It's a fan edit of Batman Forever that people like a lot better than the original. Don' t quote me on this, but I think Joel Schumacher or someone. Alright so a friend of mine sat me down to watch what he called the "definitive" Batman Forever cut, the Red Book Edition, citing a more darker. Longer, darker and closer to what came before, the extended version of Batman Forever sounds interesting at the least.

Batman Forever Red Book Edition

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Recently I decided that I wanted to watch the original Batman trilogy, and seeing as the edits of Batman and Batman Returns weren't. The 6th review by Nickian, sorry about that, I will start this review by saying that after watching this edit of Batman Forever, it's my. Console GHz Edition(Laser Red).. This is the very rare and elusive "Redbook " edition of Batman Forever. The overall color scheme of the.

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MCP Overlord. Aug Reputation: Recently I decided that I wanted to watch the original Batman trilogy, and seeing as the edits of Batman and Batman Returns weren't particularly strong I decided to watch the Tim Burton originals followed by this version of Batman Forever. I think Joel Schumacher in his first attempt to take over the reins of Tim Burton's franchise did an adequate job, though this edit definitely brings out the strengths in this movie that were not necessarily present in the DVD version.

I wouldn't say this is still Tim Burton's Batman Forever but it's definitely closer to what I imagined it would have been. Overall I thought this edit was really smart. I liked Jim Carrey's role and the cartoonisness in this was toned down for both the Riddler and Two-face Tommy Lee Jones wasn't a bad casting choice, but imagine Nic Cage doing two-face?

While it's been almost 10 years since I have seen this movie, I thought the depth of Bruce Wayne's madness was explored much better and that Nicole Kidman's role was largely more believable and that she made a pretty foxy psychiatrist. You may not agree with it, but the logic gels with the whole approach they were taking.

Two little Riddler moments that could be deemed a tad dark were ditched for the final film as well: Admittedly, though, even if you inserted all these scenes and moments back into the movie, Batman Forever would probably still fall short of fan favourite status.

If anything, it might make matters worse: The finished film feels consistent, even if that translates to consistent annoyance for some viewers.

Batman Forever

Shades of it still existed in the original script for Batman Forever , and they made it into that initial cut of the movie. A cut that opened with a rainy Arkham scene, built up to a guilt-ridden flashback, and ended with Batman and Robin posing on a gargoyle So, the original ending to Batman Forever would have paid an obvious homage to the films that came before it.

But for reasons unknown, the decision was made to have Batman and Robin running towards the camera instead. I for one would certainly like to see that initial cut of the movie.

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Batman On Film. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Batman Forever: Jan 18, Batman Forever. Dick pleads to let Bruce train him as a partner, but Bruce refuses, feeling he cannot drag Dick into his crime stopping world. The Riddler Meanwhile, Edward Nygma, inspired and delighted by watching Two-Face's raid at the circus, decides to become a villain himself, the Riddler. He proceeds to show Two-Face his invention from Wayne Enterprises in his lair.

The two villains make a deal: if Two-Face helps him steal enough priceless goods and money to fund his project, the Riddler will use " The Box " the new name for his invention to learn Batman's true identity.

Their deal sealed, Two-Face and the Riddler start their rampage. They rob many museums and other wealthy areas, collecting diamonds and money.

At a business party of Nygmatech , Nygma's new company, Two-Face begins robbing the guests, in hopes Batman will come out, which he does.

However, in a trap laid for him, Batman is saved by Dick, but Bruce still refuses to let Dick become his partner.

He then goes as Batman to Chase's apartment, where she says that though she loves Batman, she has fallen in love with someone; Batman turns away and smiles, knowing she has chosen him as Bruce.

Unknown to Bruce, however, Nygma had drawn Bruce towards the Box, which absorbed his fears and memories and brought out the truth that he is Batman, which then becomes apparent to Two-Face and the Riddler.

Batman Forever: The Fan Cut

Dick is furious and runs away. Bruce invites Chase to his home where - through a kiss - she finds out he is Batman, but the Riddler and Two-Face break into Wayne Manor.

They destroy the Batcave , kidnap Chase and leave a fourth riddle at the scene while Bruce and Alfred are unconscious. Bruce wakes up and is informed by Alfred that they've kidnapped Chase, and that Dick has run away, and the cave was destroyed and another riddle was left. He solves the riddle.The 6th review by Nickian Duracell. Batman Forever is a American.

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Book Cut Edition: Nicole Kidman has never been hotter. The SuperHeroHype Forums.

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