Download the Free PDF pattern, Dinner Is Served Table Sign Pattern . I find cutting with the scroll saw to be rather calming, it is sort of my own type of yoga. Free scroll saw patterns for the novice. Make this delightful animal puzzle, full size print ready PDF file with photos and instructions. Using a scroll saw for the first. Scroll saw patterns, downloadable or by mail. Scrollsaw patterns, some free, for making clocks, wooden toys, intarsia, fretwork & more for all skill levels.

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Buffalo & Swooping Eagle 4 Swooping Eagle & Cougar Pine Tree & Perched Eagle ., Deer Bust & Moonlight wolf .5 Swooping Eagle &. A\nimal Rizales = for the Scroll Saw = Second Edition Newly revised & expanded Judy and Now 50 Projects in Wood Dave Peterson jeer fe => for the Seroll Saw. Art of Scroll Saw - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

The woods on the base are cherry, walnut, oak, and pine, all unfinished. Hope you like it. This sign is for the Imelda Marcos wannabe.

I cut mine from a nice piece of Peruvian walnut looks like chocolate good enough to eat and mounted it on a double layered base of walnut and pine. Soul of the Nation Desk Sign Pattern This sign captures the importance of all veterans and their contributions to our nation. I cut mine from Ambrosia Maple and salvaged the top layer of the base from the same blank, cutting an improvised layer.

Also salvaged the two inner stars I cut out to use and end pieces, and the whole piece was then mounted on a piece of Sapele I had lying around. Remember to check out all the scrap from a project.

Sometimes you can use it to dress up the final work. It goes back to the days when the phone was just a simple contraption sitting on the end table.

I put this into wood by using a blank I made from various woods: Torrified Maple, Red Oak, and Cherry. You can make good use of your scrap wood by saving all small cut off pieces and then gluing them together in strips to make some nice looking blanks for scroll saw cutting. Of course I salvaged the top piece of the blank to convert into the top of the base.

I used a piece of plain ol' pine for the bottom. You can of course just use a single blank to cut this just as effectively, but don't be afraid to use your imagination when the opportunity presents itself. Download this Free PDF pattern. Download this PDF pattern. Someone might have a use for this sign -- maybe on Halloween.

This skull seems to be trying to escape from the mountains. Simulated in Padauk wood, might make an interesting cut. Download the PDF pattern. If you belong to an archery club why not cut this for your fellow archers. I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on a custom cut base from the waste of the blank.

Makes a nice piece. Might be able to put it on your desk to let anybody know you don't take it. Also use the cutout of the lightning bolt as a decoration on the base as well. Try to use as much of your scrap as possible. Mounted on a plain slab of pine. Well, maybe you would rather cut some acrobats on your scroll saw.

Here's a nice moving pattern. Again, used the layered base. Cut the sign from cherry and the layer from another project in mahogany. All mounted on a pine base. Give it a try. Be Strong Be Careful Be Grateful Pattern I find cutting with the scroll saw to be rather calming, it is sort of my own type of yoga where you become one with the wood.

Here's a nice sign you might like to try. I cut this from a rather exotic wood with a very pronounced grain. I've also made a layered base for the sign similar to the one I did for "Old But Not Broken" seen to the left here.

I've made a short video on how I use the scrap from the sign cut to make this layered base. If you'd like to see it and try cutting your own you can view it on my YouTube Channel If you like these signs, please let me know and I will continue to create more of them in the future: Spring is coming and there will be lots of happy golfers on the links.

Here's a sign you might want to cut for one you know.

Art of Scroll Saw

I didn't cut this but created a simulation which is what the pattern will look like in a lighter wood. The famous address is cut from wood and has the proverbial eyeglass with the here's bust inside on top of the lettering. I cut mine from 1" poplar and painted it black.

Makes a humorous door sign, keychain, or nice table display. Download the Free PDF of this pattern.

