The Hobbit, or There and Back Again is a children's fantasy novel by English author J. R. R. The book remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children's literature. The Hobbit is set within Tolkien's fictional universe and follows the. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, rarely traveling any farther than his pantry or cellar. But his contentment is disturbed when. sequel, The Lord of the Rings, then in progress. Tolkien made some further revisions to the American edition published by Ballantine. Books in February

The Hobbit Book

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The Hobbit or There and Back Again book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Parents need to know that, of J.R.R. Tolkien's many excellent books, The Hobbit is the better choice for tweens. It makes a great read-aloud for kids 8 and up and . The Hobbit is the first published novel by J.R.R. Tolkien set in Middle-earth. The book was first published on September 21, and is set in the years to.

They depart, having rested for several days. Gandalf leaves soon on an errand. The party traverses the great forest , Mirkwood , eventually running out of supplies.

Gandalf had warned them not to leave the path, but they saw fire and heard singing, so, hopeless, they leave the path to beg food from Wood-elves , only to get lost. They are captured by giant spiders , but Bilbo rescues the Dwarves by becoming invisible via the ring and killing many spiders with Sting and rocks. Elves then capture the Dwarves and imprison them, but Bilbo manages to sneak into the Elvenking Thranduil 's palace unnoticed using the ring; he then helps the Dwarves escape in barrels floating down the river.

After staying for a short period of time at Laketown , the treasure-seekers proceed to the Lonely Mountain. Hearing a Thrush knocking on a stone, Bilbo looks up just in time to see the last rays of the Sun of Durin's Day , shining on the cliff wall, to magically reveal the secret door as was foretold by moon-letters upon a map that the company was in possession of.

However, the Thrush that had been knocking on the stone was no ordinary bird but of an ancient race with whom the men of the lake could communicate, and it had heard Bilbo's report to the dwarves, that Smaug had a bare patch in his armor on the left side of his chest nearest his heart that could be used to slaughter him, if only you could get close enough.

It conveyed this message to one Bard the Bowman , who seeing the bare patch on the chest of Smaug, dispatched the dragon with a single arrow, thus allowing the party of Dwarves to take possession of the treasure. The citizens of Laketown arrive to make historical claims and demand compensation for the help they had rendered, as well as reparations for damage Smaug inflicted during his attack.

They're joined by the Elves, who also demand a share based on historical claims. The Dwarves refuse all negotiations and in turn summon kin from the mountains to strengthen their position.

Seeing no other way to avert a war, Bilbo uses the ring to steal the prized Arkenstone from the Dwarves, which he uses to broker peace.

A bitter battle ensues named the Battle of the Five Armies.

Though suffering heavy losses, Elves, Men, and Dwarves prevail with the help of the Eagles. The treasure is apportioned. Bilbo refuses most of the riches, realizing he has no way to bring them back home; he nevertheless takes enough with him to make himself a wealthy hobbit and live happily thereafter, unaware of the dangerous nature of his ring , which he places in a glass case on his mantle.

In the first edition, Gollum willingly bets his magic ring on the outcome of the riddle game. During the writing of The Lord of the Rings Tolkien saw the need to revise this passage, in order to reflect the concept of the One Ring and its powerful hold on Gollum.

Tolkien tried many different passages in the chapter that would become chapter 2 of The Lord of the Rings , " The Shadow of the Past ".

Eventually Tolkien decided a rewrite of was in order, and he sent a sample chapter of this rewrite " Riddles In The Dark " to his publishers. Initially he heard nothing further, but when he was sent galley proofs of a new edition he learned to his surprise the new chapter had been incorporated as the result of a misunderstanding. Tolkien explained the two different versions in the introduction of The Lord of the Rings , as well as inside "The Shadow of the Past", as a "lie" that Bilbo made up, probably because of the One Ring's influence on him, and which he originally wrote down in his book.

Inside The Lord of the Rings , Bilbo finally confesses the real story at the Council of Elrond , although Gandalf had deduced the truth earlier. As Tolkien presented himself as the translator of the supposedly historic Red Book of Westmarch , where Bilbo and Frodo's stories were recorded, he further explained the two differing stories in The Hobbit by stating he had originally used Bilbo's original story, but later re-translated the work with the "true story" recorded by Frodo.

