Bob Kane. Transcribed to PDF from: "The Dark Knight Trilogy - The. Complete Screenplays". Published July by Faber &. Faber Ltd. (UK). THE DARK KNIGHT RISES by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan Story by by Bob Kane Transcribed to PDF from: "The Dark Knight Trilogy - The Complete FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY THE DARK KNIGHT RISES BLACK. THE DARK KNIGHT by D A R K. K. N I G H T. BURNING. Massive flames. A dark shape .. Batman rises, an engine RACES behind him- he can't turn in.

The Dark Knight Rises Script Pdf

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The Dark Knight Rises script pdf download Featuring the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the third and final installment in Nolan's Batman film trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises screenplay pdf download. A medley of songs from the official soundtrack to 'The Dark Knight Rises' by legendary composer. We Switched Sites! With many people coming here for 'The Dark Knight Rises' screenplay daily here, we thought.

Batman will face off against Bane and Bane will break his back. Bane will keep Wayne alive, imprisoning him for the purpose of watching the city he vowed to protect destroy itself. Selina Kyle and John Blake will form an alliance after Bane double crosses her. In order to disarm the bomb, Batman will have to face off against Bane again.

Not yet. Batman will defeat Bane by ripping off his mask, saving Gotham from the nuclear bomb, but in the process, will expose himself to the Venom gas and die.

Now, Dan created a PDF where he does a much more thorough job with his speculative story analysis than I just did. Months pass as Gordon and Blake run an underground resistance network as Banes army rules Gotham with martial law. Jonathan Crane runs a makeshift court where he sentences Gotham fat cats to death or exile.

Gordon tracks the truck that holds the nuke. Blake tends to the orphans. A Special Forces mission fails to help the resistance. Bruces mentor tells him that he must regain his fear of death to make the jump. He must climb Gordon is caught, condemned to exile by Dr. Jonathan Crane.

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He walks out on the ice to certain death Catwoman takes Bruce to Lucius and Miranda and they brief him on the stakes. The Bat lays down some cover fire and the Police led by Foley battle Banes army on the steps of city hall. Meanwhile, John Blake tries to lead an exodus across the lone bridge thats still intact, but he is stopped by the National Guard. Blake stays strong in the face of certain doom, to maintain the orphans hope.

She was the child who escaped the pit. Bane was her protector in the prison, thus she owes him a life debt.

Gordon is able to block the signal so Talia cannot trigger the bomb. Talia escapes in the truck holding the bomb and they race away as the clock ticks down. SET PIECE Chase all team up to divert and stop the convoy with the bomb : Batman, Catwoman, and Gordon take down the convoy protecting the bomb, killing Talia Al Ghul her last act is to trigger the flood of the fusion machine so they cannot disarm the bomb.

Lucius Fox escapes the flooded chamber. The bomb detonates at sea. John Blake throws away his badge. Alfred weeps, saying I failed you.

Speculating on The Dark Knight Rises…

Batman is hailed as Gotham's sacrificial hero. Batman Begins was, for all of us—led by him—a reinvention of that iconic franchise.

So there was no reason not to treat Batman Begins as the first Batman, and the story continues on. In our history, once Batman began and started to clean the streets of Gotham City, the good news was he was taking on organised crime. But the bad news is that the guy who does it by running round in a bat suit and a cape will attract some pretty fringe people.


And the most fringe and most dangerous—but yet the most entertaining—is The Joker. David S. I just got caught up in the process of imagining how you would see a character like The Joker through the prism of what we did in the first film.

Emma Thomas producer : From the very beginning of [The Dark Knight], as soon as Chris and co-writer David Goyer decided we were going to follow the lead set at the end of the first film and really deal with the character of the Joker, we knew what was going to be the big challenge: coming up against the iconography.

