A few days ago, Cheryl write me an email which contains about her Galaxy S3 was unabled to download PDF files from the browser. Ever since I did the most recent update on my s3 I can't download pdf or mp3 files . All it says is 'down load unsuccessful'. What can I do to. i own a galaxy s3 and i have a problem: i cannot download files from the example, is this restaurant where i order pizza, they have me.

Samsung S3 Cannot Pdf

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is there an easier way to browse and access my pdf files? where do pdf files get saved to? i downloaded attachments from my email but cant. Solved: Cannot download the attached document PDF to my phone? Can you tell me why please?. hi my s3 wont download files from the Internet anymore, photos pdf's etc. it says ' starting download' Samsung kies is a great place to begin.

I'm a newbie to the android family I await any response. I have been trying to figure out why I couldnt save files and images from the internet for months!. I took it to tmobile and even they couldn't figure it out!!! I've been searching high and low. Exactly what you said fixed my problem in 45 seconds. Thanks so much!! XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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Click on any of the topics to find related threads. Have you ever tried to use another Google account on your phone? However, try to uninstall update of the Google Play Store through the Application manager. Also while you're in the Application manager, tap the Menu key then select Reset app preferences and then restart the phone.

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I didn't uninstall updates on Google Play and I have never used any other Google account on my phone. I don't know what was blocking the download. Hell it's been hard man, it's been really hard. May the force be with you, never put the one ring on, and I swear by the old Gods and the new to serve you. Hi Brother, Thanks to let me know about it. I'm more than happy to know that you finally be able to fix this annoying problem. Well, enjoy downloading anything with your precious Galaxy S3: Omg can we have a double wedding I have been searching and trying to figure out how to get my phone to work I have done everything with SD cards the only thing that works is just what you said about resetting my app manager and reset my phone thank you so much.

Hi Dj Hood, Thanks for coming and let me know that you can find something useful here: Hi Mohamed Abdirahman, Thanks for coming.

I'll write the complete steps for you. Here they are: On any screen, swipe down the top of the screen to open up the notifications panel and then tap the Settings icon cogwheel icon at the top of the screen to enter the settings menu. Tap "More" tab.

Tap "Application manager". In the Downloaded tab, tap the Menu key and then select "Reset app preferences". If needed, you can restart your phone.

In some cases, the problem will go away by restarting the phone after you did reset app preferences. Hi Barry, Thanks for coming. I'm so happy to know that you can find something useful here: Thank you so much I cant download frim whole world wide web i cant download anything from play store to savefrom. Please check my reply in the comment right above you, and then see whether that helps: Hi, Everytime I am on my browser and try downloading a picture or mp 3 file to my phone it says it's downloading at the bottom but it really isn't.

I do not have an SD card either and I hace tried restarting my S3 to solve the issue but it keeps happening. Help please! Hi Cristalyne S, Thanks for coming. Try to take a look in the Application manager in the Settings menu. If you run Android 4. If you run below the Android 4.

Once you've done, try to download a picture through the Browser then see whether it works: I have the same problem, it says starting download I've tried what you said but still no luck.

Hi Stu Morris, Thanks for coming. If you have check your SD card and it's not corrupted and have done all the suggestions here but with no luck, then you might be have to try an app called Download Blazer here's the link: Help you to download any files easily from the supported browser app including with the stock.

[Q] My Galaxy s3 can't download files from browser

Just click the download link in the browser app and then select Download Blazer. Tap Save download to download that file. Hope this helps: Hi Stephanie Rico, Are you able to download other file types using the same method? Have you tried to clear cache and data of the Internet app?

Hi Rehan, I had the same problem and after trying your suggestion, it finally works again! Thank you so much. Hi Bae Sun Young, Thanks for coming and let me know that one of the suggestions listed here has worked on you: Worked a treat, thank you!

I had all these 'u' files appear on my SD card e. Not sure where they came from but presume related to the corrupted card.

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Thanks for your help! Hi BexE, Thanks for coming. I'm more than happy to know that this post was useful for you: Hi Buddy, Thanks for coming and share your thought here. But, I think it'll be more useful if you give us a specific app name based on your experience that works well associated with this problem. However, some users sometimes don't want to use third-party app with their own reason. Hi I recently was able to download photos off my s3 stock browser now all of a sudden I cant!

Now when I try screen crashes goes black, freezes n says Internet has stopped working.. Hi Muslim Saleem, Thanks for coming. Did you make any change before encountering this problem install any third-party app, change the settings or update OS?

However, try to do these following steps to fix your problem: Try to clear cache and clear data and force stop the Internet app through application manager or app info screen and then restart your phone. Once the phone is on, try to download photo using the stock Browser app. If the 1 didn't work, try to open Download app and then clear download histories. If you didn't disable any app before, tap the disabled app and then tap "Enable" button. FYI, an app sometimes is linked with other app, that's why when certain app is disabled then other app that is related with the disabled app may encounters errors.

Hi Devendra Yadav, Thanks for coming. Yes, I agree with you.

s3 won't download files anymore

In some cases, reset app preferences can solve the problem. If necessary, restart the phone once you finish resetting the app preferences. I am facing the same exact problem.

When I try to download some pdf on my s3, it says starting download but does nothing. My sd card is almost full. Can't I save the downloads on my internal memory instead of saving it on my sd card??? Please do provide a solution to my problem.

Hi Amani Addepalli, Thanks for coming. You can save downloaded files to your internal storage by using the following steps: Open Internet app. Tap the Menu key and then select "Settings". Where the Download folder is located on your device will vary depending on the OS, version, and manufacturer configuration.

I apologize for such a silly question, but I'm fumbling around with my Note II trying to access the folders and can't seem to find them at all. How do I get into the directories? I'm wanting to keep a PDF map on my phone so I don't have to rely on a connection to view it when mountain biking where connections are poor or nonexistent. For general file browsing, you can download and use any of the multiple file-browser apps available on the Android Play Store. There is a pdf folder on my Droid7.

But I don't think I did.Hi Mohamed Abdirahman, Thanks for coming. Hi Buddy, Thanks for coming and share your thought here. Hi Amani Addepalli, Thanks for updating your issue here. Rehan 26 April at Not from Google play, not from any browser and not only pdf files, any kind of file wont download.

Rehan 2 July at

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