the voices of praising continue in our Coptic Orthodox. Church from generation to generation and unto the ages of all ages. We ask our Lord that He blesses. This recording of the complete Coptic Liturgy of St. Basil is the result of close cooperation between East and West. Having decided to further my study of Eastern. Is there a Coptic/English/Arabic/Romanized Coptic - English/Romanized Coptic - Arabic Psalmody (hard copy or PDF) that uses the same.

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Deacons of the Coptic Diocese of the Southern United States. By: St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church, NJ; Midnight Psalmody (PDF). The journey begins with what is called "Praise" (Tasbeha),. "the Vespers and Matins.” We begin on the heavenly path by entering into an angelic atmosphere. The Coptic Rite's theological basis of our Orthodox Church is extremely Catholicon mp3 3 To listen to the Acts in Coptic Chant

Also the hymns are selected to reflect the right theology in the right place, for example in the Good Friday we have two hymns for St. Mary in the 6th and 9th hours.

I will give examples from the liturgy prayer of St. Cyril which is thought to be among the first liturgies developed by St. Mark and completed by St. In the Absolution of the Priests, which is prayed after the three services of mid night prayer, it includes a large number of litanies8. Are new homes springing up in the ancient cities?

What government directs the world?

Are there still some remaining for the demons to carry away by their delusions? Asceticism: the Coptic Church is well known for its ascetic fasts and prayers. Many prayers moved from the monastery to find its place now in all churches including the churches in immigration land, such as the psalmody prayer and daily seven prayers.

In the Holy Pascha week, monks and many laymen fast the last three days without food or drink. The art of weakening the body in order to give the soul way to overcome the desires of flesh is strongly the theme of all fasts.

For example, in the rites of burial we pray for the departed nevertheless we pray for those who might be dead but think that they are alive just by walking, breathing, etc… so we pray the litany for the sick10 to remind those who are attending the burial or funeral service that this departed person is alive in the paradise now, but some of us might be dead without feeling that we are dead.

So from the rites we learn practical lesson to our lives.

The Lectionary book of the Coptic Church, reflects a deep theological meaning behind the selection of each day. The third is the story of Daniel and the three children.

In between the canticles explanations are chanted with the faithful asking for the intercession of St. Mary and other saints.

After the commemoration of saints and doxologies, we have the fourth canticle which is comprised of psalms , and Following this we get the Psali of the day, more hymns to St. Mary which explores the themes of symbols relating to the Virgin and Christs incarnation and then we have a reading from the gospel.

Then the usual conclusions follow with the recitation of the creed, Holy Holy Holy and if a priest is present the absolution. Significance: Why Tasbeha? Why are young Copts today in the lands of immigration attending Tasbeha?

Why is it that when I go to any church Canada and United States that Tasbeha is packed with many youths? It is quite an interesting trend and one I would like to un-package some more. First and foremost worship or praise is the inclination of calling out on the name of God and if we understand worship in this manner than the Tasbeha must be the closest thing to worship not only on earth but also in heaven.

The church fathers who wrote a big part of the Tasbeha repeatedly called this service the decoration of the church by which the church is decorated and being prepared for the bridegroom. Just as the church is being decorated we are called to decorate our being in renewing our nature to live out the message of Christ. How does this renewing happen?

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It happens in everything that we are called to do within the church as a whole, as taught to us throughout the Tasbeha service. We died to Christ and are born again cf. Jn 3 being made alive in Christ Baptism.

Just as the Jews passed over the red sea and they were renewed with Christ, we are called to make the same journey in order to be united in the body of Christ. Just like Psalm gives thanks to God for his good creation and his works we are called to live out in harmony with all of creation and are asked to enjoy everything in creation. Tasbeha is constantly being lived out if we think about it rationally.

If praise and worship is a form of calling out to the name of God is this not what we are called to do daily? I believe that Tasbeha is popular amongst the younger generation because the youth are beginning to understand that the liturgical services stand outside of time.

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Time is not bound to the church and this means that the church is constantly in motion. If we are present at the physical building or we are going about our daily lives the church is constantly present.

Praise is not held down to a specific time but an ever moving reality of uniting to God. If God is to be praised then this explains why St. Paul says pray without ceasing 1 Thess 5. Prayer then becomes a way of knowing the mystery of God which was revealed to us in the incarnation of his Son.

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Tasheba allows us to contemplate this mystery with the various aspects of the chants occurring during the canticle and doxologies. Matthew the Poor speaks excellently on this when he says: And so we discover that, through constantly gazing at Christ in prayer, we become endowed with the multitude of Cherubic eyes.

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These eyes work within us to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God.Tasbeha is the transliteration of the Arabic word for praise. This explains why many youths attend Tasbeha. In the Holy Pascha week, monks and many laymen fast the last three days without food or drink.

Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. I believe that Tasbeha is popular amongst the younger generation because the youth are beginning to understand that the liturgical services stand outside of time.

Psalmody Book w/Coptic Presentations Translation

Each canticle as we said is taken directly from scripture. When he was enthroned to the See of St. Format[ edit ] After praying the Agpeya , Tasbeha begins with the hymn known as Ten Theno which calls on God to awaken us from our slumber so that we may praise Him fittingly.

If praise and worship is a form of calling out to the name of God is this not what we are called to do daily? Outside the monasteries, this usually only happens on Saturday night followed by the Sunday liturgy, and often happens in the evening though not necessarily at midnight.

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