Download or read online Computer Networking Urdu Book in PDF format, with the help of Computer Networking Urdu Book, you can easily understand the. Mar 6, Learn Networking Book in Urdu free pdf books. Networking Urdu is a complete networking guide book in Urdu language. It is actually a course created and shared by a forum member in some.

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Networking book is very useful for those who people who use computer and operating networking system. This book guide you different type of. Download this Book Computer Networking Complete Urdu PDF Book. What's Related? Husn e Kamil Urdu islamic book. Husn e Habib Urdu. Today In This Post I Will Share With You A Free E-Book About Learning Computer Networking In Urdu Language. If You Are Interested In This.

The fourth chapter will allow you to learn about various processing task related to users, Boot, Grub, and Multi-tasking inside out.

Moreover, it gives detailed information about Desktop environment, Graphical User interface, Shell Script, and setup, X window system and configuration, keyboard, date, language and fonts set up, installing software, and package management. There is a detailed step to learn about printing. Though Linux system is versatile and stable OS sometimes, it may get broken due to some tweaks.

Computer Networking Urdu Book

There is a separate chapter which will teach you about backup and restoration of files and system image. Now we are living in an era of technology and networking.

In the networking section, you will be learning about the local host and remote access networking, Internet setup and file transfer protocol , and above all the security aspects.

The sound and audio chapter teaches you about how to play music and movies on your system, streaming Internet television and a little bit of information about Internet telephony. Table of Contents. All contents copyright All rights reserved.

No part of this document or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. Working of Switch how Switch builds a mac address: Types of Switches? Administrative Mode? Switch Concept: Network switch 1 essi device hy jo computers, dosry switches or network devices ko aapas my connect karti hy.

Switch ki working bhut simple hoti hy switch apni port py messages ko receive karta hy in the form of frame or ussy transmit karta hy ussi device ko jis device py wo message send kia jata hy yani 1 to 1 communication switch hub ki tarha nahi hy qk hub py jo bhi message receive hota tha hub ussy broadcast kar dyta tha pory network py to jis k ley wo message hota tha wo us message ko receive kar lyta tha or baki sub us message ko discard kardy ty thy to hub as a dumb kam karta tha or switch as a intelligent kam karta hy jo sirf message ko ussi device py direct send karta hy jaha ussy jana hota hy or yahi hub or switch ka sub sy bara difference hy, switch essa is ley kar pata hy qk switch apny andar 1 table banata hy jessy Forwarding table ya MAC table bhi kahty hy is table my ye khud sy connect sari devices ki information ko save rakhta hy taky messages ko direct ussi device py send kar saky jaha ussy jana hota hy.

Process of Working Switch: Switch apni her port py 1 alag collision domain ko create karta hy. Collision domain means jaha data k darmiyan kabhi bhi takrao ho sakta hy ammoman ye jab hota hai jab hamara network shared media mai design hu so essi ley switch advance hy to is ki sari ports khud my hi 1 alag seprate collision domain hoti hy jis ki waja sy data apaas my takra kar crash hony matlab collision ka khatra nahi hota 1 switch jis my 24 ports hy to wo sari ports 1 hi broadcast domain ka hissa hogi per per switch ki her 1 port 1 alag collision domain my hoti hy.

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Benefit of using switch: Is k elawa ye full duplex communication use karty hy Sending receiving both same time 3 Switch hamy point to point data communication bhi provide karta hy. Switch ON hoty hi sub sy phly apny ander1 Mac-table banaty hy jis my wo khud sy connect sary PCs ki information ko save karty hy or pher ussi address py direct data ko transfer karty.

Suppose mery network my 1 switch hy or 4 PCs hy or ye charo PCs mery switch k sath connect hy to switch 1 forwarding ya Mac-table banata hy jis my wo her port sy connect computer ka Mac-address apny Mac-table my ussi port k sath jis sy wo connect hy port or Mac-address donu ko hi save kar lyta hy jissy data Sending and Receiving aasan hojati hy.

