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Public domain characters who have appeared in comic books. Public Domain Super Heroes is a collaborative website about public domain characters from comic books, comic strips, films, books, pulps, mythology, television. Public Domain Comic Art. Collection by Jacob Minick See more. Planet Comics Comic Books Art, Sci Fi Books, Vintage Comic Books, Vintage Comics.

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Copyright is key in creating a successful franchise, yet there are many comics that lack copyrights. However, just because a comic series did not have long lasting marketability does not mean that they are not incredibly enthralling or interesting to study.

Comic books that are a part of the public domain are particularly interesting because of their availability to readers in the modern day. Many copyrights for comics were never filed by publishers or were overlooked at the time making the comics now under the public domain.

Welcome To Comic Book Plus

Occasionally it also happened that small publishers would go out of business before they even had the chance to copyright their comics. However, thanks to websites like Comic Book Plus , which host hundreds of comics online, usually much lesser known ones, that have fallen into the public domain.

Comics that are in the public domain actually offer a good introduction for people studying comic books. These websites host comics of varying genres and from various time periods.

It also helps readers to get a better idea of the variety that existed and continues to exist in comics. To get a better picture of this just take a look at perhaps the most consistently popular genre of comics, superheroes. In the super hero category take the exciting tales of F atman the Human Flying Saucer as an atypical protagonist.

Things in the Public Domain are there for anyone to use. How does a comic series become part of the Public Domain?

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Comic books and characters and movies, tv shows, books, songs, etc. Those stories and characters are now Public Domain. How can a comic book company get and use Public Domain super heroes?

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All they have to do is use them. There are no permissions neccessary. Anyone can either reprint the original material or create new stories with the characters. New publishers and characters sprang up everywhere.

After World War II, these characters fell out of favor with readers and caused many publishers to go out of business. Those comics and their stars have since entered the public domain, enabling anyone to use those characters and classic stories any way they wish. Over the years, many publishers have taken advantage of this and so can you!

This wiki is intended to be an online encyclopedia of these characters, providing pertinent information to fans who want to learn about their history, as well as creators who may want to use them.

All images and information are believed to be in the public domain. The information and images presented are intended to give a brief overview of the characters and provide a visual reference.

If you have any questions, please contact the administrator, Cebr , via his talk page.We thank you! But normally they are little gems, this section is no exception more Overall atypical comics were often the ones who did not get copyrighted and therefore are a part of the public domain today.

Many copyrights for comics were never filed by publishers or were overlooked at the time making the comics now under the public domain. Centaur Publishing. Pros: A nice selection of comic books mostly Image , a decent viewer ElfQuest.

After just over half a year, Dynamic ceased publishing, he continued producing a few books through surrogates. Over the past year I have been searching for web sites where I can read comic books online for free.

You can enter the archive here.

Plus, we also hold a large and growing selection of comic strips and pulp fiction.

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