Engineers, Inc. and its abbreviated name is PSME. No change. Organization. This corporation shall be governed by the Corporation Code. Greetings! The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – San Juanico. Chapter (PSME-SJC) will be holding the Visayas Regional. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . PSME. Uploaded by. Stan Macapili · Code of Mechanical Engineering. Uploaded by.

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View psme-codepdf from ME at Bicol University. Psme Code pdf Free Download Here Greensheet, Spring PSME will not honor payments made through other accounts. Send proof of payment to [email protected] Scan the QR Code to register at the 65th. Mga Sir. Baka pwede po makahingi ng pdf copy ng latest PSME Code. thanks.

Reverse osmosis membranes are especially susceptible to hardness fouling.

Hardness ions also interfere with many chemical processes such as chemical compounding and aqueous cleaners. In the ion exchange water softening process, water is passed through a bed of sulfonated styrenedivynalbenzene spherical resin beads about 1 mm in diameter. The exchange sites created on the beads by the sulfonating process are then saturated with sodium ions by passing a brine solution through the resin.

Adding Sodium Hard water treated with a standard ion exchange water softener has sodium added. One milligram is the equivalent of several grains of table salt. The ion exchange method of water softening is applicable to large or small-scale operations; ion exchangers can be used to treat the water supply of a home, a factory, or an entire city. Pressure tank was filled with water by the use of pump.

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Up wash and downwash was performed during in the water softener and the downwash was done by opening the valve number 4 and 6 while the rest remained closed. The up wash was done by opening the valves 5 and 7 while the rest are closed. The up wash and downwash was done alternately and it was repeated until there was no dirt found in the discharge flow.

Washing the softener was stopped when the discharge was already clear enough to add water to the water day tank which supplies the water to the boiler. Starting the Boiler The water day tank was checked by looking at the water level indicated.

This is to give a feedback whether the water it contained is sufficient enough to provide water to the boiler. A valve was opened connecting the water softener and water day tank was opened when the water level is low. After the water level was inspected, fuel tank was then checked by looking at its level if it has enough diesel fuel.

When it so happen that the level of fuel is low, open the valve connected to the diesel day tank. Expand your network. Thus, the vast amount of works are still done by members offering their resources, skills and time to help PSME achieve its vision and mission.

The Revised Philippine Mechanical Engineering Code

It depends on its army of members to implement its strategic plans and accomplish it strategic objectives. Engineers are doer. They are not the type who sit behind the desk. It is in their mold to be involved in something, be it in designing a game changing devices, engineering or fabricating a design, planning a project management, executing a plan or studying ways to improve an equipment or process.

They work in collaboration with peers and people from other disciplines. PSME provides opportunities to fill this insatiable desire to learn or share knowledge collaboratively for the benefit of making things better. It takes P Becoming a PSME volunteer is different.

You, as a Volunteer, are asked to contribute your own resources by way of, at the least, paying for your own transportation in going to the meeting and sharing in the meeting expenses.

Sometimes attending meetings means you have to take a leave of absence from your job thereby foregoing income. Becoming a Volunteer means you will contribute your most precious resource, your time! More From Geofrey Sy Baje. Geofrey Sy Baje.

Wanderley Oliveira. Aaron Paulo Bernardo. Popular in Water. Zaid Hadi.

List of Mapúa University people

Setyo Nugroho. Jim Tsikas. Arif Mohiuddin. Sayemin Azam.

Seph Pasag. Helen Roque. Remmaq Morelia. Soham De. Engr Mujahid Mehdi. Ronald Valdivia. Bose Thambidurai. Ceacer Julio Ssekatawa.

PSME Boiler Code

Fatima Colonel. Adam Wynn.Adding Sodium Hard water treated with a standard ion exchange water softener has sodium added.

Popular in Water. Van Valkenhurg Award in and ; holder of 7 US patents and 8 honorary doctorates; recognized by the Institute for Scientific Information as one of the top 15 most-cited authors in all fields of engineering from Severino Gervacio, BSME - recipient of the Outstanding Young Scientist Award given by the National Academy of Science and Technology, and the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Division of Mathematical Sciences given by the National Research Council of the Philippines in recognition of his outstanding achievements in pioneering research in graph theory [64] Blandino Go, BSMetE - metallurgist in the aerospace industry; pioneering work on rapidly solidified dispersion strengthened aluminum alloys for high-temperature creep deformation resistance [65] His other research on superplasticity allowed the rapid deployment of superplastic forming of aluminum [66] and titanium into production in the aerospace industry earlier than expected.

Adam Wynn. A typical user of this Code, be he a building official, a government engineer, a trade practitioner who may be a project owner, a consultant, or an engineering supplier, reading, interpreting or conceptualizing designs, preparing or writing reports, specifications and other documents related to a project, a contractor who undertakes the scheduling, building and commissioning of a small or large project, even a foreign entity who joins bids, read the terms of references and carry out the tasks involved in the project he will be doing refer to such a Code as mandated by the government for the interest of the general publics welfare on the preservation of the environment, the protection of life, the safeguarding of ones safety and to shelter each individuals health within and without the workplace.

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These persons must also earn Continuing Professional Development CPD credit units as a requirement in renewing license. For an engineer to learn the principles on how these plants work and operate. The up wash was done by opening the valves 5 and 7 while the rest are closed.

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