You might want to cut this nice pattern for an up and coming wedding. Would make a nice table topper or maybe even a cake topper if you finish it properly. I cut mine from mahogany and then mounted it on a custom cut variegated wood base, made from scrap strips of wood in my shop.

The whole thing is finished with a sealer only. This plaque was originally made to hang on a wall, but I added a base to it with a couple of small U brackets to allow it to stand. Makes a nice gift for your favorite cook. I cut the crown and name from a nice piece of cherry and mounted it on an improvised piece of cherry. I also cut another improvised base from a variegated wood blank I made and mounted the whole thing on that.

Makes a nice layered effect. Hope you enjoy cutting it. If you have any questions I'm at abaggetta comcast. Download the free pattern in PDF. Here's a fun pattern to cut. A common lamp with a light bulb with a heart for the filament. I cut mine from walnut and mounted it on a base I made from various wood strips.

Might be interesting to actually put a little light in the bulb area that lights from a battery pack on the back. Justice and Peace Tabletop Sign Pattern This would make a stunning gift for a lawyer, judge, or anybody in the legal field. Blind justice stands with her scale and sword among the laurel spray. I cut mine from curly maple and mounted it on a custom cut cherry base.

Download this free pattern in PDF. Anybody ready for Spring. Here's a cute little table ornament you might want to cut. I cut mine from variegated woods with a base of Padauk, but would look nice in any type of wood.

Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw - 50 Projects in Wood.pdf

Push sticks to use on your table saw can come in many varieties. I've been working on a book of different kinds. Here's a free sample of a Ram push stick you might want to cut for use in your shop. Free Pattern Download. Here it is. Click the link below to download the FREE pattern. Patriots Push Stick Pattern. Great memory piece. This makes a nice desktop ornament or hanging ornament for Dad who is not only a golf pro but a dad pro too.

Download Free. Nice slogan for any day.

High-quality scroll saw patterns and woodworking projects since 1996.

Cut from any wood. Could be a stand up sign if you put a base on it or use as a wall hanging ornament. Might make a great gift for a story teller. Came up with this haunting little sign. Might make a nice desktop display with a base added to the bottom. Download free. Makes a nice gift. Download Free Pattern in.

This amusing little sign is a great conversation starter. It spells the word FISH phonetically.

Have some fun cutting this neat little sign. I cut mine from cherry and maple. This is a stand up puzzle. I cut mine from cherry wood and mounted it on a custom cut freestyle base of Paduak wood. Download Free PDF pattern here. Enjoy another cup of coffee as you cut out this cup of coffee and resting spoon pattern. Makes for a nice caffeine challenge.

Download Free PDF pattern.

​Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners

Whale Puzzle Pattern I wanted to try something different with the key locks on a puzzle, so I made this whale pattern and used star fish as the key locks. Cut these for one or more of your favorite teachers and they will love to display it on their desk as a badge of honor. Shows a melting snowman ready for spring. Makes a nice seasonal decoration. Download this free pattern, symbolic of our historic country's freedom. The Gunfight at the OK Corral. I cut mine from cherry and inlayed a walnut star in the cherry base.

Download the free. Unfinished on the left and finished with mineral oil on the right. Download JPG pattern Price: The picture on the left is with no finish.

The one on the right is a "Strawberry Flavor" done with pink acrylic paint wash and the cone is dipped in mineral oil and then spray shellacked. Unstained it looks like the picture on the right. I colored the flowers with a wash paint and shellacked the body of the barrow. Final result is on the left. You could leave it unstained as I did on the left or paint it. I used a green wash of acrylic to show the wood grain. This is a simple fun puzzle for the young. Makes a nice table top display or simply fun to play with and easy to do.

I cut mine from 1" Red Oak to make a sturdy display. Left unfinished. Makes a nice display. Great seasonal project for kids. Cut this out for a nice play puzzle or fun decoration. Pattern Price: I had an old bureau so I cut it up and used some of the wood for this puzzle, but you can cut from just about anything you have available and painting will only enhance the project. Patrick's Day is unique in that all of the keys are little shamrocks.

