Shadows of the Empire is a novel written by Steve Perry. In Shadows of the Empire, Steve Perry adds an exciting new chapter to the Star Wars saga and .. This may have been a reference to a part of this book, where Leia notes that. The audio book was originally published by Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing in as part of the larger Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia. Shadows of the Empire (Star Wars) I've heard abridged. star wars stories before, and, in my opinion, they leave a lot out. flag Best Star Wars Books.

Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire Book

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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire is a multimedia project created by including a novel, a junior novelization, a comic book series, a video game. Shadows of the Empire (Star Wars) (): Steve Perry : Books. See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries.

There had to be a center to all the tales that would be told under this umbrella, an axis on which all peripheral events spun around. This anchor point was the bestselling Shadows novel published by Bantam in Steve Perry was hand-selected to be in the Shadows talent pool by Bantam editor Tom Dupree as payback for writing a quick and dirty novelization of The Mask for free.

Designing the core narrative of an intricate brand opera would be a collaborative process best suited for a writer with a background in television.

Before long, Perry found himself writing down page after page of notes during a lengthy creative meeting with all creative stakeholders at Skywalker Ranch in the fall of to keep track of the many different needs every licensee had for the story. Each medium demanded their own set pieces, action scenes, and settings to be interesting.

Perry would think up ways to sew these into the pockets of his overarching story. Further Reading: Star Wars Timeline Explained. Armed with his reams of notes, the author banged out a page outline detailing all major action beats for the primary story arc with suggestions on how they could cross over.

The outline was well-received, even if it came back with a ton of notes. But the cooks in the kitchen found it agreeable, and that was all that was needed to move the crazy Shadows train forward.

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Perry got to work at tackling the manuscript at the beginning of , making his own version of a missing Star Wars movie from his home office in Oregon. In the process, Luke becomes a badass, Darth Vader gets a new nemesis, Chewie gets a haircut, the droids get to drive the Millennium Falcon, and Princess Leia gets to be sexually objectified like crazy.

Yet the risks Shadows takes are really just recycled moments from the Original Trilogy, a classic symptom of being a media tie-in novel. Reading about the hijinks of the Skywalker twins and friends during a mysterious era is always intriguing, and Perry did as much justice as he could to the voice of the characters.

After all, this villainous character was being fleshed out long before any official creative meetings had been held. The Dark Prince was the mascot for the grim darkness of Shadows and the underworld it would explore. Based on the plot outline he turned in, Steve Perry received notes with very specific instructions from Bantam on how they wanted Xizor to behave, citing the Godfather films as a tonal guideline. Bantam wanted an evil clone of Aristotle Onassis, the infamous Greek tycoon that married Jackie Kennedy.

Darth Vader himself.

Shadows of the Empire

Yet Prince Xizor was more than just a vehicle for bizarre cultural appropriation. He was the powerful leader of Black Sun, a criminal syndicate functioning on the Outer Rim. His reptilian style inspired a new race of beings for the Star Wars universe: As a Falleen, Xizor could breathe underwater and secrete pheromones to manipulate the opposite sex, which were so strong that even our favorite tough cookie with the hair buns fell under his thrall.

His olive skin tone also changed according to whatever mood he happened to be in. And that iconic claw pose of his? That was inspired by the unused concept art of Bib Fortuna. In this sequence, Xizor uses his pheromone powers to roofie Leia into submission after forcing her to wear a revealing outfit. Shadows went beyond the humiliation of tricking Alderaanian royalty into wearing a kinky slave outfit for a giant slug. This was technically assault.

Star Wars: How Shadows of the Empire Became a Gritty '90s Epic

When Perry received feedback on his story outline asking for Xizor and Leia to go all the way, he refused. So instead, Leia gets out of the situation by kneeing the Falleen studmuffin right in his iguana dick, then dashes off pun intended. Xizor spent literally all of his time and energy obsessing over Luke, Anakin, and Leia, discovering their weak points and pressing their buttons. The vulnerability of each member of the Skywalker family.

Listen to the latest Star Wars Blaster Canon podcast:. They did, however, want a substitute space pirate to act as a guide through the wrong side of the interplanetary tracks. He held a lifelong vendetta against the Emperor for ruining his family after his brother crashed his freighter ship into Palpatine's private spaceport museum.

Despite all of this, Luke still thought he was kind of an asshole. After all, Dash was the star of the video game component of Shadows of the Empire , which featured his participation in the Battle of Hoth. Compared to Princess Leia, Guri was a lightning rod for pent-up sexual tension in the Star Wars universe. The femme fatale was conceived as a character who would be loyal to the paranoid Falleen leader, someone he could trust.

Since Xizor could never trust another living being with his life, he bought a synthetic humanoid for nine million credits to be his lieutenant, enforcer, and information gatherer.

