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Unduh sebagai PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd . PEMBAHASAN USM STAN / = + 1. y = y= 10 29 + 15 = 1 20 1 4. tenses Inglish Uploaded by. Ardheariksa Z Kx · Soal Dan Pembahasan USM PKN STAN Uploaded by. Sa Nia · Reported Speech. Uploaded by. USM STAN - Bahasa Inggris. Pembahasan STAN – SOAL. Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di dengan memasukkan kode.

Shots people do not avoid C. A disease like hepatitis B D. Vaccines given before the main vaccine 44 Zainal Alim According to the passage what can doctors tell us to help us avoid infectious disease?

How bacteria enter the body.

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What disease we may catch C. Where not to travel to D. When is it likely that adults will NOT think about having a vaccination? Just before the flu season.

After cutting themselves a sharp piece a vaccination? Just before going on a trip to Florida. Before going o conference in Africa To give another reason why people may get a shot.

To show what can happen on a trip to an exotic place.

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To give an example of when immunization is not being track of D. To get Americans to think about the disease they can catch The shortest route for the rally driver was through the mountain whereas if the desert road A B was much longer though faster.

The civil war was not only disastrous in terms of loss of human life but in the effects on the A B C D agriculture in the south.

As soon as they arrived at the hotel they took the elevator to their room and straight to bed A B C D because they were so tired. The mild climate of southern California is still inciting senior citizens to spend their last year A B C among the oranges groves and vineyards.

People entering a tropical jungle for the first time are always amazed at how wet it is, A B how wet it is and its incredible beauty.

com I Pejuang PMB PKN STAN

The new mall shopping in the downtown area will be more expensive for shoppers than A B C the mall on the freeway outside the town.

D 45 Zainal Alim Taklukkan! Bahasa Inggris Paket 8 - Pembahasan 1. Verb setelah kata bantu modal harus berupa kata kerja bentuk pertama VERB Jawaban : A Kata kerja told tidak lengkap, kita tahu kata kerja ini dalam bentuk pasif karena ketiadaan objek. Auxiliary yang tepat untuknya adalah dalam bentuk past tense was told karena terjadi setelah kecelakaan. Maknanya tiap …… setiap dari orang, benda atau barang yang jumlahnya dua atau lebih.

Jawaban : B Setelah kata sifat negative atau hampir negative, seperti rarely, kata kerja dan subjek dibalik dan kata kerja harus mempunyai struktur yang sama dengan bentuk pertanyaan susunan terbaliknya, yaitu auxiliary does, subjek john, dan kata kerja go.

Jawaban : A Kalimat soal bentuk kalimat present future tense, yang menggunakan keterangan waktu the day after tomorrow sehari setelah besok hari. Jadi, kesimpulan bahwa keluarga Anwar masih berada di Bandung, belum pergi ke Bali.

Jawaban : D Setelah kata kerja diikuti kata tambahan atau adverb.

Jika jamak, maka kata kerjanya juga harus jamak. Sebaliknya, jika tunggal maka kata kerja harus tunggal juga.

Jawaban : D Than mengisaratkan bentuk perbandingan untuk membandingkan the chairman dan all the other board members. Kata early merupakan kata sifat pendek dan memakai akhiran —er dalam bentuk perbandingan.

Jawaban : A Dalam teks dijelaskan bahwa booster diberikan sebagai tambahan terhadap vaksinasi awal. Jadi, dengan kata lain booster merupakan suntikan tambahan yang diberikan beberapa kali stelah vaksinasi pertama.


Jawaban : B Jawaban D dapat menjadi jawaban yang benar, tetapi tidak disebut dalam bacaan. Jawaban berada dalam paragraf 3 dimana pengarang menulis bahwa dokter mengatakan Anda mendapat kekebalan. Jawaban : C Daftar yang ditanyakan terdapat dalam paragraf terakhir. Pada pilihan A disebutkan. Pilihan B juga disebutkan meski sepotong logam belum tentu berkarat, tetapi tetap perlu vaksinasi. Mengingat salah satu alasan memakai vaksinasi adalah ketika mendatangi tempat yang eksotis, maka pilihan C dan D bisa menjadi jawaban yang dimaksudkan, yaitu tempat yang tidak eksotis.

Bagi orang Amerika, Florida bukanlah tempat yang eksotis karena eksotis berarti asing atau aneh. Bagi orang Amerika, Afrika adalah tempat yang eksotis. Jawaban : A Anda dapat terkena paku berkarat kapanpun dan dimanapun. Deal D.

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Not all people understand that every country is having its own unique culture and tradition. Simple Present Tense, kebenaran umum.

Materi : Tenses Ch. Reading 1 for questions — Line How do you stop disease-carrying mosquitoes from multiplying? They are giving leaflets saying that people chould have to keep you backyard clean 5 from rubbish, said photographer Tomas Munita, who has been documenting Recife, a northeastern state capital with a population of 3.

Any stray items left outside, even a bottle cap, can collect rainwater and becaome a breeding ground fot the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that are thought to be the main carriers of Zika.

Many houses in the favelas are makeshift shacks Your best partner in reaching your dream!

With limited access to clean water and garbage colcection, trash piles up and collects water, creating a perfect breeding ground for mosqutoes. The mosquito scourge goes far beyond these tight-packed neighborhoods.

Aedes aegypti has been icredibly had to kill since it arrived in Latin America with the slave trade from Africa. It can be inferred from the passage that What is the main idea of the first Brazillian government is Had an effective campaign to fight A.

Brazillian goverment campaign to C. Asking for help to Latin America fight Zika.

Sending army to kill mosquitos C. The question on how to stop Zika is The word they in line 4 refers to Government D. Steps to stop the spreading of Zika B. Soldiers in Brazil. Photographers Where does Aedes aegypti mousquitoes D.

Mothers raise thier larvas? Zika cause significant effects, especially A. Pregnant women C. Healthy men D. Children D.Will be discussing. Someone has stolen them. Be scanned c. We would have Of them c.

To give another reason why people may get a shot. How did Nancy Ward gain her position of authority? Pay 2.

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