Makes a great gift for an English teacher. Download Price: Cute conversation piece: I cut mine from pine and painted each section a different color, but you can use better woods for a nicer finish. Free Pirate Sword and Skull Puzzle Your young pirate 5 and up will love putting together this nice pirate sword.

I cut mine from poplar and left unfinished. Wood can be colored using crayons or paints. I used aspen. And then paint it a bright color. I used a cool green. Enjoy the summer. Free 4th Of July Ornament Pattern Stack cut these to make a bunch of ornaments for party use or for sale.

Tied thread for hanger. Could also be made into a small stand up sign. Free Christening Butterfly Cross I had a request to make a baptismal cross. Since the little girl liked butterflies I added them to the cross along with her name and the date. I cut mine from cherry with walnut for a base. Added a candle for a nice touch. Free Free Pattern eBook for Improvised Bases This is a collection of some of patterns of improvised bases I did for some of my name signs.

These are available on the Author Sign Page. If you download the Author Signs eBook you will also receive free of charge the tutorial on how to Improvise Custom bases for your signs. It is only five pieces so it is not very difficult to cut. Also makes a nice holiday gift for those who want a scare with their games. Leaves cut from pumpkin form a rather radical face. Instructions on pattern for cuts and roundover. Makes a nice simple wood gift.


Free Old Fashioned Country Wagon Pattern Build this wagon for special occasions or holidays or just plain old decorative fun. Once you get the knack of my plan it is easy to build and you will want to have lots of them. Use your creative juices and you can design wagons for all occasions.

If you come up with some variations on the pattern, please let me know. The wagon project Includes sample logos and wheel and horse pattern. I cut mine from resawn birch, cherry, and plain old pine.

I cut mine from pine and left it unfinished, but it might make a nice paint project. Perhaps you can use the pattern to make one. I cut mine out of 1" cherry. I cut mine from pine and painted it, but you could use any kind of wood for a nice effect. Just don't have too many. Makes a nice display sign cut from a fancy wood or use pine and paint it a favorite color. I cut mine from pine and painted the turkey orange and shellacked the outer pie crust. Easy to make and fun to give away.

I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on a walnut base. Makes a nice desktop gift. They can also be made into magnets. Easy to cut and free. Includes instructions. Make the pieces bigger if you are using it with a child under 5 years old.

Here's a cute one you can cut to any size and use it as a table top or shelf ornament. I cut mine from MDF and heavily painted it in white.

I cut mine from aspen, sanded them smooth and then painted in different colors. I also did a few in some hard woods, birch, cherry, and sapele respectively.

You can cut the bunnies in the size patterned or you can enlarge it. The Bell Tower Clock. I am 82 years old and have been scrollsawing for 30 years and woodworking for 60 years.

Before, I would have to wait a week for the pattern to arrive. If I wanted to make another one a year from now, I would have to dig through my patterns and repeat the process.

With yours I just pull up the file on my computer and print. If I need just one part, I only have to print one page. I live in South Africa and it is mind-boggling to realize the time it took to place the order and receive the pattern in under five minutes.

The pattern is already printed and ready to begin, now I must just find a suitable piece of timber!! Below you'll see a selection of favorite projects you can build. We have clocks, wooden toys, birdhouses, even mailboxes, intarsia projects and more.If I need just one part, I only have to print one page.

At that time he found a Hegner saw and today owns three "1 of them in different sizes. His updated version, The New Router Handbook, was selected the best how-to book of This site walks you through the process and includes a variety of photos so you will never feel lost. I've made a short video on how I use the scrap from the sign cut to make this layered base. All are ready for you to begin working on them straight away.

Makes a nice gift for your favorite cook. Simply download the pattern from the site and get to work making this holiday decoration for your home. Could also be made into a small stand up sign.

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