everything you need to know to defuse even the most insidious of bombs. Instructions for disarming modules can be found in Section 1. "Needy" modules. Get the companion bomb defusal manual for the video game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! View / Print PDF · View as Webpage · How to Play Looking . Version 1. View / Print PDF · View as Webpage the wrong manual is no fun! The wrong manual version might give the wrong instructions for defusing a bomb.

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Bomb Defusal Manual - Unofficial Translations. This is currently a work in progress. You can find the original in English here. Brazilian PortuguesePDF. Bomb Defusal Manual - [Free] Bomb Defusal Manual [PDF] [EPUB] defusal manual for the video game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!. The other players are the “Experts” who must give instructions to defuse the bomb by deciphering information found in the Bomb Defusal Manual. But there's a.

Maximum winds for the optimum burst height were computed by using the maximum dynamic pressures for optimum burst height and the corresponding overpressures. To read the blast parameters shown in the large window, it is necessary only to set the range of interest opposite the yield.

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For example, if a 1. It is of interest to note that these overpressures are applicable to any number of yield-range combinations which can be read directly from the two scales, e.

Duration and arrival time of the blast wave can be read in the appropriate window on the small disk. The only rule setting necessary for these readings involves moving the hairline on the tab to the yield of interest. To continue the example cited above, by setting the hairline on KT, it is found reading in the second window from the center that for a surface burst the blast wave of 3.

Reflected Overpressure Ch. III When an ideal or classical blast wave strikes a flat surface head-on, i. Values of reflected overpressure vs. Suppose, for example, that a blast wave with a maximum overpressure of 30 psi strikes the side of a building head-on, by reading the reflected overpressure scale opposite psi incident overpressure, it can be determined that psi overpressure results from this reflection.

XI The translational velocities for man and window glass which appear in windows on the small disk were computed for the following conditions: 1 The velocities are those which would be attained after 10 ft of travel from the original position. Velocities that would apply to a surface burst can be estimated by a method illustrated below. To find velocities of translation for man and window glass, set the tab hairline on the yield of interest and read in the appropriate windows velocities as a function of range.

If the yield is KT and the range 1. These velocities apply to a burst at optimum height which would produce a maximum overpressure of 7. A surface burst, however, under the same conditions of yield and range would produce a maximum overpressure of only 3. See example cited above under Blast Parameters. By using the overpressure, yield and range scales, it is found that 3. Reading the appropriate velocity scales at 2. It should be noted that these velocities apply to a KT weapon at a range of 1.

Every second counts. Which wire to cut — the blue or the red one? How to set the control knobs? Only two minutes left… Your flashlight battery runs out.

The adrenaline kicks in. Will you keep a cool head and defuse the bomb? The hero is the only player who uses the console. The other players become the Expert Team and they have access to the bomb defusal manual. You can also use other fuels instead of propane, e.

These fuels give better results, if security measures allow you to download. You can collect the gas in one Cooking Gas Cylinder instead of six cylinders, as long as the pressure is not lower than 12 bars.

The higher the gas pressure the stronger the explosion. Simply by applying the everyday creativity associated with cooking to bomb making, the reader not only participates in Jihadist tactics but also becomes a creative partner in the quest for improvement and innovation see, e.

Having gathered the necessary ingredients, the lone mujahid faces the challenge of safely and effectively assembling an explosive device. Bomb making is difficult and dangerous work; missteps can yield an ineffective device, or untimely detonation.

Consequently, Jihadist tactical technical communication must find the right words to describe the procedural steps for assembling an effective bomb while also reducing the potential margin of error. Like ingredients, the term preparation associates Jihadist bomb-making tactics with the everyday practice of cooking.

Thus, the term preparation functions as an organizer; it aids the reader in identifying the steps required to produce a given result. Many steps also include notes on the manner in which the step is to be completed: quickly, gently, cautiously, or while carefully monitoring certain details. When instructing the reader to pour a flammable substance into the pipe, the AQ Chef cautions: Do so gently in order not to tear the filament, which is very sensitive.

The device would not explode if the filament is torn. Fill in the pipe with the inflammable substance. These words convey important information; completing the preparation steps carelessly, roughly, or too slowly will result in an ineffective device or accidental detonation.

The author also explains scientific concepts behind the procedures described in the recipes: combustion, chemical explosion, mechanical explosion, friction, centrifugal force CF , and the concept of the electrical circuit.

These three concepts appear in all seven articles, where they provide background knowledge relevant to understanding the preparation steps. A ratio of 1 part gas to 9 parts air is sufficient for propane to start burning.

