Get answers to frequently asked questions for NOOK Reading Apps. on a NOOK device, NOOK Reading app or from the web, not visible in my Library on the NOOK Reading app? Can I read NOOK Kids books on the NOOK Reading app?. Your Library appears blank or NOOK Books are missing. 1. restart your device if you have not already done so and then launch the NOOK Reading App. Well, I, too, have a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and the Nook app doesn't work. It pretends to work. I can see all my books but I cannot open them up to.

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This item cannot be downloaded from your browser" error. That wouldn't be a problem, if I could download the books via the nook for pc library which I can't. I have downloadd books from B&N in the past (mostly due to some good sale prices) .. It's worth noting that I have not updated the Nook app. I have downloaded the Nook app on my Surface Pro 4 and it has stopped downloading books. Any help would be appreciated. I've uninstalled.

Sep 04, The Nook app does not work with Windows Windows 10 was released in October as a beta and was available then for developers. When cancelling a subscription to a magazine since it doesn't work their "Technical Support" blamed me because I did not divine that their app did not work even though it is advertised as working on their web site.

They claim they are working on a revised version, too late for this ex-customer. Jan 27, One can look forward for free nook alternatives also http: Oct 24, I have a new laptop with Windows 10 and the nook app works very well, nice alternative to the Read Instantly feature of the web site that came and went and then came and went again.

It is very similar to the nook app I have on my phone but of course more readable.

If in doubt I would uninstall and reinstall. May 07, Well, I, too, have a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and the Nook app doesn't work. It pretends to work. Music, movies, books…all stored in some mystical cloud. You should be able to download the file with no restrictions.

The files should be playable in any app capable to play or read it. The downloader should be allowed to lend the file out and re-sell it. Just like physical media. As consumers- we have taken a big step backwards. Overdrive is a different business from Barnes and Noble so downloading through Overdrive would not be affected by a Barnes and Noble download policy. Of course, we may be seeing a trend but given the hot mess that is the internet infrastructure in the US, book retailers who follow suit will likely be cutting their own throats by doing so.

Will this be the future? That site etc will, sooner or later, just allow u to read but not download books. It is like movies being streamed to our TVs. As someone who gets a fairly large number of free and sale books, I have a large nook library. I actually ran out of space on my simple touch nook. Not gonna be possible anymore now. The sideloading is one of the reasons I chose Nook over site. DRM is evil. Ownership of that copy of the work should be irrevocable.

Maybe the CEO has stock in site.

FWIW, I am still able to download using the nook study app https: Good bye Nook. Been nice knowing you. So exactly WHY would anyone download a Nook now?

Maybe the Accounting Department is looking for a big tax write-off for when the Nook crashes and burns? I do not and have seldom sold an ebook through site, just its competitors. site has already demonstrated its inability to sell books; is this the same line of thinking with BN? I see that as the only option left to me at the rate this shrinkage continues.

I have even entertained the notion of just selling the physical books when so many obstacles to book sales are thrown in my direction.

Anyone else feel that way? Kobo, hope you enjoy getting my money more than Barnes and Noble did! Is there anywhere we can officially register our feelings about this change? I agree with Karl, too.

That ends today. I want to be able to make a backup copy of a book just like I am legally permitted to make a backup copy of any software i download. Hmmm…I never thought of all these other reasons for sideloading.

I always download to my PC and then move the book onto my nook. I just figured out how to find the local copy on my PC that is downloaded by Nook for PC and copied it to my Book folder, so for now that method will still get me what I want.

Barnes & Noble Decides That downloadd Ebooks Are Only Yours Until Your Credit Card Expires

When you try to sign in with Nook for PC, you get an error: Sign in: Until this move, I was finding that Nook readers offered a MUCH better reading experience than any of the sites and with the move to Google Play, they now offer a better tablet experience as well. Even my DRM-free ebooks are not downloadable. For shame. Well crap. This elimination of the books has created issues for people like myself who travel a lot to locations where this is no access to the internet.

To help reduce the amount of weight that I have to travel with I leave my E-reader at home and downloaded the books to my computer that I have to bring due to my work.

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As the books that I have downloadd are my property and should be able to download them to my computer. At least if you go to the public library that has ebooks you can at least down load them for a period of time.

We have 4 nooks in our house and now I regret them all.

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Just makes me so frustrated. It seems to be hidden away but I just googled it and got the following page: I downloadd a Nook Simple Touch. I eventually got rid of it because, as most consumers do, wanted one device to read books on and the transferability of my downloads.

If one spends money on an ebook to read, they should own it straight out and be able to read it in whatever reading app they have and desire. These companies treat everyone like a criminal and should be just happy people are downloading their products—not limiting consumers choices and creating all these bells and whistles to overcome to read an e-book. I for one will not be downloading any more ebooks from any company that uses this DRM and read only on my app device strategies.

At least I truly own it then. What a damn joke. Nook books are now the only ones I cannot read on my PC.

The actual Nook for Windows app also will not allow me to download the books I have downloadd. Shame on the publisher of some of my favorite titles for using Nook as their exclusive delivery format.

I am not tech savvy at all but the last two books I have tried to upload onto my NOOk from the library have not worked. The book is on my computer but cannot get it onto my NOOK. Any help? Well, I just bought the very last Nook book I will ever download.

What a close call! Page 1 of Thread Tools.

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Nov Location: USA Device: Originally Posted by library addict Here is part of the email I got back from them: Dear Customer, Greetings from Barnes and Noble! Thank you for contacting us. I'm sorry to learn that the download option on your books are missing. If you are attempting to unlock a sideloaded file, you will not be able to do so.

We apologize for any inconvenience. I hope that I was able to address your concern accordingly. It is my great honor and privilege to assist you with this concern. Find More Posts by library addict.

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Jun Device: Find More Posts by gbm. FizzyWater You kids get off my lawn! Columbus, Ohio Device: Find More Posts by FizzyWater. New Jersey Device: Visit cromag's homepage! Find More Posts by cromag. Fbone Is that a sandwich? Find More Posts by Fbone. Feb Location: Monroe Wisconsin Device:Of course you can see recent ones that way, but I want to see all my books like it was before.

Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. Are you the publisher? Not gonna be possible anymore now. The new update 3.

This ebook is rated DRM.

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