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Kenneth Erwin Hagin (August 20, – September 19, ) was an American preacher. Kenneth E. Hagin was Right and Wrong Thinking. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 87,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Kenneth Hagin Ministries. P.O. Box The Faith Shield is a trademark of RHEMA Bible Church, AKA Kenneth. Hagin majority report is always right, but if you follow the majority of It was their wrong thinking, wrong believing, and wrong.

Eye opening. I wish there was more Straight forward! I will read this over and over!!

God bless. God is good. Enjoy this with your family. Jan 19, Zdenek Sykora rated it it was amazing All Christians need right thinking. This book will help everybody from all denominations. All of us need the think the way that glorifies our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It has helped me a whole lot on my thinking pattern. Now I will rather think the word. Oct 09, Elaine R. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Choose Right.

7 Keys to Make the Supernatural Your Natural

They havenever heard what the Word teaches about healing. Somemay say, "But they can read the Bible for themselves. I was affiliated with adenomination which does not believe in healing.

I had been Right and Wrong Believing 17taught from childhood that such things as healing are notfor us today. Therefore, when I read about healing, it wouldnot register in my spirit, because my mind was closed onthe subject of divine healing, miracles, and manifestationsof that nature.

That's why one must have an open mindto God's Word. The cure for unbelief is to study God'sWord. By studying God's Word for yourself, you can gainknowledge of what is yours "in him. Another type of unbelief is failure to be persuaded.

The children of Israel knew they were to take the PromisedLand, because God had said He had given it to them. Butthey could not be persuaded to act on His Word. There aremany believers who are informed about God's Word, butthey cannot be persuaded to act on it.

This is unbelief. Thecure for this particular kind of unbelief is obedience. Have you ever noticed that the majority of Christiansare sincere, earnest, and honest, yet they are weak? Thatmay seem to be a contradiction, but it isn't. The reasonChristians are weak is because they have never dared toconfess what they are in Christ. You can know who youare in Christ and what you have in Christ! The childrenof Israel knew what God had said belonged to them. Hehad said, "I will give you the land.

The children of Israel had seenGod's faithfulness in everything else He had promisedthem, but they could not be persuaded to act on God'sWord in this matter of taking the land. Similarly, the majority of Christians today are notwalking in the light they really possess concerning God'sWord. Most are praying, "God, give me this," or "Do thatfor me. When they act onthe Word, they will get the answer. When I was extremely ill and bedfast as a teenager, myfamily thought I was going to lose my mind because Iread 18 Right and Wrong Thinkingthe Bible so much.

They even had one of my doctors, Dr. Robason, visit me and tell me that I should not read theBible so much or I would lose my mind. It would help manypeople if they could lose their natural minds and getspiritually minded instead! But I knew that I was gaininghealth and strength from my study of God's Word, so Ijust kept on reading and studying it. Therefore, I spent mostof my time reading in the New Testament; especially in theEpistles, because they tell me who I am and what I havein Christ.

That is the confession I like to maintain, becauseit is an overcoming confession, and it defeats the devil everytime. Many pastors, evangelists, and lay people spend theirtime reading elsewhere in the Bible. And it shows upeventually, because they never have a note of victory intheir lives. I knew a minister who never preached on anything butprophecy. And he always preached the dark side ofprophecy. Finally his people became tired of listening tohim preach the negative side of prophecy all the time, sothey went elsewhere to church.

This preacher suffered agreat deal physically before he died. Prophecy can bepreached in a way that it is a blessing, or it can bepreached in a way that it becomes a curse. It is the same with preaching about demons. A preachercan show the authority Christians have over demons, andhe and the people will be blessed.

On the other hand, peoplecan be very frightened by hearing wrong preaching aboutdemons. Praise God, Christians do not have to tremblebefore demons or be frightened by them. If we live in the Epistles, we will live in victory. Paullisted a number of things we would come up against in ourChristian walk, but then he summed it up by saying, 'Way, Right and Wrong Believing 19in all these things we are more than conquerors throughhim that loved us" Rom.

Notice Paul says we haveroom to spare, for we are more than conquerors. When I preach about the mind, it frightens somecongregations! They immediately think of ChristianScience.

Nevertheless, the Bible does have a great deal tosay about the mind. And Philippians says, "Finally,brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things arehonest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things arepure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things areof good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be anypraise, THINK on these things.

Ibelieve that is why so many people remain sick, even afterthey have been prayed for by everyone in the country. Theyget in every healing line, yet never receive their healing. The reason why they are not healed is because they arethinking incorrectly.