The combustion can turn into an explosion if the gases are confined and this is what is referred to as a mechanical explosion. The combustion results in the formation of gases along with heat and when these gases do not find a way out, the pressure increases and explosion results releasing all the gases and heat. Once the lone mujahid has assembled an explosive device, he or she must find the right moment to detonate it in a terrorist attack.

To equip unaffiliated individuals with the capacity to carry out terrorist attacks, Jihadist tactical technical communication must address the issue of timing. The term timing is particularly associated with three important factors that the lone mujahid must consider: weather, crowds, and events.

There are also scientific magazines that study the climate of each country. AQ Chef, , p. They have worldwide media coverage. The best time is after the final whistle, when huge crowds leave the stadium and celebrate around the entrances.

In addition to addressing contextual factors related to timing, the AQ Chef also speculates about the long-range repercussions of an attack. It is because Allah says: So fight in the cause of Allah; you are not held responsible except for yourself. And inspire the believers to join you that perhaps Allah will restrain the military might of those who disbelieve.

And Allah is greater in might and stronger in exemplary punishment [an-Nisa: 84]. AQ Chef, a, p. The goal is Inshallah that if enough Muslims fulfill their obligations of Jihad, the Kuffar and their insurance companies will be so sick of the terror caused and money wasted by these simple operations that they will press their government to stop the tyranny against Muslims.

These operations come under the umbrella of deterrence operations. As illustrated above, these terms are not mere superficial metaphors. In a world where bomb making is as easy as cooking, terrorist tactics threaten to impinge on everyday life. Jihadist tactical technical communication operates within and through established institutions, poaching on the languages and practices of everyday life e.

The tactical affordances of bombs enable terrorists to evade detection while planning and carrying out attacks.

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Inasmuch as tactical instructions train and motivate individuals to prepare these devices, terrorism studies intersects with technical commu- nication. Further research at the juncture of these two fields might compare instructions published by different groups, examine intertextuality across different instruction sets, or explore how analyz- ing terrorist instructions might aid authorities in predicting future attacks. Moreover, further analysis of terrorist tactical communication might spur innovations in counter- terrorism strategy.

Consider the U.

Yet, when terrorist tactics poach on everyday practices, citizens may be unlikely to spot the signs. Based on the instructions presented in Inspire, DHS might consider an expanded campaign that encourages citizens to report: 88 H.

Once again, further research is needed to explore the range of tactical instructions published by different terrorist movements. By analyzing the instructions that spread terrorist tactics, technical communication scholars might suggest strategies and tactics for defusing the threat they pose—thus making powerful contributions to future counterterrorism strategy.

Notes on contributor Hilary A. Peter is an assistant professor of professional and technical writing in the English department at Columbia College Chicago. References Ahmad, I. Islamism and democracy in India: The transformation of Jamaat-e-Islami. AQ Chef. Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. Inspire Magazine, 1, 33— Destroying buildings. Inspire Magazine, 4, 39— It is of your freedom to ignite a firebomb.

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Relations with the Islamic World. Strategies for preventing terrorism.

Brachman, J. Global Jihadism: Theory and practice. New York, NY: Routledge. Burke, K. Attitudes toward history 3rd ed. Fact, inference, and proof in the analysis of literary symbolism.

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Bryson Ed. New York, NY: Harper. Philosophy of literary form: Studies in symbolic action. A rhetoric of motives. Language as symbolic action. Calamur, K. The Atlantic. The branding of violent Jihadism. Visual propaganda and extremism in the online environment. The practice of everyday life.

The practice of everyday life: Living and cooking Vol. Department of Homeland Security. If you see something, say something. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 40 2 , — Rhetorics of alternative media in an emerging epidemic: SARS, censorship, and extra-institutional risk communication. Technical Communication Quarterly, 18 4 , —The production of early or local fallout is dependent on the relative size of the fireball radius and the height of burst.

RL is the radius of the crater lip and D is the depth of the crater measured from the undisturbed ground-level to the bottom of the crater. To this end, many Jihadist organizations produce what is known as tactical technical commu- nication. To read the blast parameters shown in the large window, it is necessary only to set the range of interest opposite the yield. Everyday matters: Reception and use as productive design of health-related texts. In addition to identifying suitable materials, the term ingredient evokes the everyday creativity associated with cooking see, e.

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The minimum height of burst for negligible early fallout, read in the same window, is 1. PETER working primarily from textual sources. The nuclear-radiation data were computed for air bursts, slant ranges, air-density ratio of 0.

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