and magical intrusion were set in place. On the second tier are the other But Sereda is not as confident about the impregnabil- buildings of the complex. Neatly stacked piles of javelins.

In recent months. Sereda Ostarte ascended to the threats from the air. He is also gathering information about A foot-high stone curtain wall surrounds the entire the Fire Hawks for his employers. The wall includes three round towers that extend 10 divinations have pointed to somewhere inside the feet above the rest of the wall. Because of the thickness of the wall. Like her magic. The uncomfortable climate and the Duchy of Urnst.

Since she took over. Two of these towers are complex and to the Bright Desert. The complex has desertions are not unknown. Stockpiles of material components are cached about she works to ensure the safety of her remaining every 20 feet along the walkway and at the top of each students and staff and minimize the demoralizing tower. So far. Against About five years ago.

Sereda runs the academy with an iron The fortress spans the entire top of the peak on hand.

Portions of the slope have been leveled to Moorda have proven their valor and might on the provide firmer foundations for buildings.

The rear portions of three buildings—the order disbanded. The ledges that separate the three tiers are roughly 30 Bendrik Sogoth. Bright Desert. The wall is 10 feet thick. But Sereda fears that the security of her enclave has been breached—and she Ledges is right. The third stands on the second tier. Its rugged terrain of the surrounding area are considered isolation helps to maintain the discipline required for a advantageous for training recruits in the art of war.

Since the Fire Hawks made it their own. Five of her most promising students. She has been use them primarily for firing ray spells. Sereda understands better than her predecessors did Arrow slits pierce the curtain wall at foot intervals. If visitors who have lied persist in trying to gain entrance. Hailing Point EL 5 The gate area has two access points—the outer gates At a sharp bend in the road on the lowest tier of the and a second pair of wooden gates that leads into the outpost is an octagonal cleared area.

If the trap indicates that Students 4: The roads are usually level 2. Ahead rises a s Reinforced Wooden Gates: If they fail to curtain wall around the clock. When visitors reach this point. Because the area receives little rain.

Anyone standing here has a good view of the High Creatures: Search DC The hailing point is clearly visible from all hours. Both sets of gates open outward. Four of them are relieved comply.

They rotate every eight buildings. If the visitors stop and answer. Will augmented in recent years. A portcullis that functions as a hailing point at which visitors can behind the outer gate gives the defenders inside the state their business to the guards.

Ahead stands a closed pair of foot-high wooden gates. This area out into an octagonal area about 25 feet across. This site is trapped with a discern lies spell Senior Students 2: The portcullis can be raised and lowered with a winch inside the The paved road winding up the steep slope widens foot-square area between the two sets of gates. Since whether to admit them or order them driven off. These guards are fighters that Sereda spells. Main Gate EL 6 except where wide stone steps connect the tiers.

If intruders force the gate open.

This fortified gate is the main entrance to the complex. Disable Device DC These mundane defenses have been octagon. Strength DC 25 to lift. Except for Nightfire. Saddles and tack are neatly stored to cast it. The trained mounts. The eighth is occupied by a spirited up with magic missile.

If they have time to prepare. Unless 3.

Two towers. Another such tower rises from the curtain Manual. Should an altercation Heat emanates from the open door of this small break out. Two guards patrol the top of each tower. Nearby stands a well-used anvil. This javelins. Access to the tower is via a door inside the at its rear.

Light warhorse. Should the alarm sound. Hay peeks When the attackers close to melee. Each of these rooms is identical to area 8. Guards The rooms are kept captain is inspecting one of the three towers.

If the warmages atop the towers weapons and armor in this one-room shop. Each of three stories end of the building. Read or see intruders approaching. Watch Captain Senior Student: At any time. The students here rotate stable duty. Supply Rooms regular guards male or female human fighter 1 are These three small rooms are used to store supplies rang- sleeping or relaxing inside each tower.

In the back of the shop hangs a curtain. They follow house shaggy mountain ponies about the size of small horses. Seven of the stalls in this well-maintained stable ing ray as soon as they can see the intruders.

The warmages in the complex are 5. Delkin drops whatever he is working on and lamp. The forge operates from dawn till dusk. This area serves as grabs the nearest sword to defend himself. Should anyone try to attack him in his Behind the curtain are a bed.

Delkin tolerates these warmasters. From time to Creatures: Delkin is always here except when he time. A few have heard odd haphazard groups about the room.

Read or paraphrase the Students 2—4: The students are not immediately hostile if roused. Should a fight breaks The sound of laughter and song fills this long out in one of these chambers. The chapel on the grounds is dedicated to Heironeous.

Lit flank their opponents. At present. Narthex are filled to capacity at present. The marks enameled pendant. This building can house a maximum of scrolls.

Feats. Spells. Prestige Classes. And more!

He also and at the head is a small table bearing a lamp and says that one morning he found a suspicious stain on one or two books. The students lead off with magic missile as numerous scorch marks. Bendrik sleeps with four other students in the since their armorer is one of their most valuable southeasternmost chamber on the first floor.

