Start by marking “Game Over: My Love for Hip Hop” as Want to Read: Winter Ramos, one of the drama-filled faces of Love and Hip Hop New York, Season 3 delivers a brazen and unabashed memoir of her life in the world of hip hop. Trivia About Game Over: My Lov. Winter Ramos, one of the new faces of VH1's hit reality television show, Love& Hip Hop- New York Season 3 delivers a brazen and unabashed memoir of her. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Winter Ramos, one of the new faces of VH1's hit reality . It seems that Winter uses this book as a self esteem boost.

Winter Ramos Book

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Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Game Over - Ramos Winter My name is Winter Ramos and I'm here to tell my story. A pregnant Winter Ramos from “Love & Hip Hop New York” stopped by the iPower Ramos REVEALS Who The Industry Mystery Man Is In Her Tell-All Book. Everyone loves a good tell-all besides the names listed in the memoir. “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Winter Ramos is the latest former industry-used female.

Oh, ok. They are though. Shoot, all u have to do is watch the music videos. This is another case of when grownups need to talk a lot less. My point is she sounds stupid here. Why take pride in being an industry slut bucket and then blaming it on your ethnicity? She gets around because she wanted to.

UMM NO. And not all of us are ok with being tramps to rappers. Respect other women! Race matters not. And well, as we can see, she is their type…EASY.

Winter looks like Mario from Mario Bros. Tahiry is a pretty Latina chick. This girl here is average. She only got passed around because she was a tramp. She sounds so stupid.

Winter Ramos pens tell-all book “Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop”

The women who write them are complete idiots. I wish women would play the game smarter. Oh girl please have a seat. These rappers have these tramps think they are doing something because they smashed the homie.

Get a real career Winter. You sound stupid. This is pathetic.

My goodness she sounds like she slept around because they asked her to. This is my beef with a lot of these reality shows.

They give women like these a platform to embarrass all women. I will not be downloading this book. What kind of logic is that? All it takes to get passed around in the music industry is to be a weak woman who has to rely on men to keep her bills paid.

And that is who Winter is. This child needs some prayer and some common sense.

This is the dumbest excuse for sleeping around that I have ever heard. Who really says that? If you like to sleep around, just say that. What does your race and hair length have to do with anything? Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder..

Winter Ramos Tell All Book: EXCERPT!!!

These black athletes are just as bad with it too! She is straight trash and someone needs to take her sloppy a-s out to the dumpster!

Ugh Winter is such a trashy woman. Please girl stop when your ahead. This dumb hoodrat trying to elevate herself as something more than what she is—a dumb hoodrat.

Dumb hoodrat! Go to college! Go to vocational school! Go get a real job! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife.

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I even know the side chick. Jen Bayer [JB]: A book? A book about what?

JB: What kind of stories? I mean, it makes it juicy.

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Why not? JB: Are you worried?

I mean, what they gonna do? You gonna beat me up?Yeah, Jackie, leave me alone, I interjected. All of their faces flashed before me: If they need a night of sex they call her come on over baby to sleep with me and then she start saying I was dating this and that rapper. She said she was pregnant during some of the taping of LAHH.

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