In the past, I have noticed that many people seemedhelped at the time I prayed for them. Some even testifiedthat their aches and pains left for two or three days.

However, I knew all the time that the sickness or painwould come back on them, because the "whine" was stillin their voices. They simply kept thinking, believing, andconfessing wrong until it came back on them. Yes, it is much easier to follow what man thinks aboutthings than to follow what God says about the situation.

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world to get one'smind to give up what man says and go with what God says. We need to meditate and think on God's Word as well asbelieve it in our hearts. For example, all my doctors andall my friends said I could not possibly live through the 20 Right and Wrong Thinkingillnesses I had, but instead of listening to them, I choseto believe what God's Word said God had done for us inChrist.

Yes, it would have been easier to listen to myfriends, my doctors, and what my senses were telling me. But I chose to stand upon God's Word — and I am welland healthy today because of it. The reason why faith is held in bondage by Christiansso much is because they have not dared to simply believeand confess what God says about them! Is it because theyhave never read the Word of God to find out who they are?

Is it because they have dwelled too much in the past historyof the Bible — the Old Covenant — never realizing thatwe have a New Covenant and are new creatures in Christ;never realizing that God loves us and wants us to have thebest of everything? Or is it because their minds are sooccupied with little worldly things in life — things that willprofit nothing when all is said and done?

To build a solid faith life, you need to believe and confessdaily what God the Father is to you, what Jesus is doingfor you now at the right hand of the Father, and what theHoly Spirit is doing in you.

Then you will grow to the placewhere you will not be afraid of circumstances any longer;and you will not be afraid of any disease or any condition. Instead, you will face life fearlessly — a conqueror! In time,you will learn that Romans is true: "Nay, in all thesethings we are more than conquerors..

A wrong confession, of course, is a confession of defeat,failure, and the supremacy of Satan. Some people arealways talking about their combat with the devil. Theymagnify the devil by doing this. Anytime one talks abouthow the devil is holding him in bondage, how the devil ismaking him sick, or how the devil is keeping him fromsuccess — it is a confession of defeat and failure. On the other hand, when a believer confesses the good Right and Wrong Believing 21things of God and what God has done in his life, that isa confession which glorifies the Lord.

So let's start livinga victorious life by making the right confession. Once I say that God has heard my prayer, I never goback to it. I do not care what I see, what I feel, or whatmy senses tell me — I stay with my confession.

I take holdof it with the tenacity of a bulldog, and I do not turn looseof it. Get into God's Word and stay with it. Do what Jesussaid: Hold fast to your confession, and fight the good fightof faith. Do not let the devil maneuver you out of your firmposition. I have stood my ground for certain things for days,weeks, and even months.

I have not budged an inch. I havestood my ground because I knew that God had heard myprayer, and that I had the answer for the matter I had beenpraying about. Few Christians realize that our confessions imprison us,and that only the right kind of confession will set us free.

It is not only our thinking, but it is also the words we speakwhich build power or weakness into us. Our words snareus and hold us in captivity, or else they set us free. Ourwords become powerful in the lives of others. It is whatwe confess with our lips that really dominates our innerbeing. If we talk about sickness, it is because we believe insickness.

If we talk about weakness and failure, it is becausewe believe in weakness and failure. We unconsciouslyconfess what we believe: " Chapter 3 Right andWrong ConfessingSeeing then that we have a great high priest, thatis passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God,let us hold fast our profession [confession]. Yes, this is in myheart," and make a positive confession. However, the firstthing we know, we are saying something contrary —something negative — with our mouths.

We must be carefulto have the word of faith in our mouths instead. It is amazing the faith that Christians have in the wrongthings! If they would take the same faith and believe inthe right things, they would become successful. In fact, theywouldn't need any more faith than what they already havein order to be successful! When people confess their lack, they build a sense oflack and inadequacy into themselves, and then thesedeficiencies gain the ascendancy in their lives.

But Jesusis our Lord, and if we hold fast to the confession of HisLordship, then Jesus will gain the ascendancy in our livesand lead us into success. We shall never rise above ourconfessions! The confessions of a believer's lips that have grown outof faith in his heart will absolutely beat the devil in everycombat. However, if a believer does not believe in hisheart the confessions his lips are making, theseconfessions will not work.

And if he confesses Satan'sability to hinder him and to keep him from success, Satanwill gain dominion over him. But Colossians says, "And having spoiled principalitiesand powers, he made a shew of them openly,triumphing over them in it.

