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Bmw Brand Book

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BMW Brand Identity | CI Standards for design guidelines for the appearance of BMW Clubs | What you will learn. What lies in store for you. 3. At a glance. 4. Every person is unique. And so are the brands of the BMW Group and the products and services they offer. Everything about the brands is designed to transform. All topics on the BMW Group corporate website at a glance. Cookie guidelines. When you visit, we .. Brand Protection Flyer. (1 file). BMW.

The symbol never performs a practical function and is never placed in positions or on objects which might have a negative impact in terms of image. It is never dyed and must never be used in an inflationary manner.

The symbol or its component parts may not be used as functional design elements such as bell buttons, snap fasteners, floor mats etc. The symbol may not be used against colourful, restless or photographic backgrounds. In exceptional cases, for example in the field of sponsoring, the symbol can also be applied against coloured backgrounds or placed on photographs of one or more colours.

The symbol is never used in body copy or as a substitute for the wordmark. Unambiguous and unmistakable.

The BMW wordmark is a fixed, unchangeable term. It is to be applied with the greatest of care as it stands for the products and services of BMW. Like the symbol, the wordmark is also subject to worldwide copyright and may only be used as a sender designation by the official BMW Clubs.

Brand Management of Luxury Goods: Mercedes and BMW

It always appears in black. Other colours are not permitted, nor is the use of hyphens. The official brand typeface of BMW.

The typeface BMW Type is distinctive down to the smallest details. Each individual letter has been designed and digitalised separately with its own specific line shaping. The typeface may never be used in uppercase, letter-spaced or underlined forms. The type is only applied in either grey or black, never in colour.

BMW Type is not to be used for any other purpose. For other applications, it is recommended that an easily legible, plain and simple sans-serif typeface is used such as Arial. A strong BMW Club has a strong symbol. The use of such elements as vehicle designations, the Identity Modules or the BMW symbol is not permitted.

This reputation is rooted in the company's long history and rich tradition. The brand delivers the promise of effortless power and perfect sanctuary. BMW Motorrad fans wake up every morning with their engine running. Be impatient to get out and on it. Energy management: economical and sustainable.

We enable effective digital energy management in terms of costs and sustainability, and ensure an uninterrupted supply of heating and electricity for our customers.

Alphabet provides business mobility solutions that meet individual requirements and bring the greatest benefits. Customer loyalty is the mission. BMW Group Financial Services is one of the leading financial services providers in the automotive sector. Inspiring the innovation culture of the BMW Group.

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Designworks is a global creative consultancy. With clients in a multitude of industries, Designworks brings outside perspectives and creative impulses to the BMW Group.

Each brand is unique.

The driving force of Mobility.

BMW is dedicated only to the driver. BMW doesn't just build cars. Learn more BMW i. BMW i offers sustainable, customer-oriented mobility solutions without sacrifice.

Visionary BMW i electric vehicles lead the way in alternative drive trains, lightweight design and aerodynamics. Learn more BMW M. BMW M stands for highly-dynamic driving fascination. The passion of its engineers makes BMW M a pioneer in authentic motor-racing functionality with exclusive, sporty aesthetic appeal.

Four steps for finding your brand value proposition

Learn more MINI. MINI is straightforward, sincere and authentic. MINI blends creativity with cleverness, offering an open platform for people, design and a vibrant urban lifestyle.Bier Brothers identity. If you leave your brand identity to chance, you lose the ability to shape the conversation about your brand.

And, on Friday they go to the restaurant. For instance, while your primary value proposition might be that you offer exceptional customer experience, your secondary value might be focused on innovation. People recognize businesses based on their brand identity. Quarterly Report to 30 September A healthy brand is the hallmark of a company or nonprofit that is prepared to prosper. The differences which existed earlier are disappearing Kapferer, The following rules apply to the application of the symbol: Positive examples The symbol is subject to clearly defined design guidelines, which enable a high degree of recognisability.

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