The Walking Dead is a black-and-white comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman .. The Walking Dead Vol. Call to Arms, , September 14, , TWD #–, February – July The Walking Dead Vol. The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white American comic that started in The current artists for the series are Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff IGN ranked Michonne, another protagonist, as the 86th Greatest Comic Book. The following is a list of issues from The Walking Dead with a brief synopsis of each. Contents. [show]. Volume 1: Days Gone Bye. Issue, Cover, Storyline.

Walking Dead Comic Book Series

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updates you need for Robert Kirkman's seminal THE WALKING DEAD comic books, contains one of the most memorable and shocking deaths of the series. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. The Walking Dead Book 15 HC Oct 10, I couldn't have predicted The Walking Dead would become the most popular television series in the world, but the first time I picked up a Walking Dead comic, .

I'm in for the long haul, and Charlie Adlard is too. Cause of Outbreak Kirkman explained that going back to explain how the government originally collapsed " I may change my mind eventually.

So yes I do know Was it like a plague or a rapture kind of thing?

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Kirkman responded: That starts to get into the origin of all this stuff, and I think that's unimportant to the series itself. There will be smaller answers as things progress Now, Issue 38 in the book it's still only like June at this point If you're keeping track.

But that doesn't mean it's in the book I don't want to be specific it also smells funny in there.

Like in Canada, or even overseas? Response: We'll only see what's going on if the characters we're following go there. So we'd never randomly cut to Canada or anywhere, randomly.

Storyline (By Issue)

So it's likely we're not going to see most of the world. If that somehow happens as a result of reading this comic that's great, but really What you now hold in your hands is the most serious piece of work I've done so far in my career.

I'm the guy that created Battle Pope; I hope you guys realize what a stretch this is for me. It's really not that hard to believe me when you realize that I'm diving into subject matter that is so utterly serious and dramatic.

[Spoilers] One Shocking Decision Just Changed “The Walking Dead” Comic Series Forever

As it turned out, he was the perfect fit. Negan doesn't even need to be dropping his signature f-bombs to be a brutal antagonist. Lincoln breathed life into the character in a way no one else could, and his performances never failed to be compelling.

However, it was the way the TV show writers portrayed Rick Grimes that became questionable.

Comic Rick has made his share of mistakes, but he's proven to be much more cut out for leadership than TV series Rick. RELATED: The Walking Dead: 9 Character Exits That Hurt The Show And 11 Fans Want Back This is the case for several characters that have originated from the graphic novel series, but it is most evident in characters like Michonne who had several bad relationships in the comics and wound up living on an isolated island for a year , Hershel who remained stubbornly obsessed with his faith until his demise , Carl who made countless bad decisions and carried on a very creepy relationship with Lydia and Tyreese whose unfaithfulness to Carol ended in her committing suicide.

Their portrayal of the Whisperers, the Governor, and many others were darn scary, and the TV show simply couldn't do them justice.

No character was given as drastic of a change as Carol was, however. Carol appeared in the early issues of the comics, and her story was short-lived. I try not to pay attention to anything and just think, what does the story need, what leads to the next big thing?

Once I have a basic outline then I have to sit back and think, how do I structure this for the six-issue trade and the issue hardcover and the issue slipcase and the issue compendium? It gives me a structure that I think is very helpful for the storytelling.

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Is there coordination with the show? A lot of the changes on the show end up being contractual.

If Andrew Lincoln wants to spend more time with his family or wants to take the character in new directions that necessitates a film series as opposed to our television structure, those are things that we have to take into consideration. Image A procession scene from Issue No.

Because of that, some of the stuff with Michonne in the comics was given to Carol. Gimple is chief content officer of The Walking Dead television universe.He was our constant! The remainder were done by Adlard.

Three new people, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, arrive and inform the group that they are on a mission to Washington D. Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics follow.

The Walking Dead Comics Set Up Daryl's TV Death

Among the residents are Heath and Dr. If that somehow happens as a result of reading this comic that's great, but really Rick ultimately manages to dethrone Milton and peacefully bring together the people of the Commonwealth.

She ended her life by throwing herself at a walker and letting it tear her throat out. Volume 9: Here We Remain Issues 49—54 After the prison's destruction and his band is separated, Rick and Carl search for shelter in a nearby town and reunite with surviving friends.

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A new group arrives in Alexandria, and meet the imprisoned Negan.

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