“Mistystar!” called Troutpaw. Mistyfoot narrowed her eyes at the pale gray apprentice. “Not yet, Trout- paw. Not until I . wing had mentioned some sign of approval from StarClan, or even an omen that foresaw her @Created by PDF to ePub. dovewing's silence-download it here. leafpool's wish-download it here. mapleshade's vengeance-download it here. mistystar's omen-download it here. Main article, Allegiances, Gallery, Characters, Cliffnotes.

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Warriors: Mistystar's Omen - site edition by Erin Hunter, Wayne McLoughlin. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Read "Warriors: Mistystar's Omen" by Erin Hunter available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. In this digital original novella. Read "Warriors: Mistystar's Omen" by Erin Hunter with Rakuten Kobo. In this digital original novella from the world of Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling.

Now that we get a chance She was just as powerful as I imagined, and her issue was something I'm sure every reader questioned during the regular-run of the story.

I loved this little story. I thought it was quite emotional for its short length, and we can better understand the mind behind RiverClan during the dark rebellion of Omen of the Stars.

Again, awesome. CloudStar - honestly, didn't read it. Never felt that connected to SkyClan, but that may change once I get around to its own Super Edition.

I'll get back to this one. It was one of the books I brought back from the Blue Mountains last time I had holidays.

I really felt like a Warriors book today, and have been slowly working through the novellas and stand alone stories. As per usual, this book has made my appetite stronger for them rather than weaker!

I always love these books. There are three novellas here, two dealing with characters I know and the final one about Skyclan. The forest is based on New Forest , in Southern England.

Fireheart wonders if ThunderClan would be ready if Tigerclaw attacked, as many of the cats are still shocked about Tigerclaw's disloyalty, and many warriors are still badly injured. Bluestar also begins to become distrustful of the Clan after Tigerclaw's betrayal, trusting only her most senior warriors, and Fireheart, who she brought to the Clan.

One day, Bluestar, accompanied by Fireheart, goes to speak with StarClan at Mothermouth, a quarry mine. On the way there, a patrol of WindClan warriors, led by a wiry mottled dark brown tabby tom named Mudclaw, stop them before Bluestar is able to talk with them.

The ThunderClan leader later fears that StarClan sent WindClan to stop them from going to Mothermouth and speaking with StarClan, which causes her to slip into further paranoia. In the summer months, Fireheart struggles with his disrespectful nephew and apprentice, now called Cloudpaw, who goes to a Twoleg for food and is one day abducted by them.

Fireheart and Sandstorm the pale ginger she-cat rescue Cloudpaw, who is found near the barn where Ravenpaw and Barley live. He is accepted back into the Clan, since Fireheart keeps it a secret that Cloudpaw went to humans for food.

Fireheart must also deal with the fact that his best friend, Graystripe, is still in love with the dead RiverClan she-cat Silverstream.Crowfeather's Trial. Firestar's Quest. Dogs of the Drowned City 2: I would've never guess that Mistystar doubted Mothwing.

Overall rating 4. Mistyfoot gently refuses her offer, saying that it is for Mothwing to do.

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