O Diário de Lúcia Helena book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Lúcia e Beto sempre se deram muito bem até ela começar a na. PDF | The increase in the elderly population has prompted research on retirement. This study Lucia Helena de Freitas Pinho Franca at Salgado de Oliveira University · Lucia Helena de Diário O cial da União, seção 1. Lei No. Lúcia Helena Almeida Gratão at Federal University of Minas Gerais Em média, observaram-se variações do consumo diário de calorias em relação às.

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Download, Free Ou Aro Diario On Poster 1 Download Pdf, Free Pdf Ou Aro Diario jangmar barreto de almeida. josroberto de faria: lucia helena cavalcante. members of 10 public and private organizations in Rio de Janeiro. Lucia Helena de Freitas Pinho França2. Universidade Diário Oficial da União, seção 1. a nectar of açaí and cupuaçu (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Cydia de Menezes FURTADD3, Lucia Helena de Dliveira WADT4, Clarissa Reschke da.

The crystallinity index CI was estimated quantitatively, where the CI was defined as the ratio between the crystalline area and the total area covered by the curve, consisting of crystalline area and amorphous area of the region, according to the Eq.

As cited by Taggart , the bleached starches have Statistical analysis less than 0. Results and discussion Kuakpetoon and Wang also reported similar results for corn starch. During the oxidative reaction, the pH de- The oxidative treatment was carried out as already described crease may be explained by the formation of carboxyl and the chlorine concentration in starch slurries may not groups along the starch polysaccharides; an expected partial exceed levels of 5.

The oxidative media must be dissociation of those groups results in a more acidic starch alkaline due to the fact that acidic or neutral conditions and Lawal et al.

The decreasing For the native and slightly oxidized 0. These the 2. These different al. The also happen with the conventional RVA and Brabender effect of oxidation includes depolymerization and weaken- viscoamylograph. As the starch slurries were analyzed with ing of the starch granular structure, what makes the starch different concentrations, it is necessary to look at the results more soluble Lawal et al. It is very important to report that in The moisture contents of the native and modified cassava previous experiments by using the same starch concentra- starches were lower than The oxidizing treatments detect any viscosity; another important aspect to be consid- produce thin boiling starches, with decreased apparent vis- ered is the low final viscosity of the modified starches cosities.

By heating starch slurry, the granules swell and indicating macromolecular degradation during starch paste leaching of some fractions occurs. There is also granular cooking that took place in the viscographic analysis Fig. For the sample produced by treat- carboxyl content 5. These results are in agreement with those of Kuakpetoon and Wang that found lower pasting temperatures for different corn starches when oxi- dized, mainly at the concentration of 5.

The oxidative reaction promoted by NaClO results in partial glycosidic bonds disruption, lowering molecular weight that is reflected by starch paste viscosity decrease. The presence of bulky carboxyl groups, if compared with hydroxyl groups, weakens the granular structure of starch and contributes to lowering the paste viscosity Kuakpetoon and Wang ; Lawal et al. When the starch pastes are cooled, the starch macromo- lecules tend to re-associate due to hydrogen bonds formed between hydroxyls and as a result, the viscosity increase.

In the case of oxidized starch, this effect is restricted due to Fig. It is tive reactant presented a different behavior. During the filtration for recovering the water liberated Brabender viscoamylograph results, in arbitrary Brabender from the paste after the first freeze-thaw cycle, everything units BU or as torque in cm-g Suh and Jane In the next cycles 2nd and et al.

For the starch modified with the treatment with 5. It is possible thaw cycles, because all paste passed through the filter paper that sodium hypochlorite caused a formation of carboxyl not shown in Table 3.

In previous tests, considering the groups in the amorphous part of cassava granules, which same starch concentration for all samples, native or oxi- resulted in partial reorganization of these regions. The loss dized, the results were not reached as the oxidized samples of crystallinity observed when more concentrated hypochlo- produced very fluid pastes.

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Analyzing the samples with rite sodium 5. As already behavior is important for this type of converted starch and shown by Kuakpetoon and Wang , the changes in differentiate it from the most common acid-modified ones. The regions 1,, 1,, 1,, 1,, and treatment as shown by the rheological analysis. The C-O-C starch treatment: low, medium or high 0. As showed in the Fig. By analyzing the paste properties in a The oxidation caused structural changes on the starch mac- rotary viscometer the retrogradation was not observed as romolecules but they are very discrete to be revealed by the well as the syneresis.

The oxidized starches presented low FTIR spectroscopy due to overlapping. The region between viscosity peaks as well as low hot viscosity values. These infrared data were explored by using chemometrics and a principal component analysis PCA was carried out.


Similar results, with oxidized starch group- and to the National Scientific and Technological Research Council ing, were already published by Takizawa et al. CNPq for financial support.

X-ray diffraction studies proved that the modified starches suffered change in crystallinity, as showed in the Fig.

