Nahjul-Balagha. By. Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib. With Commentary. By. Martyr Ayatollah Murtada Mutahhari. Edited by. Yasin T. Al-Jibouri. In the name of Allah, The. Nahjul Balagha. Sermons and Letters of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as). Translated by Askari Jafri. Eleventh Revised Edition - Islamic Seminary Publications. PDF | 55+ minutes read | Background and Objective: The Quran Al-Karim is not a book in Nahjul-Balagha also contains brilliant clues of health and hygiene.

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Nahjul Balagha. Peak of Eloquence. SERMONS, LETTERS AND. SAYINGS of. Amír al-mu'minín. HAZARAT ALI (A.S.). Page 2. Table of Contents. Table of. This page includes our very own version of Saheeh Nahjul Balagha English PDF format. Download it here, exclusively on our website. The reader will appreciate the two main characteristics of Nahjul- Balāgha: its literary excellence and multi-dimensionality. It is a book that cites, with facts and.


Some people tried to dissuade Ali against his decisions, in reply to the dissuation Ali delivered Sermon Sermon 11, In sermon 11 Ali describes the mental conditions of those Muslims who in reality were hypocrites and had in their inner hearts no place for truth, justice and Islam.

To serve their purpose they stooped to every vice and evil and Shaitan Satan was their guide and lord. Sermon 12, Ali warns Az Zubayr who turned against Ali. Sermon 13, Ali replies to the propaganda of the opponents. Sermon 14, Ali delivered this speech after Talha and Az Zubayr broke their oath of allegiance to Ali. Ali realized that Muawiyah I was behind this and delivered Sermon 14, Followers of truth and religion!

Sermon 16, Speech given after the victory at the Battle of Basra. Sermon 17, Ali condemned the activities of the people of Basra Ayesha who had fought against him at the Battle of Basra.

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Sermon 18, In this sermon Ali again condemned the actions of the people of Basra. Sermon 19, is in context of the conquest of Armenia , where the Khums income had been transferred from the state to Marwan I Marwan ibn Hakam , a process that Ali would later reverse.

In it Ali told people what to expect under his Caliphate. Ali: Those who do not commit sins and have been gifted with safety from sins should take pity on sinners and other disobedient people. Gratefulness should be mostly their indulgence and it should prevent them from finding faults with others. Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon Sermon 21, Ali describes three kind of people found in society and also the best course to be followed in life.

Sermon 23, remarks of Ali on differences of opinions amongst jurists on the same question of Sharia Islamic law. Sermon 24, While Ali was delivering a speech in the mosque of Kufa, Ash'ath ibn Qays who was the chief of Muawiya's army at the Battle of Siffin intervened saying that such a speech was harmful to Ali.

Sermon 24 was a reply to Ash'ath; "You a wicked son of a depraved father, a hypocrite, son of an infidel, do you know which part of my speech is harmful and which part is beneficial to me? In it Ali also reminds people of the hereafter ; "If you had only a true conception of what would happen after death, you would have screamed with horror and trembled with fright …" Sermon 26, Ali tells that this life is just a journey and by reducing our sins we could make this journey easy; "Reduce the burden of your sins and vices so that you may carry on the journey with ease".

Sermon 27, Talhah and Az Zubayr had wanted to take over the caliphate and therefore murdered Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan, the only obstacle remaining in their way was Ali. They decided to falsely accuse and implicate Ali for the murder. Sermon 28, Ali advises the poor not to envy the rich and the rich to support and help the poor. Sermon 29, Ali advises people to follow Allah's commands, as that is the only way one can enjoy the hereafter; And, if you are not rewarded in this life, I guarantee for your reward in the hereafter.

Sermon 30, was delivered in the context of Muawiyah I's seizure of some provinces previously under the control of Ali's caliphate and the subsequent flight of Ali's Governors. Sermon 31, believed to be given before Sittin, Ali highlights three points. He illustrates the condition of Arabs in pre-Islamic days, the reasons why he did not take serious steps to defend his causes before the Battle of Bassorah, and how Muawiyah I allegedly downloadd the allegiance of 'Amr ibn al-'As.

