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The long awaited sequel to Captive in the Dark: Seduced in the Dark What is the price of redemption? The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but. The long awaited sequel to Captive in the Dark: Seduced in the Dark What is the price of Available ebook formats: epub mobi lrf pdb html. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. CJ Roberts is an independent writer. She favors dark and erotic stories with taboo twists and her work has been called both .

I was fairly certain he was dead. I should know — I killed him. Not from her. She reaches her hand out to touch mine and I instantly recoil. The harsh clang of my hands smacking against the railing of my bed is like a threat of violence.

I am more than willing to inflict violence if she tries to touch me again. She holds up both her hands and steps away. My breathing begins to settle and the black ring surrounding my vision dissipates, until the world is once again in high definition, color.

There is a man with her. He cocks his head and stares at me like I am a riddle he wants to solve. The look is heartbreakingly familiar.

Review: Seduced In The Dark (#2, Dark Duet) by CJ Roberts

I roll my head toward the window, staring at the light filtering through the horizontal blinds. My stomach clenches. His name whispers through my mind.

He used to look at me that way. I wonder why, since he seemed so capable of reading my mind. My body aches. I miss him. I miss him so much. I feel tears again, sliding down the corners of my eyes.

Memories assault me, but I fight them. Please, Olivia. Sloan says. My panic is rising. Already my chest is heaving and the world is black around the edges.

See a Problem?

Tears choke me around the tube in my throat. The fucking pain of the post-Caleb world is endless. I knew it would be. Stay away.

I want her to stop. I want them all to go away — this woman, the man in the corner, my mother, my siblings, even Nicole. Go away, go away, go away. I scream bloody fucking murder. I am bound, like a caged animal on display.

I can never tell them. This pain is mine to keep. I scream and scream and scream until someone rushes in and presses all my magic buttons.

The drugs take over. I am literally holding myself hostage. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I belong here. The bruises on my wrists and ankles are an angry shade of purple. I suppose I fought pretty hard. I miss the restraints. In a way, they allowed me the freedom to writhe and flail. They gave me something and someone to fight against. Without them…I feel like a traitor. No longer a prisoner, I seem to be allowing them to keep me here.

I eat when they bring me food, to keep me from having that fucking tube in my nose. I shower when they say I must. I get back in my bed like a good little girl. I float away with the drugs. Oh, how I love the drugs. But, they never leave me alone. Whenever the fog of the drugs lifts, they are here: He likes to stare at me. I stare back. The first one to look away is the loser. His glare is unnerving.

I feel as though he is telling me I have no choice but to break. I taunt him with my silence. Sometimes he smirks at me. When I failed to respond, the fingers of his right hand trailed across the underside of my right breast. On this particular day, he looks away from me first and returns his attention to the laptop in front of him. I took a sharp breath and leaned away from his touch, forcing my tightly shut eyes into the skin of my upraised arm.

Slowly he reaches for his briefcase on the ground, next to his chair and pulls out a few brown folders. He opens one and makes some notes while furrowing his brow.

His lips caressed the shell of my ear… I know. I know Caleb is not here. Factually, I take stock of the fact Agent Reed is a very good-looking man. Not as handsome as Caleb. Still, he strikes me as equally intense. His pitch black hair seems a little too long for his profession, but he keeps it impeccably groomed. He wears the A-typical, movie G-man outfit: He admitted it. I am everything he wanted me to be. And in the end, what did I get in return? A shiver, so strong my body nearly jerked toward his, ran down my spine.

His tone is detached, but he keeps glancing at me sidelong. My heart stutters, but the jolt is over quickly and once again I simply feel…nothing. She is my mother; I am her daughter. Eventually, I will have to see her. Perhaps telling her to leave me alone will be easier than I thought.

My feelings are ambiguous on the subject. No thanks. I look at him with confused eyes and an innocent head tilt. He stares at me for a second, then looks down at his folders and writes something mysterious. Or must I force you again?

There are some pretty serious charges against me.

I guess one does not simply walk into the U. If I break my silence, I will never be able to leave this behind. My entire life will forever be overshadowed by the last four months. What can I say?

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For the hundredth time today, I miss, Caleb. I wonder how long Agent Reed has been watching me, waiting for me to break down and give in. I feel lost and his flicker of concern suddenly seems like a lifeline.

And quickly. Every day you say nothing, your window of opportunity shrinks. For a moment, I want to believe he really does want to help me.

Could I afford to trust a stranger? My mouth opens, words are crouched on the tip of my tongue. My mouth slams shut. Agent Reed looks frustrated. As well he should be, I suppose.

He opens it, stares at it, then at me. He leaned forward and held the delicious smelling morsel to my lips. For a moment he looks unsure, but then determined. He removes a sheet from the file and walks toward me, the paper held loosely in one hand. I have to see. My heart lurches! Every fiber of my being is suddenly singing. Tears sting my eyes and a sound mimicking both sorrow and joy bubbles out my mouth before I can keep it in check.

I want it so badly I reach for it, fingers stretching to get closer to his image. With an almost unabashed relief I opened my mouth, but he snatched it away. This is his game.

Through choked sobs, I reach for the photo again. Agent Reed keeps the photo just out of my reach. If I blink, would it disappear? He offered again.

Caleb is younger in the photo, but not by much. His blond hair is being blown up in the back and his Caribbean- blue eyes are glorious as they scowl at the camera. His mouth, so full and perfect for kissing is set in an annoyed line across his perfect face.


Did I really just read that?! This book starts off four months after the end of book 1, Captive in the Dark. That alone, should tell you all you need to know about it This book has lots of perspectives and lots of timelines but primarily, we have a dual story line told through a mix of memories that fill in the blanks of events in the past 4 months, as well as a present day story line.

The story builds. I just sat there with tears in my eyes watching all the pieces of this intricate, horrific, heart wrenching story come together.

By the end, I was pretty much just sobbing uncontrollably. It was the perfect ending.

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My heart felt battered and bruised but I was just so incredibly happy. Livvie had grown a lot in this book. I loved her in book 1, but she blew me away in book 2. Her inner strength and the depth of her understanding and compassion was absolutely beautiful.

Her uncrushable spirit was what got me through reading some of the darker scenes. She saw Caleb for who he really was. And she knew what she really felt for him. She saw the man behind the monster and was perceptive, forgiving and caring enough to understand why he was the way he was. I knew it was stupid. I wanted him to know. I wanted him to know everything and I wanted it to mean something to him.

I wanted him to choose me and accept me. I wanted him to leave everything behind and love me. He was cruel, but yet kind; brutal, and yet caring… and his journey was him finding out which side of him was more dominant — the man inside, or the monster he showed the world? Once upon a time, he may have been… normal.

Before he had been stolen, before the beatings and the rapes and the killing — he could have been something different than what he was. There were times I hated him, utterly and completely, with every fiber of my being. His journey in this book was heart breaking as he struggled between being true to his heart and being true to the intense loyalty he felt for the man that raised him.

Its hard because you find yourself genuinely, honestly, full-heartedly sympathizing with someone involved in human trafficking and murder. But at the same time, you have to consider that he too was violated, for years. It was what he grew up with and the only world he knew. Nothing of what he does is out of outright cruelty. Its very thought provoking.Thank you C. In my dreams, there is never a reason to doubt my heart. Be all those things you'd never be with me.

I felt like i had been sucked into a black hole from the soul churning story unfolding before my eyes. The reader is taken from the time Livvie is captured and from there she recounts how her predicament evolved and how Caleb and the others played a part in her story.

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