Basically, she was like having a ninja as your personal assistant, which further reinforced the vaguely Asian motif surrounding the Dark Prince.

Core characters were subject to redesign as well, specifically their wardrobe. Lucasfilm wanted to visually convey to the audience that their heroes were in between two very distinct eras Empire and Jedi.

Or was it? The first loss of Han, rather. Despite the third-person take on her inner-monologue, Leia was treated as a character best handled from a distance.

The only real worthy piece of continuity from her storyline was how she got the Boushh disguise she wears in Jedi , a detail that most fans probably never wondered or cared about. The attempted Han Solo rescue, which is the driving force early on in the story, obviously turns out to be the MacGuffin that leads the Skywalkers and their friends on other adventures.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Book Summary and Study Guide

The video game tackles the earliest part of this mission, when Dash tracks down the bounty hunters who were originally tasked with capturing Han. Fighting his way through the planets Ord Mantell and Gall, Dash finally locates Fett and his prized slab of carbonite.

Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, is being taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. Cunning and ruthless, leader of a powerful crime syndicate, he will pit himself against Vader for the favor of their mutual master His name is Xizor , Underlord of a galaxywide criminal organization called Black Sun. He seeks to displace Darth Vader as Emperor Palpatine's right hand. To do so, he will hatch a brilliantly evil plan to discredit Vader in the Emperor's eyes.

Shadows of the Empire

But in the meantime he will join the Dark Lord in an unholy alliance whose common target is the young Rebel hero, Luke Skywalker. While Vader and Xizor bait their trap for Luke, Han Solo is being held captive, flash-frozen in a carbonite slab.

Mourning the loss of the man she loves, Princess Leia mounts a rescue mission to free Han. Skywalker organizes a crack fighting force, including Wedge Antilles and his famous X-wing squadron ; Lando Calrissian ; and the mercenary Dash Rendar. Yet the fierce battle that ensues to rescue Han will not go according to plan.

For the Empire's spies are everywhere. What's worse, though he is cold and reptilian, Xizor has a certain predatory charisma that not even Leia can totally resist. Against the judgment of Chewbacca , who has promised Han to keep her from harm, Leia walks willingly into Xizor's lair in a dangerous play of passion and willpower to get the information she needs to defeat him.

At the same time, Luke stands in the crosshairs of a conspiracy of assassins and bounty hunters recruited by Xizor's lieutenant , the beautiful but lethal Human replicant Guri. As the struggle between Xizor and Vader intensifies, Luke finds himself the potential prize of the two most evil entities in the galaxy — one who wants him alive, and one who wants him dead. In a final, explosive showdown, the Rebels must infiltrate Xizor's impregnable stronghold and fight the combined forces of Black Sun and the Empire in deep space.

With death and betrayal looming on every side, Luke, Leia, Lando, and Chewie must use every weapon and resource at their disposal, including the Rebel fleet and some intriguing new allies, if they are to prove victorious. In Shadows of the Empire , Steve Perry adds an exciting new chapter to the Star Wars saga and introduces important new characters and situations no Star Wars fan will want to miss.

Han Solo , frozen in carbonite , is being taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. As Princess Leia mounts a rescue mission including Luke Skywalker , Lando Calrissian , and a brilliant young pilot , Darth Vader pits himself against a cunning and ruthless rival.

Xizor is the leader of a powerful crime syndicate who seeks to supplant Vader for the favor of their mutual master, the dreaded Emperor. Their target: Luke Skywalker.

Suddenly Luke finds himself the potential prize of the two most evil entities in the galaxy - one who wants him alive Princess Leia organizes a rescue team to save a carbonite -frozen Han Solo from the hands of the infamous bounty hunter known as Boba Fett , who is taking Han to the ruthless Jabba the Hutt.

The mission is unsuccessful, and Fett gets away with Han. Meanwhile, Darth Vader is hunting down his son, Luke Skywalker so that he can turn him over to the dark side of the Force.Especially considering the character mentioned later called Mayli Weng, who represents the Exotic Entertainers Union—the author is wearing stereotypes on his sleeves for all to see. If you are an original trilogy fan, I honestly believe that you will love this book.

In fact, all this scene does is give us filler, more padding to drag out the big escape. Too often Leia is treated as luggage, or as a prize to be won, or as a problem to be solved. The classic characters are fairly compelling and the action scenes are a lot of fun, even if the new characters ranged from mediocre to terrible.

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As a Falleen, Xizor could breathe underwater and secrete pheromones to manipulate the opposite sex, which were so strong that even our favorite tough cookie with the hair buns fell under his thrall. Darth Vader himself. I don't think that it's fair to read these puffed up pieces of fan-fiction as actual books and the rating reflects this.

I really liked Darth Vader in this book.

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