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Get your digital copy of infinithoughts Magazine - March issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. infinithoughts is more than a magazine. It focuses on Destiny Designing, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Management, Selling, Relationship, Marriage. Selected issues of Infinite Energy are now available for download. The current issue We will, over time, release more back issues in PDF format. For now, we .

Hear the unheard, see the unseen, feel the unfelt Remember, you are an evolving consciousness. It is a vicious cycle. To break with the past is evolution. It is an upward spiral. My father, over the past few years, has become non-functional - both at home and at work.

It seems he has lost interest in life. At times this looks annoying, intentional and brings tears because he was a sharp contrast to everything written above.


How do I bring back smile on his face? In most situations, I am unable to understand people. Is it possible to understand people? If so how?

Once taboo, psychedelics are making an enlightening medical comeback

I am a first-generation entrepreneur. Based on a flash of idea, I began my business 3 years ago and built it from zero to 5 crores. But I do not know how to take this further. There are a lot of people related issues… What should I do?

I find that even temple doors open faster and longer for those who are 'influential'. People flash their business card even to the priest for favours… Are labels needed in a temple? As we increasingly keep staring at the screens of our digital devices, we end up harming ourselves — our health, work and relationships.

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Even if the world tells you to do things in a particular way, follow your beliefs and have faith in the Almighty…. Unless we desire to change and make that change, no amount of teachings or doctrines can help us.

You are not alone. Always remember that whatever your problems maybe, don't hide behind your armour.

We tend to indulge ourselves during holidays. Here are a few tips to ensure that you enjoy your holidays while keeping a watch on your waistline. DARE to start again Draw a line to your past and make a fresh start Download your sample copy. Subscribe Now. Download free copy here.

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download Now. As you hold this growth magazine in your hands, believe that a perturbing question will be answered, a stumbling mind block will be removed… Your breakthrough awaits…. Readers Speak My dear infinithoughts, Ever since I touched you, life has never been the same again! Akshara H. Readers Speak I lost my dad a year back, got sick with a chronic disease… in simple words, I was living a very sub-human life.

Pooja Shah.

Readers Speak infinithoughts came into my life in October , accidentally. Shri Raj Rajeswari S N. Readers Speak Hats off to Mahatria who has gathered a team of such like-minded people whose writings inspire and motivate millions.

Vandna Shahi.

Share your experience today Write to mybreakthrough infinitheism. Explore Latest Edition Feb Handwritten message VIEW. Destiny designing VIEW.

Life is all about relationships VIEW. A breakthrough VIEW. Life is a puzzle… Mahatria speaks to gen next VIEW. Hand written messages "Even a simple phenomenon, when viewed with heightened awareness, can unfold new avenues of learning.

Life is all about relationships My father, over the past few years, has become non-functional - both at home and at work. A breakthrough In most situations, I am unable to understand people. Life is a puzzle… …with a solution I am a first-generation entrepreneur.

Mahatria speaks to gen next Editorial Recommends. Memories Last ForEver Can we give our children a childhood worth cherishing? Is Empathy Enough? Is it enough to look from others' perspective? V R Devika- Cultural Activist. In , the American Psychiatric Association held a conference highlighting LSD psychotherapy, which was thought to offer unprecedented access to the unconscious. Time and Life magazines covered the drug regularly and enthusiastically.

Even the CIA developed an interest in the drug, testing its capabilities for mind control on unwitting subjects as part of a covert operation called Project MKUltra. As psychedelic research proliferated, another avenue developed that would change the course of history. In , two psychologists based at Harvard, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert now known as Ram Dass , initiated the Harvard Psilocybin Project to test its mental and emotional effects, but their study had little of the rigor of others.

Leary and Alpert dispensed the drug freely to cultural celebrities and undergraduates in scenes that more closely resembled parties than medical trials. And, of course, they took it as well. Leary and Alpert were eventually fired. Leary became infamous as a psychedelic pied piper advocating the unfettered use of LSD to expand consciousness. The drug fueled the youth movements of the s and became synonymous with everything that culturally earth-shattering era came to represent. Yet alongside promises of awakening came apocryphal stories of young people jumping off buildings and burning their retinas by staring at the sun.