Now discuss k ye kam kessye karta hy first time jab switch on hota hy to switch ka Mac-table bilkul Empty blank hota hy jessy hi PC A data send karta hy PC B ko to switch first time kam karta hy as a HUB or wo us frame ko broadcast kar dyta hy or sirf PC B us frame ko receive kar k ussy accept kar lyta hy or baki sub us frame ko discard kar dyty hy PC B frame receive karny k bad 1 acknowledgment send karta hy switch ko k data my ny receive kar liya hy tu is sy PC B or PC A ka MAC-address switch apny mac table my save kar lyta hy uski connected port k sath tu next time pher wo broadcast nahi karta direct ussi PC ko data send karta hy jaha ussy jana hota hy qk us k Mac-table my us ki information save ho jati hy.

If you wanna show the Mac-table of switch use the command mention below.

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SW1 Show mac address-table. HUB Device: Layer 1 py work karta hai in the form of 1 or 0 HUB hamesha broadcast karta hy. Bandwidth ko sary PCs py share karta hy or single collision or broadcast domain create karta hai hub topology work in a share network. Quick Concept of Switch: Switch apni her port py MAC address ko learn karta hy.

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Switch jab on hota hy to first time Broadcast karta hy or pher us k bad Unicast karta hy broadcast nahi. Switch k andar 1 chip hoti hy jis ko ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit khty hy jis ki waja sy ye essa kar patta hy or ye apny andar 1 MAC table banata hy jis sy ye direct ussi PC ko data send karta hy jis ko wo jana hota hy yani unicast karta hy broadcast nahi.

Switch my 1 Broadcast Domain hota hy or per port py 1 single Collision Domain hota hy.


Manageable Switch: Manageable switch ko hum Command sy Configure kar sakty hy apni Network Requirement k according changes kar sakty hy security implement kar sakty NIC Slots adds kar k uski ports ko increase karny k k ley Switch ko IP assign kar k remotely ussy configure kar sakty hai and so on.

Unmanageable Switch: Hierarchical module mai Switches ko unki Series, un ki Powers or technic k According design kia jata hy.

Switches switching karty waqt kuch internally Process or Techniques ko use karty hy jinhy hum Switching Mode ya Techniques khty hy. Fragment Free Switches: Switches py jo Frame send hoty hy wo over all Byte something k hoty hy tu jo switch Fragment Free Techniques ko use karty hy wo Frame ko check karty hy jaha py unki Addressing Information store hoti hy.

Research k mutabik essa pata lagaya gaya hy k frame my jo error hoty hy wo zada tar start k 64 bytes k ander hi hoty hy or ye sirf unhi bytes ko check karta hy agar inhee my koi error hota hy tu ye frame ko wahi Discard kar dyta hy or agye send nahi karta.

Store and forward switch my 1 buffer laga hota hy jab ye frame ko receive karta hy apni port per to ye frame ko us buffer my store karlyta hy or us k bad uski error checking karta hy agar frame my kuch error hota hy to ye frame ko wahi discard kardyta hy or agye forward nahi karta.

Store and forward types of Switches jo data transfer karty hy wo sub sy zada reliable hota hy. CUT Throw Switches: Jo switches cut throw technic ko use karty hy wo hoty bhut Fast hy or hamesha Core Layer py Cut Throw Techniques k Switches hi lagaty hy.

Ye kessi type ki error Checking nahi karty qk sari Checking Distribution layer sy clear hoky Core layer k switches py aati hy jabhi ye koi error checking nahi katy just data ko speedily aagye forward karty hy qk agar Core layer k switches bhi error checking kary gy to. So thats the Hierarchical Design technic now we discuss the layer or this desing which mention below.

Access Layer: Access Layer wo Layer hoti hy jis sy Direct PCs connect hoty hy or users network resources ko access karty hai thats is called Access Layer essi ley waha thory lowest end ki series k switches ko lagaya jata hy jessy like to Series Switches. Art is a no nonsense, plain-speaking multi-millionaire who lays out his secrets to success in this page-turner!

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Our Hardworking team make this book effective and result in the keyword competitions. So0o its all about EasyPeezzi. Ye donu hi mode hum switch py chor dyty hy or ye negotiable hoty hy Matlab samny wali port ko dekh k decide kia jata hy k port kis role my configure hogi agar wo access hy to wo bhi khud ko auto access configure karly gi or ager trunk hy to auto hi trunk configure hojaye gi.

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