It's a long drag back from Tijuana and one of the dullest drives in the state. Tijuana is nothing; all they want there is the buck. The kid who sidles over to your car. Title: The Long Goodbye. Author: Mobi/site, mobi, Info, Not all sites or site apps open files. PDF (tablet), Raymond Chandler - The Long Goodbye. (Penguin Readers Level 6, words). Introduction. That night, Terry would have told me the story of his life if I'd .

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Raymond Chandler - Long Goodbye. Home · Raymond Chandler - Long Goodbye Chandler, Raymond - Marlowe 6 - The Long Goodbye. Read more. Philip Marlowe 06 - Long Goodbye, The · Read more · Chandler, Raymond - Marlowe 6 - The Long Goodbye. Read more. Chandler, Raymond - Marlowe 6 - The Long Goodbye. Home · Chandler Raymond Chandler - Long Goodbye Philip Marlowe 6 - Long Goodbye, The.

One of Spencer's best writers, Roger Wade, has a drinking problem and has been missing for three days. Initially Marlowe refuses, but after Wade's wife, Eileen, also asks for Marlowe's help, he consents. Marlowe finds Wade in a makeshift detox facility in an isolated and soon to be abandoned ranch. He takes his fee, but the Wades' stories do not match. The Wades each try to convince Marlowe to stay at their house to keep Roger writing instead of drinking, and though he refuses, he ends up making further trips to the house at their behest.

On one such trip, he finds Wade passed out in the grass with a cut on his head.

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Meanwhile, Marlowe is repeatedly threatened to cease his investigation of the Lennox case, first by a friend of Lennox's named Mendy Menendez, then by Lennox's father-in-law, the police, the Wades' servant a Chilean named Candy , and Wade's wife. Marlowe also learns that Terry Lennox had previously lived as Paul Marston, who was previously married and had lived in England.

Wade calls Marlowe again, asking him to come by to have lunch with him. Wade drinks himself into a stupor, so Marlowe takes a walk outside.

The long goodbye

When he returns, Eileen Wade is ringing the doorbell, saying she forgot her key. Marlowe finds Roger Wade dead on the couch, apparently from suicide, but Eileen accuses Marlowe of killing her husband.

Candy fabricates a story to implicate Marlowe, believing him to be guilty, but his claims are undermined in an interrogation. Marlowe receives a call from Spencer regarding Wade's death and bullies Spencer into taking him to see Mrs.

Once there, Marlowe grills her on the death of Terry Lennox's wife.

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Eileen first tries to blame it all on Roger, but Marlowe argues that she killed both Mrs. Lennox and Roger Wade and that Lennox was actually her first husband, presumed killed in action with British Special Air Service during the war. Eileen Wade leaves with no response.

Philip Marlowe 6 - Long Goodbye, The

The next morning, Marlowe learns that she has killed herself, leaving a note confessing that she killed Mrs. Lennox and Roger Wade. Marlowe refuses to let the story lie. He is assaulted by Menendez, who is arrested in a setup arranged by a police commissioner who served with Menendez and Lennox during the war.

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Finally, Marlowe is visited by a Mexican man who claims to have been present when Lennox was killed in his hotel room. Marlowe listens to his story but rejects it and offers his own version, ending with the revelation the Mexican man is none other than Lennox, who has had cosmetic surgery.

Background[ edit ] The Long Goodbye is Chandler's most personal novel.

He wrote it as his wife was dying. Her illness and death had a profound effect on him, driving him into fits of melancholy and leading him to talk of and even to attempt suicide. Two characters in the novel are based on Chandler himself; both of them highlight Chandler's awareness of his own flaws—his alcoholism and his doubts about the value of his writing.

Like Chandler, Wade had a string of successful novels behind him, but as he grew older he found it more difficult to write. Also, like Chandler, Wade had written novels romantic fiction that were viewed by many as not real literature, whereas Wade wants to be thought of as a serious author.

Hutton was originally attached as director and wanted the script structured so that "the heavy had planned the whole thing from the start" but when writing it she found the idea contrived. Both refused the offer, but Bogdanovich recommended Robert Altman.

At the time, Gould was in professional disfavor because of his rumored troubles on the set of A Glimpse of Tiger , in which he bickered with costar Kim Darby , fought with director Anthony Harvey , and acted erratically.

Consequently, he had not worked in nearly two years; nevertheless, Altman convinced Bick that Gould suited the role. He liked the ending because it was so out of character for Marlowe.

He agreed to direct but only if the ending was not changed. In a week we had it all worked out. He was a joy to work with. He had a very keen story mind. Altman wanted Marlowe to be a loser. He even nicknamed Gould's character Rip Van Marlowe, as if he had been asleep for 20 years, had woken up, and was wandering around Los Angeles in the early s but "trying to invoke the morals of a previous era".

Dan Blocker was originally cast in the role of Roger Wade but died before filming started.

The Long Goodbye Script: 07 March 1972 Draft

The film is dedicated to his memory in the closing credits. Near the midpoint of the film, during a scene in which Marlowe meets with the villainous gangster Marty Augustine at Augustine's home, Augustine orders everyone to strip and we see Arnold Schwarzenegger in briefs portraying a massive thug working for Augustine. This must have been one of Arnold's first appearances in films and he appears to have been in training for bodybuilding competition because he is fully "built up.

Principal photography[ edit ] Altman did not read all of Chandler's book and instead utilized Raymond Chandler Speaking, a collection of letters and essays.The tie was key to me. I almost died! Please enter a suggested description.

His old friend Lt. Marlowe demurs. Beginning to end. This was in the great days of the Black Mask if I may call them great days and it struck me that some of the writing was pretty forceful and honest, even though it had its crude aspect.

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