It's finale time for Gu Family Book, and I'll tell you one thing: It ain't .. 16 episodes into 24, or the unfortunate inverse stakes for Wol-ryung (epic. Watch Gu Family Book: Episode 24 from Season 1 at Gu Family Book EP 24 Eng Sub - Yeo Wool is shot and falls. Kang Chi changes into a beast and tries to kill Mr. Seo, but is prevented by Yeo Wool. Sun Sin.

Gu Family Book Episode 24 Eng Sub

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She learned to fight because of Kang-chi.

Dad heaves another long sigh and stalks out. Yeo-wool will die! Jo Gwan-woong orders his men to kill him, and Kang-chi just lets his green eyes glow and tells them they can live if they drop their swords and walk away.

They choose life. Or is that just wishful thinking?

구가의서 gu family book episode 24 english subbed

But… I wanted to SEE that. In all its bloody and ridiculous glory. What the hell? Now that Jo Gwan-woong is powerless, Chung-jo can no longer be pushed around by the other girls, and they back out of her way. Yeo-wool opens her eyes and finds Kang-chi holding her hand.

Kang-chi holds her and says she should just hurry up and get better then. She looks up at him and says she has three wishes.

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Aw man, is she really gonna die? I like that wish. They laugh and joke good-naturedly, though Master Dam is just sitting stoically, trying not to look at Yeo-wool.

Kang-chi outs Tae-seo for picking carrots out of his food too. Yeo-wool starts to struggle against the pain, and both Kang-chi and Dad notice blood dropping on the floor.

Kang-chi gently suggests they go back to her room now, but she wants to stay just a little longer. Oof, that one thing gets to me—her wanting to stay at the dinner table just another minute.

Dad finally turns to her and says she should go rest now. He asks Kang-chi to take care of her, which is a bittersweet way to finally get that approval from Dad. He carries her down the hall, and she asks for her second wish—to go on a walk with him. They have too many.

What do they need all those legs for anyway? He asks if she remembers what he said to her back then—to be his wife. Kang-chi: Will you marry me? Yeo-wool: And my sewing is terrible?

He starts to cry, and she wipes away his tears. I want to be a happy one. I want to be laughter to you, not tears. When you remember me, I want you to be happy.

That is my third wish. And in that moment, my time stopped.

Tae-seo finds him there, still numb and not knowing what to do. Everyone is outside waiting to say goodbye, and he bows to Master Dam to thank him for everything. Yi Sushin brings the army to the forest eager to catch him. Episode 23 - Episode 23 6 years ago Kangchi leaves Youl for her own safety. There is treachery from amongst one of Youl's disciples. Episode 22 - Episode 22 6 years ago Kangchi and Wolyong have their first real father-son moment.

Youl struggles to deal with letting go of Kangchi so he can look for the Book of the Nine.


Episode 21 - Episode 21 6 years ago Kangchi battles Wolyong to defend his mother and finally gets to spend quality time with her. In the meantime, Kwanung makes good use of his new musket. Episode 20 - Episode 20 6 years ago Jo Kwanung and Wolyong come face to face, but Wolyong doesn't remember him. Meanwhile, Master Dam and Kangchi begin a duel to the death.

Episode 19 - Episode 19 6 years ago As Jo Kwanung tries to force Sohwa to reveal her true identity, Youl hatches a plan to rescue Kangchi. Episode 18 - Episode 18 6 years ago Kangchi finds out how his father was killed. Jo Kwanung finally sees Sohwa's face and hatches a plan to capture Kangchi.

Jo Kwanung starts questioning Sohwa's identity Episode 16 - Episode 16 6 years ago When Kongdal is attacked, Kangchi becomes public enemy number one in the camp. Meanwhile, Jo Kwanung is determined to out Kangchi as a demon's child.

Episode 15 - Episode 15 6 years ago Youl finds out that her father killed Kangchi's father twenty years ago. Jo Kwanung tests Taeso to see if he is really on his side Episode 14 - Episode 14 6 years ago Kangchi meets up with Chongjo at the lantern festival.

The head of the Inner Circle is disappointed with Madame Chon's performance.Louis Blanco. Yeo-wool starts to struggle against the pain, and both Kang-chi and Dad notice blood dropping on the floor. Hmm, despite its not really good ending.

I am going to pretend these last two episodes never existed. They have too many. Dad finally turns to her and says she should go rest now.

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