Rarely are these chambers completely empty. The walls bear marks of impact. Young humanoids of all races sit in groups here and there. If asked about unusual events in the Eight beds. Two to four students are asleep in each The students congregate in the lobby of their residence room at any given time.

At one end.

D&D Complete Arcane - Tarth Moorda

He cleaned it off and reported it to the high warmaster. These students know only the or hover about students. At the foot of each is a chest. Should they be in position to melee. When not in classes. Read or paraphrase the following when the charac- Development: Delkin cares little about the affairs ters enter one of these rooms. Two of the rooms on the The entryway of the chapel is lined with statues of vari- ous nonevil deities. Students They are conferences.

The books on the nightstands are textbooks on battle tactics. Tables and chairs stand in basic routines of the complex. Student Sleeping Rooms EL 2.

Two staircases sounds during the night. Hunting parties leave altar service consisting of several candlesticks. This small building has stone walls and a slate roof Creatures: Beyond the doors is a short flight of steps lead- Melver: There are three new classes, with the wu jen converted from Oriental Adventures and the war mage ported over from the Miniatures Handbook.

The new class that particularly shines is the warlock. There was great furor about the warlock when the class was released, with impassioned and sometimes a little bit frothing concern that the introduction of at-will spellcasting would prove to be dramatically overpowered. Nevertheless, it was a significant step away from Vancian magic and the creation of a fun, playable class that had a fairly low learning curve for newer players.

The warlock managed to combine fun new mechanics with superb flavor, something that's not particularly easy. Almost 20 new and converted prestige classes fill more than 50 pages. The alienist, with its tentacular revelations and twitching insanities, makes a return.

Of particular note are new prestige classes for bards, a fun class that had traditionally garnered less support in supplements than other spellcasters. It's also worth noting that every prestige class has a stat block for NPCs, making it simple for DMs to pull one in as an adversary. Feats of Strength. Because the diabolical forces behind the power of hellfire demand part of your essence in exchange for this granted power, if you do not have a Constitution score or are somehow immune to Constitution damage, you cannot use this ability.

Invoking: At each level, you gain new invocations known, increased damage with eldritch blast, and an increase in invoker level as if you had also gained a level in the warlock class. You do not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained.

Resistance to Fire 10 Ex : At 2nd level, you gain resistance to fire This resistance stacks with any resistance to fire you have gained from warlock class levels. Hellfire Infusion Su : Starting at 2nd level, you can infuse magic items that you wield with the power of hellfire. Whenever you use a charged magic item such as a wand or a staff , you can apply one of the following metamagic effects to your next use of the item: empower, enlarge, widen, or energy substitution.

These effects work just like the metamagic feats of the same name the Energy Substitution feat is described on page 79 of Complete Arcane. Using hellfire infusion is a swift action. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier minimum one.

When you infuse an item with hellfire, it glows briefly with fiery symbols that are disturbing to look upon.

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Hellfire Shield Sp : Starting at 3rd level, you can call up hellfire to surround yourself with a protective barrier. Whenever someone directs a melee attack against you, you can, as an immediate action, aim a blast of hellfire at that creature. This blast deals damage equal to your eldritch blast including bonus damage from the hellfire blast ability.

Playing a Hellfire Warlock You walk a dangerous path. Each use of hellfire brings you ever closer to death. You must be vigilant in your resolve and resist using this terrible magic recklessly. Since you wield the power of Hell itself, others are suspicious at best and downright hostile at worst. They fail to understand why you would use such power willingly and how you can resist its allure. Combat Using the abilities granted by this prestige class carries dangerous consequences. The Consitution damage that results from the use of your powers can be healed, and many hellfire warlocks carry wands of lesser restoration to compensate for the draining nature of their power.

However, the hit point loss that results from Constitution damage can be the difference between living and dying in a close-fought combat, so restrict use of these abilities to when you are confident doing so will have a meaningful effect on a battle's outcome. Advancement Hellfire warlocks enter this class after being exposed to some infernal agency. Witnessing the power inherent in hellfire creates a strong attraction many find too strong to resist.

It's possible you were one of these types, or maybe you stumbled across hellfire while experimenting with eldritch blast. Once you take your first level in this class, it's best to invest in the Use Magic Device skill so you can easily use items that heal the Constitution damage that you take.

Resources Hellfire warlocks lack any formal community, since they are often loners by nature, sequestering themselves away to further study and refine their techniques.

Baatezu target you and your colleaques with promises of assistance, magic, and even combat support.The Wild mage is a master of chaotic magic. Eclipse Phase. Dark Alliance II. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Myth and mystery surround those who wield the awe-inspiring might of arcane magic. Two of the rooms on the The entryway of the chapel is lined with statues of vari- ous nonevil deities. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors.

Another such tower rises from the curtain Manual. Because the area receives little rain.

Rainwater is piped into the cistern here.

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