Whatever therapeutic potential psychedelics held faded beside their perceived danger. Drug panic culminated in the passage of the Controlled Substances Act of , which established the federal fivetiered schedule of drug classifications; psychedelics, including LSD and psilocybin, were categorized as Schedule I, meaning that they had a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. The door on psychedelic research effectively slammed shut.

As surprised as Ross was to unearth this chapter in American psychiatry, he was intrigued to learn that research had quietly begun again. It started as a trickle in the early s, when a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico got federal approval to examine the effects of dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a powerful psychedelic that occurs throughout the botanical world, on hundreds of volunteers. Soon, other scientists were granted licenses for human subject studies of Schedule I drugs, including psilocybin and MDMA, the club drug better known as Ecstasy.

Interesting results began to emerge. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, for instance, a controlled study of psilocybin concluded that not only was it safe when administered in a structured environment, but that it reliably induces a mystical experience that can improve psychological well-being over an extended period of time.

Almost none reported negative changes in mood, behavior, or self-regard.

In an act nodding to indigenous cultures that use psychedelics, patients in the NYU study are presented their psilocybin pill in a ceramic chalice. Ross was fascinated but still unconvinced that one could enter this realm of research as a serious scientist and not be tarred as a freak.

Although they were met with some skepticism, Ross was struck by the degree of open-mindedness they encountered given the controversial nature of the drug involved. Notwithstanding the lovely room, psilocybin does present risks. Although it is not known to induce addiction, overdose, or withdrawal symptoms, some research has suggested it can bring about prolonged psychosis in people with a personal or family history of major mental illness, so such patients are carefully screened out of the study.

In the session itself, there may be some physical side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and tremors, but the more pronounced hazards are psychological. Periods of transient anxiety can occur as patients navigate the challenging psychological material related to cancer.

More extreme reactions, such as paranoia and panic, can occur, but are rare and safeguarded against through careful preparation and a highly structured therapy session, much of which is influenced by the rituals of indigenous cultures that utilize psychedelic medicines.

Subjects start with a series of meetings with a male-female therapist dyad to build trust, establish familiarity, and set intentions. On the dosing day—there is one for placebo and one for the real thing, set seven weeks apart—a small container of psilocybin synthesized in a government-monitored laboratory and weighed daily according to strict DEA regulations is taken from an pound safe. Twenty milligrams of powder, an amount precisely judged to increase the likelihood of a mystical experience, are measured and pressed into a pill, which subjects swallow from a ceramic chalice.

The drug starts to take hold after about half an hour and the subjects are encouraged to put on eyeshades and headphones, lie down, and ride the waves of music on a carefully curated playlist. The therapists sit quietly nearby. The emergent themes are love, and transcending the body and this existence.

So to see someone cultivate a sense of acceptance and meaning, something that we all hope to cultivate over a year life, in six hours? Almost everyone said they wished they could do it again. The biggest mystery of all is how it works. Advanced neuroimaging studies have recently shown that the drug suppresses activity in the part of the brain associated with self-awareness, hence the feeling of transcendent connection to everything.

Should his data indeed show a correlation between a single dose of psilocybin and decreased cancer-related anxiety, he explains, those results combined with data from similar studies at UCLA and Hopkins may be enough to move forward on a Phase III drug trial, which would involve up to subjects at multiple sites around the country. Some researchers imagine scenarios beyond that, wherein psilocybin is shown to effectively counter a range of psychiatric ailments and issues, and eligible patients visit special clinics around the country for treatment sessions.Is it enough to look from others' perspective?

Being the principal of the school, I introduced infinithoughts to my teachers in the staff meetings. Hats off to Mahatria who has gathered a team of such like-minded people whose writings inspire and motivate millions.

What we really wanted to see was the trend, not the wiggles, and for that purpose, the earlier approach of fitting a smooth curve to the data was just as good and arguably better. David Foster Wallace - Wikipedia ; David Foster Wallace February 21, — September 12, was an American writer and university instructor in the disciplines of English and creative writing.

It was terrifying. I open any issue of infinithoughts and the answer is there! Yet Ross, a trim year-old associate professor of psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and oral medicine at NYU, and the director of the Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse at Bellevue Hospital, found it curious that in his many years of treating addicts, he had never seen one who was addicted to psychedelics.

Mahatria speaks to gen next VIEW. Soon, Sandra saw her own body.

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