Starches tend to present pertinent crystalline arrange- ments depending on their botanical origin Cereda and References Vilpoux Native cassava starch had a C-type of X- ray diffraction pattern. It was possible to observe the major peaks applications. Cargill, Cedar Rapids, pp 1—3 intensities modifications. As already shown Amidos, Farinhas e Farelos. Cienc Tecnol Alim — Carbohydr Polym — Starch-Starke Lectures of the 57th Starch Con- troscopy.

Tese Doutorado em Tecnologia corn starch slurries.

Cereal Chem — Starch-Starke various cooking conditions using the micro visco-amylo-graph — Starch-Starke — Funda- Cereal Chem — Food Chem — In: Eliasson AC ed Starch in food: structure, function and 00 applications. Braz J Food Technol ; 8 Micronutrients supplied by the product, especially iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin C, may have also contributed to body growth, since they are involved in many anabolic reactions. Moreover, supplementation with multiple nutrients is more effective than single nutrient supplementation, as shown in a meta-analysis study carried out by Ramakrishnan et al.

J Nutr ; 10 The authors reported the effects of food supplement on the growth of children and adolescents in randomized controlled studies where combined nutrients were used, including vitamin A and iron. Similarly, Chagan et al. Effect on longitudinal growth and anemia of zinc or multiple micronutrients added to vitamin A: a randomized controlled trial in children aged months.

BMC Public Health ; Hieu et al. Multi-micronutrient-fortified biscuits decreased the prevalence of anaemia and improved iron status, whereas weekly iron supplementation only improved iron status in Vietnamese school children.

Br J Nutr ; 8 The improved iron status of children in the present study was superior to the results obtained in our previous study The effect of vitamin A fortification of sugar on iron metabolism in preschool children in Guatemala. Am J Clin Nutr ; 36 1 Hematological effect of supplementing anemic children with vitamin A alone and in combination with iron.

Am J Clin Nutr ; 48 3 The study of Bloem et al. Vitamin A intervention: short-term effects of a single, oral, massive dose on iron metabolism.

Am J Clin Nutr ; 51 1 The authors suggested that vitamin A has an effect on iron mobilization from reserves for hemoglobin synthesis, which increased iron absorption. The effect of vitamin A on iron mobilization from body reserves has been confirmed more recently by Zimmermann et al.

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Vitamin A supplementation in children with poor vitamin A and iron status increases erythropoietin and hemoglobin concentrations without changing total body iron. Am J Clin Nutr ; 84 3 Jimenez et al. A single dose of vitamin A improves haemoglobin concentration, retinol status and phagocytic function of neutrophils in preschool children. Br J Nutr ; 6 Dietary inadequacy is associated with anemia and suboptimal growth among preschool-aged children in Yunnan Province, China. Nutr Res ; 31 2 The current study showed no correlation between product intake and serum retinol.

West Junior K. Vitamin A in nutritional anemia. Nutritional Anemia.

Geneva: Sight and Life Press; The study conducted by Zimmermann et al. It is known that vitamin A metabolites act on the genetic regulation of erythropoietin synthesis and other hormones and cytokines involving red blood cell production According to West Junior Vitamin A is also involved in the iron regulator protein-2 IRP2 , and consequently affects gene expression of ferritin and transferrin synthesis Vitamin A deficiency aggravates iron deficiency by upregulating the expression of iron regulatory protein Nutr ; 28 3 The composition of the product with respect to other nutrients, such as zinc, copper, and vitamin C, may have contributed to improve the iron status of preschool children in the present study.

This assumption is supported by Ash et al. Randomized efficacy trial of a micronutrient-fortified beverage in primary school children in Tanzania. Am J Clin Nutr ; 77 4 The test group showed significantly higher concentrations of serum ferritin and lower prevalence of vitamin A deficiency than the control group.

Hyder et al. J Nutr ; 9 After a 6-month intervention period, the test group compared with the control showed higher weight and height gains, higher concentrations of hemoglobin, serum ferritin and retinol, and lower prevalence of iron deficiency anemia.

Those who received a weekly iron supplementation showed an intermediate prevalence of anemia 7. The presence of other nutrients may improve iron absorption and metabolism Provision of multiple rather than two or fewer micronutrients more effectively improves growth and other outcomes in micronutrient-deficient children and adults.

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J Nutr ; 5 It is known that vitamin C reduces ferric to ferrous iron, improving its absorption and bioavailability Hurrel R, Egli I. Iron bioavailability and dietary reference values. Am J Clin Nutr ; 91 5 Supl. Zinc is also necessary for iron metabolism and its deficiency alters erythropoiesis and reduces red blood cell resistance to oxidative stress Copper and zinc interactions in anemia: a public health perspective.

The addition of inulin may have contributed to the beneficial effects of the product on iron status in the present study.The effect of vitamin A fortification of sugar on iron metabolism in preschool children in Guatemala.

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