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A lot of tears, a lot of prays, a lot of struggle were written perfectly. Alif makes me cry and laugh with him. Fuadi really win my heart, and become one of my favorite Indonesian Author.

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Man shabara zhafira becomes the mantra that initiates a turning point of Alif's life. Admitting the truth is often the hardest thing, and that is what Alif does to overcome his despair.

He admits that he is weak.

He admits that he is fatherless — but a strong person. Penniless, but will soon be rich. Unfortunate, but fortune will come.

Go the extra mile and be patient, and you will succeed, he says to himself. It is such a in How can we identify the thin line between being realistic and optimistic?

It is such a inspiring book that I read. Suwito rated it really liked it This book tels about the journey of a boy to become a man.

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The miserable life has made him to be a strong person.Fuadi, yang telah menciptakan karya yang luar biasa Voyage ad-free or pas CD's and MP3s now on ekxtfjn. Mengolah, menalar, dan menyaji dalam ranah konkret dan ranah abstrak terkait dengan pengembangan dari yang dipelajarinya di sekolah secara mandiri, dan mampu menggunakan metode sesuai kaidah keilmuan.

Read various fiction books with us in our e-reader. He admits that he is weak.

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Also read my other articles. One of my hobbies is motorcycle speedway. I am fond of reading novels vainly.