You either become a professional victim or you develop that supreme survival strength that signals the predator to stay at Wade spent 19 years in hell holes like San Quentin, Angola and Marion. He entered this world a gangly, terrorized weakling and he graduated to final. Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness-Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength by Paul Wade. Read online, or download in. Get the eBook, Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade, which lays out the 6-set system of 10 progressions. Order this eBook today at Dragon Door.

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Convict Conditioning. IdentifierConvictConditioning_ Identifier-arkark:/ /t9n OcrABBYY FineReader Olsearchpost. How Do YOU Stack up Against the 6 Ultimate Measures of a TRUE Man? Chances are that whatever athletic level you have achieved, there. Similar Free eBooks. Filter by page count, Unfrittunatelfi' ji't'iu wih net be able to learn Convict Condition. Convict Conditioning: About fhis Book.

Page 1 Becoming strong The nature and the art of real strength… Page 2 Why mastery of progressive calisthenics is the ultimate secret for building maximum raw strength… Page 2 The forgotten art of bodyweight training How I learned my craft: Doing time A dozen one-arm handstand pushups without support—anyone?

Page 3 How to rank in a powerlifting championship—without ever training with weights… Page 4 The scary heritage of Joe Hartigen and the Mighty Atom… Pages 5—6 2: Old School Calisthenics The Lost Art of Power Calisthenics as a hardcore strength training technology… Page 9 The ancient art of bodyweight training Spartan "" calisthenics at the Battle of Thermopolylae… Page 10 How to cultivate the perfect body—the Greek and Roman way… Page 10 The tradition of strength The golden era of the modern strongmen… Pages 11—14 Twentieth century greats The end of an era The difference between "old school" and "new school" calisthenics… Page 15 The role of prisons in preserving the older systems… Page 16 Strength training as a primary survival strategy… Page 16 The origin of Convict Conditioning The "secret history" of old school calisthenics, and the role that prisons have played in preserving these arts… Page 16 Yes!

I am ready to take my strength, energy and health to undreamt-of new heights thanks to Convict Conditioning. Page 20 The charade of high-rep low-weights and the dangers of "macho" bodybuilding… Page 20 The modern fitness scam… Pages 21—22 The 6 basic benefits of bodyweight training… Pages 22—27 Why calisthenics are the ultimate in functional training… Page 23 The value of cultivating self-movement—rather than object-movement… Page 23 The real source of strength—it's not your muscles Page 33 A jealously-guarded system for going from puny to powerful—when your life may depend on the speed of your results… Page 33 The 6 "Ultimate" Master Steps—only a handful of athletes in the whole world can correctly perform them all.

Can you? Part II—The Big Six: Power Moves 5: The Pushup How to forge armor-plated pecs and steel triceps… Page 41 Why the pushup is the ultimate upper body exercise—and better than the bench press… Page 41 Benefits of the pushup… Pages 41—42 How to effectively bulletproof the vulnerable rotator cuff muscles… Page 42 Why "perfect" technique is individual-specific… Page 42 Observe these 6 important rules for power-packed pushups… Page 42 The optimal speed for developing maximum strength with your pushups… Page 43 When fast is good and when slow is better… Page 43 The importance of smooth technique to develop higher levels of pure strength… Page 43 The dangers of speediness… Page 43 How basketballs, baseballs and kissing-the-baby all translate into greater strength gains… Page 44 What's best?

Palms, knuckles, wrists or fingers? Page 44 How to guarantee steel rod fingers… Page 45 Do you make this stupid mistake with your push ups? This is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Convict Conditioning 2

How to become a member of the endangered species… Page 64 How to achieve consecutive one-arm pushups each side… Page 64 Going Beyond the One-Arm Pushup… Page 68—74 This kind of training is murder and will really take your workouts up a notch… Page 68 This little fella will really separate the iron men from the baby-weight pumpers! Page 69 Decline pushups—do you really need them?

Page 70 Wide pushups—to bust your pecs… Page 70 Why Superman pushups should be saved for Lois Lane… Page 71 These Gecko pushups truly separate the wannabees from the real thing… Page 71 The pros and cons of Plyometric pushups… Page 71 How to perform a one-arm clapping pushup—for the very brave and the superbly conditioned only… Page 71 Stretch pushups—waste of time? Page 72 Why Jackknife pushups are killa for MA… Page 72 The plank— The old timers loved this exercise, and not without reason… page 73 Incline tiger bends—when you insist on bulging arms… Page 74 Maltese pushups—for gymnasts only?

Page How to add conditioning, speed, agility and endurance to legs that are already awesome…. Page Fireman sprints—wonderful torture and great for the whole body… Page "To paraphrase a famous political quote: "It's the progressions stupid.

This is knowledge proven in "extreme' conditions. So respect the progressions and put in your time—you'll be stronger for it. By far the most innovative fitness book in years. I already implemented the neck bridges, calf and hand training to my weekly schedule, and as soon as my handstand pushups and leg raises are fully loaded I'll start the flags. Thank you, Coach! I like the format the subject is presented.