However, because of its English connotations of a small, secretive, and unattractive creature see garden gnome , Tolkien removed it from later editions. He made other minor changes in order to conform the narrative to events in The Lord of the Rings and in the ideas he was developing for the Quenta Silmarillion.

However, this still doesn't fit perfectly: Examples include the following:. Some of the tone differences can be explained by accepting Bilbo as the author of the work: Bilbo wrote the story of his journeys to recount them to the children of Hobbiton and therefore changed the story somewhat.

Apparent major differences such as the different perception of the Ring can also be explained by Bilbo's lacking knowledge of these matters. Not all of that earlier material was edited out in the final editions. One of the Anglo-Saxon pieces of literature he studied is the epic poem Beowulf , about which he wrote essays such as The Monsters and the Critics. Interesting parallels can be found between The Hobbit and Beowulf. The plots of the two stories are very similar.

In both of them a party of 13 sets out to seek satisfaction for a crime committed by a dragon.

Both parties contain a thief , which in The Hobbit is Bilbo, who steals a cup from the sleeping dragon's hoard by using a secret passage. Both dragons then awake from their deep slumber and cause terror and destruction. Both dragons are well protected by their armour, a natural one in Beowulf and one made of gold and diamonds in The Hobbit , but finally they are killed.

Both stories end or almost end with a fight with a dragon. But not only the plots share similarities: Both heroes defy their enemies with their supernatural power, which in Bilbo's case is the ring and in Beowulf's case is his supernatural strength. While Beowulf has the help of God , Bilbo often prevails because of his sheer luck.

Both are of noble ancestry and both get separated from their group, Bilbo in the mountains, Beowulf when he travels down to the lair of Grendel's mother in order to kill her.

Plot and Themes of J.R.R. Tolkien's Book 'The Hobbit'

Additionally some elements of Anglo-Saxon culture can be found. In both books a king, which in Anglo-Saxon sometimes is called ring or gold giver, awards his warriors with treasures and war gear.

In Anglo-Saxon culture poems are important, as they contain the people's history and they are sung by scops. Two of these songs are found in Beowulf and more in The Hobbit.

The Hobbit or There and Back Again

The Anglo-Saxon society was one of warriors and Tolkien's dwarves are close to this culture. They are warriors and like Anglo-Saxons they value jewellery and war gear. It was illustrated with many black-and-white drawings by Tolkien himself. The original illustrations would be colour plates. Despite the book's popularity, wartime conditions forced the London publisher to print small runs of the remaining two printings of the first edition.

As remarked above, Tolkien substantially revised the text describing Bilbo's dealings with Gollum in order to blend the story better into what The Lord of the Rings had become. This revision became the second edition, published in in both UK and American editions. Slight corrections to the text have appeared in the third and fourth editions New English-language editions of The Hobbit spring up often, despite the book's age, with at least fifty editions having been published to date.

Each comes from a different publisher or bears distinctive cover art, internal art, or substantial changes in format. The remarkable and enduring popularity of The Hobbit expresses itself in the collectors' market. The first printing of the first English language edition rarely sells for under U. Known translations, with the first date of publishing, are:.

ISBN After the revision of the Hungarian terminology of The Lord of the Rings in , changes were also incorporated into this translation and was republished in without illustrations and with the English runes restored ISBN Second edition was published in in soft cover ISBN and contained traditional black and white illustrations drawn by J.

The Hobbit is a animated television movie adaptation of the book by J. An LP with the soundtrack and dialogue from the film was also released in by Disney through its Buena Vista Records label and an edited version, along with accompanying "storyteller read-alongs," was later issued for the Mouse Factory's Disneyland Records imprint.

Harry N. Abrams published a large coffee-table illustrated edition of the book featuring concept art and stills. A second album by Glenn Yarbrough of music "inspired" by The Hobbit was also released.

The film was first broadcast on NBC in the United States , on November 27, on Sunday night, three days after Thanksgiving and is presented in a heart-warming style, featuring a lot of songs many of which are based on poems and lyrics from the book. Much of the story has been simplified and several episodes and key scenes are omitted.

A live-action three-part movie adaption of The Hobbit, directed by Peter Jackson, was released in , and The Battle of the Five Armies on July 18, The Hobbit has been adapted for other media.

