The Tomb Raider comic book series are based on the video game franchise Tomb Raider, currently produced by Crystal Dynamics (formerly by Core Design), . Tomb Raider made an official return to comics following the reboot by Dark Horse Comics. The comics were made with the intention of chronicling the. Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S., known for such Tomb Raider Omnibus Volume 1 TPB Tomb Raider Coloring Book TPB .

Tomb Raider Comic Book

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Tomb Raider was a monthly comic book issued by Top Cow from & , ending with #50, and had both story arcs and one-shots, as well. Gail Simone writes for the comic book, film and video game media. Her comic resume includes such books as Simpsons Comics, Justice League, Birds of Prey, . Up for grabs is a lot of Tomb Raider Comic Book Lot of 6. The Comic Books have been read previously. They do have normal wear and tear. The comic books.

After defeating an army of zealots bent on finding the secrets of immortality, Lara now turns her attention back home and begins to work on stopping Trinity. However, when Lara gets word that Sam has escaped from Halberg Asylum, she drops everything to help her friend only to discover that Trinity has gotten involved and performed some sort of experiments on Sam in order to connect to to the Divine Source.

However, in doing so, they have somehow fully brought Himiko back as she has taken full control of Sam and is now making her way across Europe. She leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, gathering followers for her violent cause and embarks on a quest to fully possess Sam and destroy the world.

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Lara desperately searches for a way to save her friend. She searches every where for an answer: After learning from Ana that her father's apparent suicide was a cover up for his assassination, Lara begins hunting down Trinity in hopes of finding who ordered the death of her father.

Jonah worries for Lara's well being and begs her to let go of her obsession to bring down Trinity.

Lara spends several months travelling in order to try and live a normal life, however she eventually decides to visit a temple her father discovered once, however Trinity ambush her with the intent of finishing her once and for all. Lara Croft takes the fight to the Trinity in Antarctica.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Issue Survivor's Guilt. Over the Edge.

Haunted by the Past. Hunted by Shadows. Sacrifice for a Friend. On the Brink of Madness.

Tomb Raider comic books issue 1

Losing Her Grip. A Sinister Truth. Lost and Found. The Hunt Is On. A Ghost At Rest. Fall of the Curtain. The Watchers.

Dark Waters. Of Myths and Monsters. Nest of Vipers. Grim Times. Cold Light of Day. The new timeline of events is based upon the rebooted iteration of Lara Croft and her adventures. The series, which ran from to in which the fiftieth and final issue was released , consisted of monthly issues published by Top Cow Productions , who secured the rights to producing comics after a long struggle.

Preceding this series, French publisher Glenat got the green light from Eidos France to produce a comic series called Dark Eons based on the Tomb Raider games, which was taken off the market shortly after.

Top Cow - "Tomb Raider: The Series" Comics

Besides the monthly series, a parallel part series called Journeys , which ran from to , was also published.

The comics are primarily based on the same continuity as the games by Core Design , in which Lara's plane crashes when she is twenty-one years old rather than the latter games by Crystal Dynamics , the plane crash happening when she was only nine years old , but the exact details are changed. There are one shots occasionally released and talk of the comic being reintroduced to tie into the Tomb Raider: Legend edited continuity.

The debut issue of Tomb Raider was the number one-selling comic book of This was a large, single volume, collected edition of the Tomb Raider comic series; a hardcover version followed in The book encompasses all 50 issues well over pages , as well as a cover gallery featuring select covers, most of them done by Adam Hughes.

Tomb Raider: The Series

It is a full-size, full-color reproduction of all fifty issues on high-quality paper. This collection, however, does not include the various specials, minis, and one-shots from the series.

This would probably explain why the compendium has "Volume One" written on the side. Tomb Raider comics were announced to return in late ; [3] however, this was delayed due to licensing issues. In , Dark Horse Comics began publishing a new series of comics, set between the reboot and its sequel , Gail Simone wrote the first six issues, before collaborating with Rhianna Pratchett for the next arc, before Pratchett took over for the rest of the series.

That night a fire alarm is triggered, Lara makes her way out into the hall, through the evacuating crowd, Lara spots Todd propped in a doorway, dead. After speaking with the police, Lara decides to get in contact with Demur.

Lara and Jonah Maiava meet with Demur in a diner. Demur is panicky and distraught, Lara asks him what she wanted to see her about.

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He tells her about a fabled mushroom that bleeds black in China that was key to longer life. A colleague had emailed him a text he was translating regarding a formula to be used with the mushrooms. Demur had seen such mushrooms in China years prior with his wife, however he had not obtained samples.The Hunt Is On.

Tomb Raider made an official return to comics following the reboot by Dark Horse Comics. Without him, she'll never find the fabled Waters of Life and Death - and her lover, Tsang, will be lost to her forever.

While attending an archaeology conference in America , Lara finds herself uninterested in the speakers and decides to meet with Joslin Reyes and her friend Dana for combat training. December Pages: Lara would never wear sunglasses at night. Paste: In regards to writing habits, when you are given a character or title to write, how much planning, in terms of story arc and character development, do you do in advance?

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