No nonsense and straight forward in the approach mixed with reasonable amount of good "words of wisdom". Very easy to commit to and digest.

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Wish I had been shared these advise when I was younger before wearing down my body with all heavy weight powerlifting. Entering the world of kettlebell and subscribing on Dragon Door products who offered me both volumes of Convict Conditioning as e-books at discount price has convinced me that calisthenics bodyweight training is the "honest" and true way of strength training for life.

The content of these volumes capturing generations of knowledge on the subject I consider to be unique and should be in every serious strength trainers book possesion. CC2 has upped the ante, and provided the perfect complement to the first volume.

At this point in time, after almost ten weeks of training, I am one week away from finishing step one of the first 5 in CC1; I finally had the funds available to download CC2 roughly three weeks ago. The way this has perfected my bodyweight training is incredible. Being the fanatic that I am, I have incorporated every exercise from CC2 that is appropriate for my level of fitness into my routine- fingertip pushups, hang progressions, preliminary front and wrestler's bridges, calf work, joint circles, and what is becoming the cornerstone of my training, the trifecta progressions.

The addition of the trifecta progressions has given me all of the benefits of 45 minutes of yoga in under 3 minutes. That alone has been worth the price of the books.

What I Liked

I've noticed that some people have complained about the price point and the whole 'convict' aesthetic. I say that slipping into complete phyiscal breakdown and getting strung out on medication as old age encroaches is even more expensive.

A one time investment in an exercise program you can utilize for the rest of your life?

Another way of looking at the price issue is to compare this to a gym membership plus trainer fees. Think about it.

Convict Conditioning: The Forgotten Art of Bodyweight Training (Book Excerpt)

The inspiration comes from Paul's story, and the warning comes from the fact that prison seems really scary. Work your body and mind, maximize your strength and flexibility, and build a lifestyle that inspires others. So, to sum up, combining both volumes results in a complete course of body work that can be completed in an hour; I have developed two routines combining everything except handstand push ups; the first runs M,W,F and the second runs T,Th,S, and both routines are completed within an hour.

Joint circling and the trifecta stretches happen first, and are done seven days a week.

The first routine then includes pushups, squats and bridges, and then moves to fingertip push ups and the hang progressions. The second routine includes pullups and leg raises, and then moves to the flags.

Neck and calf training happen twice weekly. Adding in the CC2 exercises increased my workouts by maybe 20 minutes, and has multiplied my results a millionfold. Thorough and efficient, starting my day with these routines has lead to increased energy and mental toughness, and at 36 I feel like I'm My hat's off to you, Coach.

Can't wait for CC3. It's worth also reading Al Kavadlo and Pavel Tsatsouline but this book forms the bedrock of all training. The knowledge in it is crucial. If you don't like it, just ignore the discussion of convicts and bodyweight vs lifting weights but he's got a point about a lot of gym training. Check out the "Convict Conditioning" book on site.

What I Did Not Like Since so many people take up body weight training with the hopes of improving how their body looks, it was slightly disappointing to have no information on nutrition included in the book. When it comes to body composition we know that both training and exercise have to be addressed. More advanced athletes may also be left underwhelmed by the lack of advanced training techniques. Although very advanced routines are provided, there is no mention of methods to improve grip strength for example.

Who Convict Conditioning Is Perfect For Convict conditioning is ideal for body weight training enthusiasts of all abilities. Who Convict Conditioning Is NOT a Good Fit For Despite being a brilliant resource of calisthenics wisdom, perhaps the book is not ideal for you if You are perfectly happy with your current program and progress You are a very advanced trainee who has been training for many years You are looking for advice on nutrition Final Thoughts With Convict Conditioning, Coach Paul Wade has put together a fantastic resource that covers everything you need to go from a complete beginner to an advanced calisthenics athlete in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Convict Conditioning

All of the methods and techniques that he outlines come from his own long career as both a penitentiary athlete and a coach. Not only is his advice solid and down to earth, but it is refreshing in the current culture of fads that we live in. I would recommend Convict Conditioning to anyone who is looking to make consistent and sustainable progress with their training.You either become a professional victim or you develop that supreme survival strength that signals the predator to stay at bay.

I'm currently pounding through the steps of Convict Con. And even those in our military and LEO rely more on the security of their weapons and armor than on their own personal, raw power and brute strength to carry the day. The twists in particular feel so damn good, it's unbelievable. Jackknife Pullups—correct performance, x-ray detail, training goals and perfecting technique … Page I do every exercise as prescribed in the book and follow it to the T.

I have gotten more and better results in the last 2 months on this program than I did training freeform all spring and summer. Paul Wade mined these secrets as if his life depended on it-and of course in many ways it did. Originally, I entered the Navy at 5'11 and lbs.

Coach Wade understands this completely and has crafted programs that will make anyone who uses them a complete physical animal in no time flat.

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