Another famous audio adaptation authorized by Professor Tolkien was published by Conifer Records in and featured Nicol Williamson as every character. A version of The Hobbit. Several computer and video games , both official and unofficial, have been based on the book. One of the first was The Hobbit , a computer game developed in by Beam Software and published by Melbourne House for most computers available at the time, from the more popular computers such as the ZX Spectrum , and the Commodore 64 , through to such esoteric computers as the Dragon 32 and Oric computers.

By arrangement with the book publishers, a copy of the book was included with each game sold. An animated version of the story debuted as a television movie in the U. In late , New Line Studios and Peter Jackson announced that their legal differences over the Lord of the Rings trilogy had been resolved and that production of a new film adaptation of the The Hobbit as well as a sequel produced by Jackson would begin as soon as possible.

It is currently in production. As of now, the first part, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey , was released in theaters the 14th of December, The second part, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug , was released in theaters on the 13th of December The third and final part, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies , was released in theaters on the 17th of December It is a hack and slash game produced as a prequel to The Lord of the Rings video games, but also as a softer version of those two games: A similar version of this game was also published for the Game Boy Advance.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Hobbit Author J. This page relates to the novel although adaptations are discussed below.

You may be looking for the pages specifically relating to the word " hobbit ", the Hobbit films by Peter Jackson , the film The Hobbit , or the video game The Hobbit. Contents [ show ]. Though initially reluctant, Bilbo agrees to join the group, and they head off far from the Shire into the increasingly dangerous sections of Middle Earth.

Along the journey, Bilbo and his company meet up with a wide range of creatures both beautiful and terrible. As he is tested, Bilbo discovers his own inner strength, loyalty, and cunning.

Each chapter involves an interaction with a new set of characters and challenges:.

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It does, however, contain several themes:. Share Flipboard Email. Grace Fleming has a master's degree in education and is an academic advisor and college enrollment counselor. She lectures and writes about study skills. Updated March 06, Some of the main characters in the book include: Bilbo Baggins , a quiet, unassuming Hobbit and the protagonist of the story.

Gandalf causes Bilbo to set aside his reputation for cautious respectability to go on an adventure that will change the Hobbit forever. Thorin Oakenshield , the leader of a group of 13 dwarves who wish to recover a treasure horde stolen by a dragon.

Elrond , a wise leader of the elves. Gollum , a once-human creature who found and is governed by a great ring of power. Smaug , the dragon and antagonist of the story. Each chapter involves an interaction with a new set of characters and challenges: The group is captured by trolls and nearly eaten, but are saved when sunlight strikes the trolls and they are turned to stone.

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Gandalf leads the group to the Elven settlement of Rivendell where they meet the Elvish leader, Elrond. The group is caught by goblins and driven deep underground. Although Gandalf rescues them, Bilbo gets separated from the others as they flee the goblins. Lost in the goblin tunnels, he stumbles across a mysterious ring and then encounters Gollum, who engages him in a game of riddles.

As a reward for solving all riddles Gollum will show him the path out of the tunnels, but if Bilbo fails, his life will be forfeit. With the help of the ring, which confers invisibility, Bilbo escapes and rejoins the dwarves, improving his reputation with them. The goblins and Wargs give chase, but the company is saved by eagles. The company enters the black forest of Mirkwood without Gandalf.

The Hobbit, Part One

In Mirkwood, Bilbo first saves the dwarves from giant spiders and then from the dungeons of the Wood-elves. Nearing the Lonely Mountain, the travelers are welcomed by the human inhabitants of Lake-town, who hope the dwarves will fulfill prophecies of Smaug's demise. The expedition travels to the Lonely Mountain and finds the secret door; Bilbo scouts the dragon's lair, stealing a great cup and learning of a weakness in Smaug's armor.

The enraged dragon, deducing that Lake-town has aided the intruder, sets out to destroy the town.How often do we fantasize about being this different sort of hero, and yet how much better we would be if we did? He found a blank page. For other uses, see The Hobbit disambiguation. Common Sense's Impact Our impact report: Eventually those tales of the earlier periods became published as The Silmarillion and other posthumous works.

Houghton Mifflin Children's Books Publication date: ISBN , Publisher: These modern Ajaxs, Helens and Achilles dominate the box office, and I would imagine dominate our internal most private fantasy lives as well. It conveyed this message to one Bard the Bowman , who seeing the bare patch on the chest of Smaug, dispatched the dragon with a single arrow, thus allowing the party of Dwarves to take possession of the treasure.

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