Thank you for choosing Autodesk Revit Architecture Essentials. from an instruction manual but only from seasoned users working in the indus- views on sheets so they can be printed or converted to PDF and sent to clients or. Revit Architecture. Basics . This tutorial uses metric or Imperial units. Metric units will Revit uses a level to define another floor or story in a building. 1. This document is a companion to the book: Revit Architecture and beyond: part

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The top of the screen (the Ribbon) is the Design Bar. It contains almost every command you will need to model your house. The Basics menu contains basic. Printed manual and help produced with Idiom WorldServer™. WindowBlinds: DirectSkin™ OCX . How Does Revit Architecture Keep Things Updated?. Download revit mep tutorial pdf pdf PDF file for free. Get many PDF Ebooks from our online library related with revit tutorial pdf pdf. Download revit.

Based on the authors' years of real-world experience, this comprehensive reference and tutorial has been updated to cover all of the new features of Revit MEP, and includes best practices, techniques, tips, tricks, and real-world exercises to help you hone your skills. Shows how to use the interface effectively, explains how to create and use project templates, and details ways you can improve efficiency with worksharing and collaboration Addresses generating schedules that show quantities, materials, design dependencies, and more Looks at creating logical air , water, and fire protection systems; evaluating building loads; and placing air and water distribution equipment Covers lighting, power receptacles and equipment, communication outlets and systems, and circuiting and panels Zeroes in on creating water systems, plumbing fixtures and their connectors, water piping, and more Featuring real-world scenarios and hands-on tutorials, this Autodesk Official Press book features downloadable before-and-after tutorial files so that you can compare your finished work to that of the professionals.

It's the perfect resource for becoming a Revit MEP expert.

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Revit Tutorial PDF

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Upcoming SlideShare. Verify that Boundary Line is selected. Click Line. On the Options Bar, verify that Chain is selected. Beginning at the lower left interior corner, select the lower endpoint of the west wall, and then select the upper endpoint. Move the cursor down to align with the outside of the wall, and click to specify the point. Move the cursor down to align with the inside of the wall, and click.

Move the cursor to the left, enter SZ to find the loop endpoint, and select the endpoint to complete the floor sketch. In the Ribbon, click In the alert dialog, click No. Select the wall as shown. The selected wall is temporarily hidden so that you can see the interior floors.

Adding Interior Walls Loading the player In this exercise, you add walls on the lower level and the entry level, and then modify the walls to create rooms in the building. For Location Line, select Wall Centerline.

Clear Chain. Interior walls on the Entry Level Add walls: Zoom in to the west wall, move the cursor along the north wall centerline, enter mm, and press ENTER to specify the wall start point.


Move the cursor down, and click on the south wall centerline to complete wall 1. Right-click on the wall, and click Create Similar. Using the illustration at the right as a guide, place additional walls to create rooms.

Interior wall split and trimmed to create corridor Modify walls to create a corridor: In the Ribbon, Modify Tab, click Split Element , and click on wall 1 in the area indicated in the illustration below. Trim the split wall to create a corridor. First click a horizontal interior wall at one side of the corridor to be , then click the vertical interior wall. Remember to click the part that you want to keep! If you make a mistake, use Ctrl-Z to undo. Repeat for the other side of the corridor.

We had to split the wall first, before we could use trim. Otherwise too much of the wall would have been trimmed. Note that there are other methods as well to achieve the same. This is just one of the options. Right-click on one of the half-tone walls shown in the underlay of the lower level, and click Create Similar. The walls defining the rooms on the lower level and the entry level are complete.

Adding Doors In this exercise, you load doors from the Revit Library folders into the project, and then add interior and exterior doors to the model. In the Ribbon Architecture tab , click Door. There are a limited number of door types in the project because there were few in the default template.

You can load additional door types from the Revit Libraries. In the left pane of the Load Family dialog, click Metric Library. In the right pane open the Doors folder. Click Open.

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If you end up in another location that the default Libraries location for Revit, you can try to fix it by: Enable display of hidden folders in Windows microsoft. Replace with the the correct number if you've installed another version Open the Libraries folder, then either the US Metric, Netherlands or other sub folder. In the Ribbon, click Door. Exterior doors added to the Entry level Open the 02 Entry Level floor plan. Place the door in the north wall, about mm from the end of the retaining wall, as shown.

Place the door in the short vertical wall, as shown. To change the swing after a door is placed, click the flip arrows. Interior doors added to the Lower level Open the 01 Lower Level floor plan. All the walls in the view are hidden.

Adding Windows In this exercise, you work in elevation and plan views to add windows to the model. You use alignment and dimension tools to more precisely position the windows.

Two windows added in the South wall Add windows in an elevation view: Open the South elevation view, and zoom in to the building.

In the Ribbon Architecture tab , click Window. In the right pane, open the Windows folder. Add 2 windows, approximately as shown.

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You will position them and align them with thetop of the retaining wall later. If either of the windows spans an internal wall, a warning about the conflict is displayed; close the warning. You will resolve any conflict by movingthe windows while in a floor plan view. Click Modify Open the 01 Lower Level floor plan.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture

Because the windows are at the top of the wall, they are above the current view range for the plan. In the View Range dialog, for Cut plane Offset, enter mm. Click OK. The windows are now visible in the south wall.

If necessary, move the windows to resolve the conflict with the wall: Select the right window, and drag it mm to the left side of the interior wall. Select the window and edit the temporary dimensions, as needed. Select the left window, and drag it mm to the right of the west wall.

Select the window on the left.

In the Properties Palette, click Edit Type. In the Type Properties dialog, click Duplicate. In the Name dialog, for Name, enter x mm, and click OK.Open the To Building 3D view. It's the perfect resource for learning this essential BIM software. Remember to click the part that you want to keep! Abdul Khader. Select the left window, and drag it mm to the right of the west wall.

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