Sermon 32, This sermon is in praise of Jihad , it shows what it means that is real Jihad is battling with inner self against sins and worldly pleasures and what one can achieve from it.

Sermon 33, Ali advises people to abandon corrupt ways of life and try to achieve salvation. Sermon 34, Ali criticized those people who said that they were ready to fight for Islam, but practically used excuses, whenever Islam needed defense. Sermon 35, Ali explains the causes of the murder of Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan and also clarifies himself of not having any connection with the incident. But I have no connection whatsoever with that affair. Sermon 37, Ali advises people to lead an honest and pious life, he also explained the condition in which people were living in at that time.

Ali also describes four main types of people: "Firstly there are those, who abstain from vice, villainy and violence because they are timid and cowards, and have neither means nor enough wealth.

They can neither create resources, nor can secure assistance from others, and thus find themselves deprived of wealth and social status. Then Ali mentions a fifth group of people: "…there is also an insignificant minority of those pious people, whom the true conception of His Divine Greatness and Might does not allow to be cruel, villainous, and haughty; and whom the fear of the Day of Judgment does not permit to lead a frivolous life.

I shall thrive till I eradicate impiety and injustice, and till I establish a rule of justice and truth, - a humane and divine regime. Sermon 39, in this sermon Ali has expressed his sorrow over the mental condition of Iraqis , warning them of the results of negligence of duty and indifference to religion.

Some of the officers came back to Ali and apologised for their betrayal. On this occasion Ali delivered Sermon Sermon 41, the Battle of Nahrawan took place between Ali and the Kharijites. Before the battle began Ali warned the Kharijites in Sermon 41, I want to warn and advise you against this battle, for you may be killed in it, and the next day sun may shed its morning light upon your mutilated and blood-stained bodies … Sermon 42, Ali describes his sincere efforts, courage and fortitude for the cause of Islam.

Sermon 43, is a very short sermon, in which he talks about how pious people "walk through the darkness", but because of their strong believe in Allah stay on the right path. Sermon 44, talks about Malik ibn Ka'ab , who was the Governor of Aynut Tamr a province , he only had an army of about men to guard this province.

Without any prior warning Muawiyah I sent an army to invade the province. When Ali found out, he urged the Muslims to go help Malik ibn Ka'ab. Ali made Adi the commander of the army. Adi was preparing to depart to Aynut Tamr, when news reached that Malik ibn Ka'ab and his small army of men had defeated Muawiya's horde of a thousand soldiers.

Ali in this sermon throws light upon this slogan and the false meaning they wanted to derive from it, the slogan they repeat is true indeed but they deduce wrong meaning and infer from it conclusions which are harmful to mankind.

Sermon 46, To be edited Sermon 47, Ali tells his people that inordinate cravings and bad deeds would only bring harm.

He also points out that good deeds, do not necessarily mean a reward in this life, but will definitely be rewarded in the hereafter. Sermon 48, Ali delivered this sermon when he got informed that Muawiyah I was getting ready for a war.

Sermon 49, was delivered when Ali found out that Masqala ibn Hubayra Shaybani, had run away to Muawiyah I with some money of state treasury. In the beginning he acted like a chieftain, but in the end he fled like a slave.

Sermon 52, Ali's prediction on the future of Kufa. Sermon 53, was delivered at a place called Nukhayla, while he was on his journey to Syria.

Sermon 54, Ali explains the theory of accepting the existence of God.

Nahjul Balagha

Ali's forces re-captured the river and allowed Muawiya's army to use as much water as they'd like. Before the Battle for the re-capturing of The Euphrates began, Ali delivered this sermon.

Sermon 57, is a warning to those people that do not attach any importance to the hereafter. Sermon 58, Ali explains what kind of animals can be sacrificed on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. Sermon 59, delivered just before the Battle of Siffin, when the forces of Ali were asking permission to fight.

Sermon 60, Ali was trying to delay the war at the Battle of Siffin. Some people thought that Ali was afraid of death, this sermon was a reply to those people.

By Allah I never delayed war even for a day but with the hope that some rebels might come back to me and through to me they might be guided towards religion …" Sermon 61, as mentioned in the previous sermon, Ali was trying to delay the war, some people started complaining, saying that they could wait no longer.