Why does he dominate people? Because people allowhim to!

Many people think that God is responsible for all thethings that happen to them, when actually God is notresponsible for any of these things! People also think it isup to God to do something about their troubles. Actually,it is up to the individual to do something about his troubles! Because after Christ's ascension, the work that Hedid in carrying out the great plan of redemption was turnedover to the Church, and now it is up to believers to "possessthe land.

God told Adam that He was giving him dominionover all the works of His hands; Adam could do whateverhe wanted to do with creation. Unfortunately, Adamcommitted high treason and sold out his dominion to thedevil!

Throughout the ages, mankind has been mystifiedby Adam's actions. People have wondered, "God knewwhat was going to happen. Why did God let the devil takecontrol of the world? The Bible plainly states that Godcreated the heaven and the earth Gen.

After God gave us dominionover all things, He was no longer responsible for them. Manwas then responsible. Have you ever noticed how every one of the authors ofthe New Testament told us to do something about thedevil?

That's why Christians should "live" in the Epistles,the letters written to the Church. Peter said, for example,". I haveheard believers say such things as, "The devil is after me! You might as well besaying, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star. In the next verse,verse nine, Peter continued and told us to do somethingabout the devil: "Whom resist stedfast in the faith. We must tell the devil, "The Word of God says thatJesus defeated you.

You are a defeated foe, devil. The NewTestament — the New Covenant that God has establishedwith man through the blood of Christ — says that you haveno authority over me, because Jesus was, " ThisNew Covenant says that you have no authority over me,Satan — but, rather, I have authority over you! Satan, leaveme alone, because you are defeated! But making the wrong confessionwill allow Satan to have dominion over us.

James said,"Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" James James was writing to believers. Notice he did not say wewere to pray to God so that God would resist the deviland cause him to flee from us.

James did not say wewere to telephone the pastor and have him pray that thedevil would go away. No, unless you resist the devil, he will not flee from you. I can resist him and he will flee from me, but I cannot resisthim for you. I can pray for people in faith, but if theymaintain the wrong confession, it will do no good for meto pray for them; their wrong confessions will nullify theeffects of my prayers 1 Peter ; James Some people actually know so little about the Word ofGod that they believe that I can just pray a prayer of faithfor them, and whether they believe anything or not, theywill still receive an answer.

Many claim to believe the New Testament, but actuallythey do not. They are ignorant concerning the Word of God. They ask, "If you heal the sick as Jesus did, then why don'tyou heal everybody? The people's unbeliefkept Jesus from doing many mighty works. For example,Mark ,6 tells us that in His hometown of Nazareth, Jesus" And hemarvelled because of their unbelief. And he went roundabout the villages, teaching. Not thatHe would not. He could not! Why couldn't He? The Biblesays it was because of the people's unbelief.

Sometimes we read in the Bible that all the peoplepresent on a particular occasion were healed. Sometimesall the sick people in one of my services have been healed. At other times, only a few have been healed. Thedifference is in the faith or unbelief of the individualspresent. We see this throughout Jesus' ministry on earth. Matthew says, "He did not many mighty works therebecause of their unbelief.

When Christ arose from the dead with all authority inheaven and on earth, He delegated the authority on earthto the Church, the believers. It is now up to us as believersto do something with the authority that God has given us. It is up to us to believe, and to actupon what we believe. Paul wrote to the Church at Ephesus, "Neither giveplace to the devil" Eph. What does this mean? Itmeans that we should not give the devil any place in us,because the devil cannot dominate us in any way unlesswe allow him to do it.

When we resist the devil and makethe right confessions, we can maintain our dominion overthe devil. But if our confessions are not in line with theWord of God, then they glorify the devil, and they fill ourhearts with a spirit of fear and weakness. We will rise above all satanic influence when we declare," Greater is Christ who is within us than anyforce that is arrayed against us. Our confession is thebattleground on which we fight. And it is here that wedetermine whether we will succeed or fail.

Confessing doubts and fears, on the other hand, deniesthe grace and the ability of God. Believers should neverdeal with doubts and fears, because they are the devil'snarcotics! Paul said, "For God hath not given us the spiritof fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" 2Tim.

God has given us a spirit of power, love, and asound mind. Praise God! We are members of God's family. We are God's children. Because faith, love, and power belong to us, we will notconfess our doubts and fears.

