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(ebook) Save our Sleep Revised Edition from Dymocks online store. A fully revised and updated edition of the bestselling baby. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Australian sleep guru" The Times. About the Author. Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie Hall has worked with children and parents for. download the eBook Save Our Sleep, A Parents' Guide Towards Happy, Sleeping Babies from Birth to Two Years - Revised Edition by Tizzie Hall.

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Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? They feel bad for having to work each day, leaving their partner feeling alone and run-down, and explain how exhausted and worried they feel, and how this affects their own work.

Couples who claim to have never fought before their baby was born tell me how they fight all the time over the silliest of things, like what to eat for dinner or who had the car keys last, and how they never make love any more because they are too tired. If sleep deprivation continues over the long-term, it increases the risk of more serious problems.

The gender of the baby or whether she is breast or bottle-fed makes no difference. It is very important in the early days to feed your baby frequently.

Formula-fed babies can be given their bottle every four hours during the day and may be left for six hours between night feeds. By week two it is important to be developing some sort of sleeping and feeding routine. For years health professionals have been debating the pros and cons of a routine, but the one factor they always agree on is that young children and babies feel safe and secure when they know what and when things are going to happen.

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The reason I recommend establishing a routine by two weeks old is to be sure your baby is sleeping correctly before she starts to sleep in daytime sleep cycles. Otherwise, problems such as catnapping may occur.

This means going to sleep without aids, such as rocking, patting, feeding or even the use of a dummy. If your baby is due a feed, you will start to recognise that as the hungry cry. If your baby is due to have a sleep, you will learn that is the tired cry. They do, in fact, sound different. At first the idea of a routine can be quite scary.

If I have to spend the day clock- watching, how will I relax or get on with everyday jobs? What happens if I have an older child, with a school run to do each day?

If you find this to be your case, then try following my basic rules and adjust the routines to suit you better. The feedback I get from parents is that routines make their lives easier. If you have older children they will also gain advantages from your baby having a routine, as you will be better able to plan activities with them.

The best part of these routines is that you know you will have time for yourself and your partner in the evening. The general feeling I get from parents who are not following a daily routine is that evenings are often their hardest part of the day. My routines also help babies to feel safe and secure. Your baby will know that her needs are being met and she has no need to cry, resulting in a happy, contented baby.

This means you can help a newborn baby go to sleep and she will stay asleep for a long period, however when an older baby starts waking between sleep cycles she may instead catnap during the day. Then at about 8 kg, around five to seven months, she will also start to wake between night-time sleep cycles. This is why I recommend starting to establish a routine so early, teaching your baby to go back to sleep between cycles prevents sleep problems occurring.

You will notice I have slightly different routines for babies who are bottle-fed and those who are breastfed until eight weeks. So how do you get the perfect morning where your baby sleeps right through to 7 am? Putting your baby or child to bed at 7 pm is the key to success. If you put your baby to bed any earlier or later, invariably you will cause your baby or child to wake up before she has had enough sleep.

This is where once again we find ourselves talking about sleep cycles. For example, Lily is eight months old. I put her to bed at 6.

Lily sleeps in minute sleep cycles, so Lily sleeps a short cycle until 7. But at 9 pm after this long cycle, Lily stretches, yawns, opens her eyes and has a look around. Nothing much has changed so Lily chooses to go into another sleep cycle, which is another short minute one, followed once again by the longer minute period.

This takes us to 11 pm when Lily again wakes briefly and goes into another cycle. This continues throughout the night with Lily waking every two hours at 1 am, 3 am, 5 am and finally at 7 am, a perfectly good time to start the day.

Save Our Sleep

But if we put Lily to bed about half an hour later at 7. She sleeps again in minute and minute short and long cycles until it is finally 5. However, at 5. Instinctively, Lily starts crying out to mummy or daddy to come and get her. Despite the fact that Lily has not had enough sleep, she has managed to wake herself up to the extent that it is impossible to get her back to sleep. HOW WE REACT Quite often when parents are woken at 5 am, they make the mistake of treating the situation differently than if the disturbance took place at 1 am, thinking their baby has had too much sleep by 5 am to attempt resettling so their only option is to get both themselves and the baby up.

Unfortunately, this not only teaches baby to keep waking at 5 am but it also means that she will have difficulty resettling if she wakes at 3 am one morning.

Your baby will get very upset and confused at the different treatment as she will not understand the difference between 3 am and 5 am.

I believe that babies, toddlers and children who wake at 5 am and are not resettled are getting insufficient sleep. You end up with a very overtired and hyperactive baby and the only way out is to ask your baby to resettle, irrespective of how long it takes.

Parents are often unsure about this suggestion, thinking that it will take several hours — it may well do so initially, but you have to be strong and stick it out longer than your baby will. If the solution was as simple as going to bed earlier, getting up with your baby at 5 am and starting the day earlier than usual, then I would advise that.

But the problem is usually more complex as there always tends to be knock-on effects. For instance the baby could become confused by the mixed messages and start to test the boundaries in place for other sleeps throughout the day. This could also affect the way your baby changes sleep cycles during the night. Early rising is a common problem and teaching your baby to resettle at 5 am is probably more important than sticking to the routine for the rest of the day.

Frustrated, tired and beginning to resent Toby, Alison tried my tips on the suggestion of her doctor.She sleeps again in minute and minute short and long cycles until it is finally 5.

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Please be aware that the delivery time frame may vary according to the area of delivery and due to various reasons, the delivery may take longer than the original estimated timeframe.

Shelves: parenting Much like Gina Ford's "Contented Little Baby Book" this is a book that promotes a strict routine to help your baby sleep through the night. In over a decade of operation, SOS has assisted hundreds of children of all ages - mainly babies - to learn how to sleep through the night, every night. I threw it out the window in frustration and my baby and I both got the best night sleep we had in a week!

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