I think the Joker particularly was a lesson for me because that character can connect to the peyote stories of Native American mythology, and Loki in Norse mythology, and there are so many examples of a Joker-like figure that you can endlessly reinvent that character. Goyer: I like the Burton films a lot, but the one bone to pick with film, television, anything: I just never felt that the Joker was scary. Chris and I wanted the Joker to be scary. Which is what led to The Dark Knight.

Roven: We were very fortunate that a lot of people really enjoyed Batman Begins, not just as a Batman film, but as a really good film.

So we hoped that we would have a lot of goodwill with where we were going. And that was very important to us deciding to do it. I certainly knew that, story-wise, who the character was going to be very different. Our version of The Joker was drawn very much from the earliest of the comics, really the first couple of stories where The Joker appeared.

And so therefore there was enough room for a fresh portrayal. And then when I did this sequence with Heath, I knew we were in for some really good stuff. Ledger: Chris and I very much saw eye-to-eye on how the character should be played, and it was evident from the meeting that we had a project. We had identical images within our minds. I looked into his eyes and I just saw… This guy knows he can do something here, he wants to get in and do this thing.

And that was without even a script!

I always felt—because people were uncertain about the casting; other people were a little surprised by it, I think—but I always felt very strongly that he was going to really put everything into his performance and really do something extraordinary.

Ledger: I sat around in a hotel room in London for about a month and I just locked myself away and formed a little diary and experimented with voices. I ended up landing more with in the realm of like a psychopath, someone with no empathy.

Very little to no conscience towards his acts. Also, there is something about the metaphor of working behind the mask, and from within a mask.

The Dark Knight Rises script

It always gives you the license to do whatever you want. Lindy Hemming costume designer : What we were searching for at the very beginning of how to do this Joker, were images.

I was looking through images of people who might have dressed like that in the pop world and the fashion world.

You think of all those people who dress themselves up and are very interested in their appearance—and then we added into it the life of him.

Once I had it in my mind that it was going to be scars, rather than a fixed smile, I immediately thought of the punk and skinhead era and some unsavoury characters I had come across during this time. Ledger: It takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to get the makeup on. My whole bottom lip is fake. This preserved the delicate blending edges as well as the integrity of the sculpture, whilst allowing you to make extremely soft pieces. Once we had perfected the system we discovered that not only were you able to produce perfect, high-definition quality prosthetics on anyone, but it also took you less than half the time to apply—a real selling point when it came to dealing with expensive and tired actors!

And what makes him terrifying is to not humanise him in narrative terms. He was loving doing that. It was like seeing another actor, you know, going crazy with their role in the kind of immersion of it.

And he was just… he was this sort of… punk, you know? An anarchistic, sort of crazy, uh… thing that was kind of crawling at you.

He did a fantastic job. He is very, very scary. I turned up every month or so to do my bit, then go back to London. I turned up and had to do a bit where Batman and I watch a video done by the Joker to threaten us. I had never seen him and he came on the television and I completely forgot my lines.

I quit. Because it was so stunning.

It was quite amazing. Nolan: The Joker is very much an absolute, and Heath played it that way. Simply in the way he plays it, he just manages to make this guy real, and therefore, much more frightening, I think, because you can kind of believe in him, you can believe he could walk in the room and just start being particularly unpleasant, the way he sometimes does.

Bale: I really enjoy when somebody is pushing the work as much as he did. You can see how much he loved it. We were very good together. Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent : Heath was deeply loved on this movie. He generated an energy and excitement that is rare among actors. I had the experience of acting with him.

Heath certainly did that. The movie obviously, in my opinion, in my heart is dedicated to Heath percent.Search for: We talked a lot about Alex in A Clockwork Orange , people like that. In the Heat diner scene, McCauley and Hanna wariily see each other as professionals, flip sides of the same coin.

Video jungle animals funny reactions seeing their first mirror French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre traveled to Gabon, Africa, and set up a mirror in several locations of the jungle to capture animals walking by.

And what makes him terrifying is to not humanize him in narrative terms.

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