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Instead, we will confess whatthe Word of God says, and our faith will grow stronger andstronger as we maintain that confession. If we were to confess weaknesses or diseases, we wouldbe openly confessing that God's Word is not true, and thatGod has failed to make good His Word. But what does Godsay about sickness and disease? In First Peter , God'sWord says, " Osborn states in Healing the Sick, "Confessingpains, aches, and diseases is like signing for a package thatthe Express Company has delivered.

Do not acceptanything sent by the devil. In the early years of my life, I had two serious, organicheart problems. The doctor said that either of them couldcause my death. My body was almost totally paralyzed. I was so anemic, my blood was pale orange in color.

There was no chance of my ever getting well exceptthrough the mercy of God. I call it a"Methodist" Bible because she had been saved yearsbefore during a Methodist campmeeting in Tennessee. I found out that the Word of God had something to sayabout the sickness and disease I had: " But there I was, sufferingtwo or three heart attacks a day.

Don't think for a minute that I had not prayed. In fact,I had prayed practically all night long many nights. I hadprayed for hours and hours.

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I am not minimizing prayer,but it takes more than prayer to get the job done in a caselike this. It takes believing prayer! The trouble with manyChristians is that they do a lot of praying without anybelieving — or acting on what they believe — and it doesnot accomplish anything. There is no place in the Bible where Jesus or anyoneelse said that prayer alone would get the job done.

ButJesus did say, " Jesus also said,". Christians will say, "I'll tell you, I really believe inprayer. You cango to Tibet and find a religion older than Christianity whoseadherents also believe in prayer. The people pray constantly. Their priests turn a prayer wheel constantly. Again, I want to emphasize that I am not saying weshould stop praying! I am simply saying that prayer is notall there is to it. If you believe what the Word says, thenyou must act on the Word when you pray. Pray, forget about it, and begin to conduct yourself asif the answer came the minute you prayed!

It takes morethan prayer. It takes believing the Word and acting on it. I was beyond all human help as a bedfast teenager. Godknows the hours I spent in prayer, yet I had made noprogress at all in receiving my healing. I decidedsomething was wrong somewhere — and I knew it couldn'tbe on God's side.

Right and Wrong Thinking

I knew I had to make whatever changewas necessary, because God never changes. So I asked, "Lord, what is wrong? Something is wrongsomewhere.

I am not making contact with You. I am notreceiving what I am praying for.

My natural mind really rebelled against that. It shoutedagainst it! You can make as much noise with your mindas you can with your hands or feet. Even though my mind kept saying, "You are crazy. Youare crazy," I said, "No, I see it.

I see it exactly. Here iswhy I have not received my healing: I am still confessingI have my heart trouble. I am still confessing I amparalyzed. I can feel how my heart acts, so I am stillconfessing that I am sick. God's Word says that He did something with thesickness and disease. I am holding onto the sickness byconfessing it, and as long as I hold onto it, I am going tohave it.

I have to turn loose of it. I have to start confessingthat what God's Word says is so. I have been acceptingwhat my five senses — seeing, smelling, touching, hearing,and tasting — tell me instead of the testimony of God'sWord.

What I must do now is accept the testimony of God'sWord instead of my senses — because God's Word saysthat I am healed! Friends, don'tthink you won't have a fight when you make a confessionlike that. You won't rest on a flowery bed of ease. Oh, no!


God did not say you would. He said we were to "Fight thegood fight of faith He said we were to " Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" James Hesaid we were to " And He said we were to resist the devil "stedfastin the faith" 1 Peter All such terms as these denotethat some strenuous effort needs to be put forth on ourpart.

Wrestling denotes strenuous effort put forth. ThisScripture doesn't mean strenuous physical effort, such aswrestling with a man; it means wrestling against spiritualforces in the spirit realm. It's spiritual wrestling. Theverses we have just read refer to the fact that we mustfight — wrestle — resist — put forth an effort — againstevil powers in the spiritual realm. So you must hold fast to your confession.

Kenneth E. Hagin (1917–2003)

Do not holdit loosely or halfheartedly, but hold fast to it. Hold fastto your confession, as I held to mine.Ten of them said, "We can't do it. All of this had been hers all along; it had belonged to her, but because she had never dared to confess and claim it, she had never walked in what had rightfully belonged to her.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Anytime one talks abouthow the devil is holding him in bondage, how the devil ismaking him sick, or how the devil is keeping him fromsuccess — it is a confession of defeat and failure.

If people could understand that, it would makea great difference in their lives and thinking.

You might as well be saying, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Right and Wrong Thinking Fourth, it is necessary for us to know what the Word of God will do for us through our lips, or what God can do through us. He loves us all with the same love, and He has made the same provisions for all of us.

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