But when war broke out, these same people started acting cowardly. This sermon was for these people. Sermon 62, this is a prediction of Ali about the rule of Muawiyah I after him.

The tells that Muawiyah I will force people to calumniate and dishonour him Ali. In this sermon Ali advises people what to do then. He will ask you to calumniate me and to disown me.

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So far as calumniation is concerned you can obey his orders because it will save you from his wrath and tyranny… but so far as disowning me is concerned you should not do so, because I am a Muslim by birth and I was the first to testify …" Sermon 63, was given when Muawiyah I violated the terms of the Treaty of Siffin and started getting ready to invade Kufa, Ali decided to invade Shaam first.

He asked the Kharijites to come for help, they refused because of the arbitration in the Battle of Siffin. In the reply of the refusal, Ali delivered Sermon Your misguided policy will bring death and destruction to you.

Sermon 65, was delivered when Ali was informed that some people were planning to assassinate him.

In this sermon he declared: "Allah's protecting shield is still protecting me. On the day which is fixed for my death, the shield will disappear and hand me over to death. On that day death will not miss its target and the mortal wound will not heal. In it Ali has recounted the realities of life, what one has to face and how to deal with it.

Sermon 67, Ali warns people of certain basic facts about life. He also advises people to lead a pious life. Sermon 68, to be edited Sermon 69, is regarding the Battle of Siffin. One day both the armies fought continuously for 24 hours, the fighting in the night was terrible and is known as Laylatul Harir.

The next morning the delivered sermon 69, in this sermon Ali refers to the Battle of Siffin as Jihad. Sermon 72, directed to some of the companions of Ali. Sermon 73, Ali narrated this dream on the eve of his martyrdom. Next morning he received a mortal wound during the morning prayers. I told him of intrigues, enmities and suffering that fell to my lot from the hands of his followers.

He Muhammad told me to curse them. And I prayed to Allah to give me better companions than they and to them a tyrant ruler in my place.

Sermon 75, is regarding the way to supplicate for peace and blessings on Muhammad.

Sermon 76, was given after the Battle of Bassorah. Marwan I one of the chiefs of the enemy forces was taken prisoner.

Marwan requested Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali the two sons of Ali and Fatimah to request Ali to release him, in return he would pay his oath of allegiance to Ali. Ali released Marwan, but on the issue of the oath of allegiance, the delivered sermon One was a slave that was downloadd from the money of the public, while and the other was downloadd by one from among the people.

He — peace be onto him said —: While this other is to face a harsh hadd.

AsSalaamo 3alaikom wa ra7mat Allaahi wa barakaatuhu. I am so happy to now be the owner of Saheeh Nahjul Balaagha. Are we as sunnis to regard these wasaaya, khutab and sayings as reliable?

They are authentic according to shia standards. Jazaakum Allaahu 5airan.

May Allaah swt raise you to the highest of stations for having come in the defense of sayyidina Ali karrama Allaahu wajhah. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. S with beautiful Urdu text. S in urdu. Throughout sermons Imam Ali A. S called the people to obey Allah's Order and abandon prohibitions and also explains world of angels, creation of universe, nature of human being, good governments and oppressing ones.

Letters are mostly orders to rulers about how to treat with people and how to guard people's treasure. Nahjul Balagha is a collection of Sermons, Letters.Sermon , Part of a sermon delivered on a battlefield containing advice to strong and brave people to help the weak and nervous. Sermon , to be edited Letters[ edit ] Nahj al Balagha also contains a collection of 79 letters, including letters to Muawiyah I. Ali also describes four main types of people: "Firstly there are those, who abstain from vice, villainy and violence because they are timid and cowards, and have neither means nor enough wealth.

The tells that Muawiyah I will force people to calumniate and dishonour him Ali. Once somebody asked Ali to describe Allah in such a way that he could feel that he is seeing Allah in a physical state. They are authentic according to shia standards. Sermon 19, is in context of the conquest of Armenia , where the Khums income had been transferred from the state to Marwan I Marwan ibn Hakam , a process that Ali would later reverse.

Sermon , un sermon sur la ange de la mort.

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